It Salary In India

IT Salary in India

The technology industry has consistently been a top choice for those seeking their ideal career path. While IT Salary in India does differ among various companies, they remain an attractive option for prospective employees. Over the past few years, IT Salary in India has been steadily increasing, with the average annual salary for IT professionals in India standing at 8 LPA, and a monthly salary range of ₹ 59,020 – ₹ 60,509.

The salary range for employees in India is influenced by a variety of factors; including experience, skills, and the specific roles they perform. Consequently, IT salaries in India vary across different job roles and positions. Below, you can find the salary ranges for various IT job positions in India.

IT Salary in India For Varied Job Roles

Let’s look at the IT salary in India for some of the most important positions.

Project Manager

For a Project Manager responsible for orchestrating, strategizing, and implementing projects while adhering to budget and timeline constraints, the annual salary is 17.9 LPA, with a monthly income ranging between ₹ 91,831 and ₹ 94,289.

Software Engineer

Software Engineers who are responsible for the development and maintenance of software as well as the creation of software solutions for end users earn an annual income of 7.5 LPA with a monthly salary range of Rs. 39,172 – Rs. 40,349.

IT Manager

IT Managers, responsible for overseeing both on-site and remote system maintenance, devising IT strategies, establishing and monitoring departmental objectives, setting up team workflows, and promoting collaboration throughout the organization, receive an average annual salary of ₹ 11.5 LPA. On a monthly basis, their salary falls within the range of ₹ 65,599 to ₹ 67,274.

Network Administrator

Network Administrators who are responsible for maintaining the stable operation of computer networks, encompassing tasks such as planning, developing, installing, configuring, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing all network hardware and software, earn an average annual salary of ₹ 6.0 LPA. Their monthly salary typically ranges from ₹ 29,530 to ₹ 30,876.

System Analysts

System Analysts who are responsible for maintaining and enhancing computer systems for an organization and its clients earn an average yearly pay of 10.0 LPA with a monthly salary range of 57,427 – 58,871.

Places with the Highest IT Salary in India

Due to the rapid expansion of the IT industry in India, individuals are increasingly drawn to IT positions in best locations. Here is a list of the highest-paying cities for IT salary in India.


Delhi and Gurgaon are home to several prominent IT firms and serve as significant IT employment hubs in India. Freshers can expect IT salaries in Delhi/Gurgaon ranging from Rs. 32,563 to 49,679 on a monthly basis.


In Hyderabad, recognized as one of the world’s top cyber cities, freshers can earn an average annual salary ranging from 4 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs, whether they work from the office or remotely from home.


In Bangalore, a prominent IT hub bustling with numerous startups and IT enterprises, freshers have the potential to earn a monthly salary of up to ₹45,000.


Numerous people prefer to establish their careers in Chennai as a result of the city’s rising economy. The normal salary range for IT engineers in Chennai is between Rs. 33,437 and Rs. 46,678, with the possibility of raises as they get more experience.


In Mumbai, which is recognized for its growing economy, the average annual salary range for freshers is between 8 and 10 LPA, while the range for experienced professionals is between 20 and 25 LPA.


Software Engineers in India are among the highest earners, and their demand remains strong across numerous cities, leading to attractive salaries. I hope this article, which serves as a brief insight of IT Salary in India for various positions and locations, was helpful. Although the salaries stated here are current and verified, several other factors, such as specific location, experience, and qualification, can determine the salary that one receives.

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