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Salesforce Admin Salary for Freshers 

In the age of digital transformation, business interactions with customers have been entirely shifted to new dimensions. Thanks to Salesforce based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tools, which automates and streamlines all complex business operations. Hence, beginning a career in the field of Salesforce makes it a financially advantageous decision. Since CRM skill is now globally used across business sectors, Salesforce professionals are in extreme demand. As a result of rising demand, salaries also rising depending upon experience and expertise. For instance, Salesforce admins are getting paid depending on years of experience such as Junior-level, Mid-level, and Senior-level. 

Salesforce admin with lesser than 2 yrs of experience earns around more than 3 LPA

Salesforce professionals with experience around 2-4 yrs receives around 8 LPA

Salesforce professionals with 4+ years of experience earns somewhere around 14 LPA.

Although, payscale is determined by location, city, as well as organization where you choose to enter. Through this blog, get a view on latest salary structures of different positions in the field of salesforce.

Salesforce and its features

Currently, Salesforce is a predominant Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tool which facilitates business firms to smoothly perform customer, marketing, and sales operations. With year-on-year revenue rise, salesforce exhibited impressive growth. As of now, salesforce is a top CRM platform, generating billions in sales, and garnering a significant number of customers across globe. 

Recent reports suggest that by the next year it is anticipated to be rise in Salesforce jobs by 4.3 million. 

International Data Corporation (IDC) has estimated and ranked Salesforce CRM in the No.1 position in global semiannual software tracker for more than 8 times with 22% score of market interest. Besides, Salesforce Admin is considered as a third best career position with exceptional salary packages in current digital business era. This clearly indicates that salesforce job is getting wider recognition with more opportunities making it a greater option for career right now.

Salesforce roles and Salary Structure in India:

Salesforce Admin: This role focuses on customizing and handling business operations and is responsible of customer management, security configuration, system advancements, and many more.

 A beginner level Salesforce admins are paid somewhere around 3 LPA, whereas an salesforce Admin with enough experience may receive up to 6-7 Lakhs annually. 

Salesforce Project Manager: Project Manager plays a significant role, who administrates each and every operation in an organization. Project manager operate every product sales, occurrences, employee management, and many more. Further, they handle work groups, deadlines, finances, and stakeholder engagement. 

An annual income of Project Manager ranges around 15 LPA, whereas they may also get paid around 16+ LPA at startups and small businesses. 

Salesforce Business Analyst: Salesforce Business Analysts evaluate operations, generate demands, and convert them into Salesforce solutions. They work with stakeholders, build operations, and ensure all Salesforce customizations meet company needs, enhancing system efficiency for increased efficiency and productivity. 

Typical salary of Business Analyst ranges around 4-7 LPA, while experienced ones earns up to 13 LPA in India.

Salesforce Architect: Salesforce Architects design scalable and efficient Salesforce solutions, encompassing system architecture, integrations, and data models. They ensure alignment with business objectives, oversee complex implementations, and provide technical guidance to development teams, ensuring optimal platform performance and adherence to best practices.

An average salary of Salesforce Architect with no experience ranges around 2.8-3 LPA to 6 LPA. 

CRM Manager: CRM Manager’s primary role is to implement and improve customer relationship management systems.They are responsible for organizing CRM activities instructing employees, and ensuring effective execution. To to achieve customer-centric success, they also analyze client database to enhance sales, increase engagement, and optimize the general operations of the company.

Average salary of CRM Manager may range up to 5-7 LPA in major cities like Delhi, bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Salesforce Consultant: The significant role of Salesforce is to offer advises to clients on maximizing Salesforce’s potential. They evaluate the demands of business firms, offer customized solutions, and configure Salesforce to meet the rising demands of clients. Their role encompasses training users, managing datasets, and offering ongoing assistance, strengthening the platform to boost business processes and achieve organizational goals.

Annual salary of Salesforce consultant starts around 3.5 LPA to 4 LPA in India

Marketing Automation Specialist: Cyber cities like Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and Mumbai offers 3.5 LPA to 4.5 LPA to freshers. Since these cities are technically developed they offer handsome salary packages to proficient Automation specialists.

Salesforce Developer Salary:  The role of salesforce Developer involves designing, coding, and implementing tailored solutions through salesforce technologies. They collaborate with stakeholders to understand demand, which they use to boost various business operations.

Typical salary scale of Salesforce Developer ranges around 2.8 LPA to 4 LPA.depending upon location. 


Therefore, it is clear that the field of Salesforce is in demand in recent times, it’s salary also growing every passing year, making it a desirable career for freshers. Further, the salary package of salesforce admin varies on city to city. Individuals who are willing to start their career in the field of salesforce are suggested to get a view on the above mentioned career roles and it’s handsome salary packages for freshers.

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