Qtp Testing Course Syllabus

QTP Testing Course Syllabus

We provide the best QTP Training in Chennai to equip you with automation testing through our well-framed QTP Testing Course Syllabus. The learners will become masters in automation testing process with QTP tool, installation of QTP tool, Virtual machine configuration of QTP tool, an overview of QTP, framework, and types, recording modes, objects and types, object repository, object identification, checkpoint, parameterization, action, synchronization, debugging with QTP, and descriptive programming.


  • QTP Course Content
  • Introduction about QTP
  • Salient Features
  • Drawbacks of Manual Testing
  • Advantages of Test Automation
  • Supporting Environments
  • Information about other Functional Testing tools.
  • Which Test Cases needs to be Automated.
  • Difference between QTP & Winrunner.
  • Expert View and its Syntax.
  • Record and Run.
  • QTP Testing Process.
  • Analyzing Test Results
  • Debugging Tests
  • Key Elements of QTP
  • Test Pane
  • Active Screen
  • Data Table
  • Object Repository & Object Spy
  • Learning about VB Script
  • Descriptive programming
  • Object Identification
  • Smart Identification


  • Parameterization using Data Table.
  • Output Values.
  • Conditional Statement
  • Looping Statement
  • Recording Modes
  • recovery Scenario
  • Run Modes
  • Checkpoints
  • Synchronization
  • Different ways to Invoke Application in QTP
  • Actions
  • Function Library
  • Public and Private Function
  • Function – Call by Value & ref
  • Transaction point
  • Optional Step
  • Frameworks
  • Step Generator
  • Virtual Objects
  • Report event
  • Batch Testing
  • Adding comments to Scripts.
  • Get TO Property/Get RO Property
  • Sample VB Script programs
  • Assignments


Enhance your automation skills in functional and regression tests for developed applications through our QTP testing training in Chennai at Softlogic.