Software Tester Salary In India

Software Tester Salary in India

In this digital business era, Software Engineers are driving force behind the success of any business, and their earnings exhibit their significant contribution.

If you’re looking into becoming a Software Engineer, this article will help you learn how much salary you could potentially make in India as a junior or senior software engineer. Let’s start by defining “Software Testing” and role of “Software Engineer” to begin this journey into the world of applications.

Software Tester Salary

The process of Software Testing encompasses designing, developing, and maintaining software programs. This practice examines errors and defects and whether or not the performance of the app aligns with the desired objectives. 

Significance of Software Testing: 

Software Testing has become necessity due to it’s potential to ensure the reliability, performance, and stability of software applications. It is an essential process which detects all errors and issues within the software applications, for enabling refinement and enhancements. This optimizes the software’s functionality as a whole and the user experience. By providing a product that fulfills expectations and works as intended, software testing promotes user trust. By identifying issues early in the development cycle, it also saves time and resources by minimizing the cost of rectifying mistakes later. In conclusion, software testing is indispensable for delivering a reliable and high-quality software product to end users.

What is Software Tester?

A software tester is responsible for conducting thorough software quality testing, utilizing their expertise in testing tools and methodologies. Their role is to ensure that the software meets expected standards in terms of both functionality and non-functional aspects. Additionally, software testers often possess a foundational understanding of software development.

Software Tester Salary for Feshers: 

Typical Software Testing Jobs Salary ranges between 2.3 LPA to 7.5 LPA. On average, experienced Testers earn around 3.4 to 9 Lakhs annually. On the other hand, freelance Software Tester Salary ranges between 10-12 Lakhs per year.

Average Salary of Software Tester in India: Based on Testing Types

Tester Salary in India may vary depending upon a number of aspects, including experience, location, level of skill, industry, and the particular kind of testing being done. Software Testing is s vital aspect of software development and there exists different types of testing, each requires diverse skill sets.

  • Salary of Manual Tester in India: Manual Tester job is a complex role which demands creativity along with productivity, and this position holds significant demand in IT companies. Following are approximate Salary of Software Tester in India.
  • Beginner-level Manual Tester: 2.5 LPA to 4.8 LPA.
  • Mid-level Manual Tester: 4.8 LPA to 8 LPA
  • Senior-level Manual Tester: 8 LPA to 16 LPA
  • Salary of Automation (Selenium)Tester in India: An automation tester tests software automatically using specialized tools instead of testing it manually. Being an expert in manual testing is not a requirement for this role. Following are average Software Testing Salary in India.
  • Beginner-level Automation Tester: 3 LPA to 5 LPA.
  • Mid-level Automation Tester: 5 LPA to 10 LPA
  • Senior-level Automation Tester: 10 LPA to 20 LPA
  • Salary of Performance Tester in India: Innovative technologies such as Load Runner, API Testing, and JMeter are widely used for testing. Here are the list of Software Testing Job Salary.
  • Beginner-level Performance Tester: 3.5 LPA to 6 LPA.
  • Mid-level Performance Tester: 6 LPA to 12 LPA
  • Senior-level Performance Tester: 12 LPA to 20 LPA
  • Salary of Data Warehousing and ETL Tester in India: ETL and Data Warehousing testers are in massive demand in many IT companies as most companies deal with large amount of data. Here are the list of Testing Salary in India.
  • Beginner-level Data Warehousing and ETL Tester: 3.5 LPA to 6 LPA.
  • Mid-level Data Warehousing and ETL Tester: 6 LPA to 12 LPA
  • Senior-level Data Warehousing and ETL Tester: 12 LPA to 20 LPA

Software Tester Fresher Salary in India: Based on Locations

Software Testing Salary for Freshers as well as experienced may vary by location due to changes in living expenses, demand for skilled professionals, economic conditions, etc. Following are Software Testing Salary in India for Freshers,

Software Tester Salary in Bangalore:Testing Salary for Freshers in Bangalore starts from 35,000 to 65,000 per month. Average pay offered by IT companies in Bangalore is 3.5 Lakhs per year.

Software Tester Salary in Hyderabad: Smart cities like Hyderabad offers anywhere between 3 LPA to 4.5 LPA to Software testers. Experienced Software Testers earn around 4 LPA to 8 LPA in Hyderabad.

Software Tester Salary in Mumbai: Software Tester Salary in Mumbai ranges between to 3 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs. Experienced individuals with testing skills will paid around 12 Lakhs. 

Software Tester Salary in Chennai: Average Salary of Software Testers in Smart Cities like Chennai ranges around 2.9 LPA to 4 LPA. Standard salary structure of testers in Chennai range between  4.31 LPA.

Software Tester Salary in Delhi: An average annual salary of Software Tester in Delhi ranges around 3 LPA to 5 LPA. While experienced Software Testers with enough experience can be paid around 10 Lakhs in MNC’s and Startups. 

Software Testing Job Salary for Freshers: Based on Companies.

If you are a fresher, looking for better company to begin your career with best salary packages, continue reading to learn more.on Software Tester Salary in different companies.

Company Pay Scale (per year)
TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)3 LPA to 4.5 LPA
Infosys3 LPA to 4.5 LPA
Wipro2.8 LPA to 4.4 LPA
HCL Technologies2.7 LPA to 4.3 LPA 
Tech Mahindra2.5 LPA to 4.0 LPA
Cognizant 3.0 LPA to 4.5 LPA
Capgemini2.7 LPA to 4.2 LPA
IBM India3.0 LPA to 4.5 LPA
Accenture 3.0 LPA to 4.5 LPA
Mind Tree2.4 LPA to 4.0 LPA


In conclusion, it is clear that the domain of Software Testing proves to be a promising start, creating a way for a promising career in the ever-changing digital landscape. For freshers, learning Software Tester Salary is vital, and the above-mentioned salary ranges offers insights into salary package of the renowned companies in india. Enroll in Softlogic to kickstart your Software Testing career along with learning Core Java, Agile, Scrum, and GIT.

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