Data Strategy

Data Strategy

Choosing a Data Strategy for the Enterprise

Businesses all around the world are coping with the daily input of enormous amounts of data. It has become crucial for businesses to have a data strategy to address it. Hadoop has a long history of being a leader in the area and aiding businesses in decision-making.

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We produce terabytes and petabytes of data every day, ranging from the minute particulars of preserving monthly attendance records of staff to your customer’s transition history over the last two years. The tremendous digitization that has taken place over the past ten years is to blame for this unexpected rise in data.

Big data is quickly affecting everything and spreading to every area and division. We produce enormous amounts of multi-structured data, including pictures, videos, information, and reports, every day from several unrelated sources, making it urgently necessary to take control of the situation and extract value from the data. The effectiveness of analytics and the sophistication of the data outputs are important.

This open-source distributed processing system has excelled itself, found a place in practically all industries and businesses, and is compatible with all Cloud platforms. Hadoop is an anomaly since the majority of other Big Data technologies, like MapReduce and HBase, are based on the principles of Hadoop.

The use of Apache Hadoop makes it affordable to gather useful data from a range of data sources and analyze, store, convert, clean up, filter, and store it. Because of its dependability, adaptability, scalability, and excellent performance, it is the most popular choice.

The speed of the procedures is astounding. Hadoop still better fits the current Big data environment than other technologies like MongoDB, Cassandra, and Apache Storm.

Everything is clear from Gartner’s comparative research on the uptake of Hadoop and Big data.

State Of Hadoop Adoption Vs General Big Data Adoption

Even thoughthis big data platform is extensively used and approved by most businesses, there is still a dearth of qualified individuals who can integrate Hadoop in their firms flawlessly and bug-free right away. Numerous companies all around the world are constantly creating thousands of job vacancies for Big Data Experts, Hadoop Specialists, and similar positions.

According to reports, the top suppliers, Cloudera and Hortonworks, are increasing their sales every year, demonstrating that the enthusiasm around Hadoop in the big data industry is not going away. According to the Forrester Predictions 2015 Report, Hadoop will become a cornerstone of your company’s IT strategy.

According to the business, Hadoop “forms the cornerstone of any adaptive future data platform needed in the era of the customer” and is a “must-have for major organizations.”

Over the previous two years, the average salary for entry-level positions increased by 27%. According to the 2014 Annual Analytics Salary Report, compensation for analytics experts in India increased by 250 percent, from entry-level analysts to managers.


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