Unix Shell Course Syllabus

SMM Course Syllabus

Social Media Marketing is one of the popular strategies that utilize social media platforms and websites for promoting a product or a service. Our SMM Course Syllabus helps the learners to fast-track their career by learning Advanced Web Analytics, social media and Content Marketing, Hands-on practice on the industry projects, and influencer ORM. Upskill your traditional marketing skills with our SMM Course Curriculum of SOFTLOGIC and earn a specialized certification to grab job opportunities.

SMM – Introduction

  • Understanding Social Media
  • Why Social Media Is Important For Your Business
  • How To Use Social Media To Build Your Brand
  • Overview Of Social Media Goals And Opportunities
  • How To Gather Feedback About Your Customers Through Social Media
  • Understanding Your Social Media Options
  • The Difference Between Web 1.0, Web 2.0 And Web 3.0
  • Intro To Social Media Tools And Applications In Business
  • Social Media Optimization Overview
  • Social Media Optimization Techniques
  • Search Engine Guidelines

Social Networks

  • Defining Social Networks
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Optimizing Content For Social Networking Sites
  • Social Bookmarking And Its Relevance
  • Finding And Following “Tribes” In Online Social Networks
  • FAQ

Blogs / Micro-Blogs for Business

  • Defining Blogs, Blogging
  • Creation Of Blogs (Blogspot, WordPress, TypePad
  • Understanding Of Corporate Blogs
  • Promotion Of Blogs
  • How To Meet The Challenges You’ll Face In Starting Your Own Blog
  • How To Implement Best Practices, Including Tips For Grabbing Attention And Tactics To Avoid
  • How To Craft The Perfect Pitch To Get Your Message Heard  And Shared By Other Bloggers
  • What Makes A Corporate Blog Successful, And Examples Of Blogs Done Right
  • Onitoring And Analyzing Blogs
  • Blog Comments And Blog Creation
  • Link Wheel Creation Through Several Blogs


SOFTLOGIC provides the best SMM Course in Chennai to equip the learners as certified Digital Marketers and make them proficient with the industry expected skills through our SMM Course Syllabus.