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DevOps Engineer Career Path Your Guide to Bagging Top DevOps Jobs
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DevOps Engineer Career Path: Your Guide to Bagging Top DevOps Jobs

Published On: May 23, 2022

DevOps Engineer has to possess extensive knowledge of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to implement various automation tools and processes for resolving complicated operational problems and deploying quality software products faster with accuracy.

DevOps engineers need to learn different tasks like code development, integration, and testing. DevOps engineer career path will start from Release Manager, then to DevOps Test Engineer, to DevOps Cloud Engineer, and then a DevOps Architect.

Let us discuss more on DevOps Engineer Career Path and the guide to obtaining top DevOps jobs in India and other developed countries in this blog.

Demand for DevOps Talent

DevOps culture eliminates the communication gap and inefficiency between the development team and operations team for continuous software development and deployment.

Top companies implementing DevOps practices for helping in rapid software solution delivery by resolving production issues that lead to better customer experience, communication, and feedback. DevOps tools are helping companies with the following benefits

  • Problems will be segregated into smaller steps to be resolved easily
  • Integrated technologies and tools for continuous software delivery
  • Faster and efficient delivery of software features and updates
  • Improved stability in operating environments
  • Increased time for adding value to the products

DevOps experts are the surging demand that leads major job portals like Naukir.com and Indeed.com to witness 75% of DevOps job listings. As DevOps skills are enabling companies to maximize productivity through automation tools and technologies like Jenkins and Ansible.

DevOps skill ranks in the top five of all tech salaries according to the 2019 Tech Salary Report and the average salary of a DevOps Engineer is around $111,683.

Key Responsibilities of DevOps Engineer

DevOps methods are growing with rapid advancements and updates that add roles and responsibilities for new designations and profile names. A highly-skilled DevOps Engineer must have the following DevOps skills for effective outcomes for companies.

  • Knowledge of a wide range of tools and technologies for the software development
  • Flexible with higher testing and deployment implementations
  • Experience in the operation and production environment
  • Expertise in overall IT systems
  • Understanding of data management
  • Determination to obtain business goals
  • Ability to find and avoid organizational benefits by embracing team collaboration and interaction
  • Requirement for efficient utilization of automation tools until deployment
  • Knowledge of process environment
  • Complete project management skills

Required skills for DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers should have the following technical skills along with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science.

  • Thorough understanding of Linux fundamentals, Web development fundamentals, and Java Basics.
  • Scripting languages like Python, Perl, or Ruby
  • DevOps automation tool knowledge in
    • Continuous Management with Puppet, Ansible, or Chef
    • Continuous Integration with Travis CI, Bamboo, or Jenkins
    • Continuous Testing with Test Complete, Tricentis Tosca, or Docker
    • Continuous Monitoring with Sensu, Splunk, or Nagios
  • Complete understanding of the CI/CD process
  • Overall knowledge of IAS (Infrastructure as Code) models to resolve deployment issues

Tips to start your DevOps Journey

There are DevOps certifications for starting your DevOps Engineer Career Path. Some of them are as follows

  • DevOps Certification Training Course
  • Chef Training Course
  • Ansible Training Course
  • Jenkins Training Course
  • Docker Training Course
  • GitHub Training Course
  • Kubernetes Training Course

Obtaining DevOps Certification brings the following benefits for the learners

  • IT team leaders
  • Technical managers
  • System administrators
  • IT managers
  • DevOps Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Deployment Engineers
  • Operations Support


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