Unix Shell Course Syllabus

MySQL Course Syllabus

Our MySQL Course Syllabus contains key concepts to work effectively in data management systems for top IT and MNCs. We have framed MySQL Course Curriculum to make you familiar with basic MSSQL, relation modeling, SQL optimization, execution plans, table joining internals, subqueries, advanced SQL operators, access methods, SQL tuning, optimizer statistics, SQL aggregation, and PL-SQL concepts with complete practical implementations.

Theory, Terminology and Concepts

  • Client/Server Concepts
  • Database and Database Objects

Data Definition using SQL

  • Databases
  • Data Types
  • Tables
  • Constraints and Indexes
  • Views

Basic Data Manipulation using SQL

  • Recurring SQL Constructs
  • Adding data
  • Modifying data
  • Removing data
  • Searching data

Advanced Data Manipulation using SQL

  • Expressions
  • Grouping and Aggregate Functions
  • Joining Tables


  • Transaction Concepts
  • SQL for working with Transaction


  • Tools for Import/Export
  • SQL for Import/Export


Learn MySQL Training Course in Chennai from top industry experts. This course is useful for beginners and working professionals to perform SQL jobs in top companies.