Unix Shell Course Syllabus

Appium Course Syllabus

Appium is a cross-platform testing framework that enables testers to write flexible test scripts against various platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows using the same API. Our Appium Testing Course Syllabus equips the learners as QAs who can conduct automated app testing for Native Mobile Applications written on various operating systems. Introduction to mobile app testing and Appium, Automating the gestures and key events, automating the app management, and automating hybrid and native apps are included in our Appium Course Curriculum.

  • An Overview of Automation Testing

    • What do you know about Testing Process?
    • Deep Dive on Automation Testing
    • Different Types of Automation Testing tools

    An Overview of Appium and Mobile Automation Testing

    • What do you know about Mobile Automation Testing?
    • Selenium 3.0 and API
    • Scope of Automation for iOS and Android Devices
    • How to run the scripts on Emulators and Mobile Devices?
    • Different Types of tools for Mobile Automation Testing
    • Deep Dive on Appium and API
    • Limits of Appium
    • Why Appium?
    • How Appium Works?

    How to install JDK, Maven and Android SDK?

    • What is essential for Appium?
    • How to install windows and set up?
    • Install Java and set up Variables
    • How to configure Maven and Android SDK?
    • Do you know to configure Eclipse IDE?
    • How to install Appium in Windows?

    How to Set up Appium?

    • Download Appium GUI Tool
    • Start Appium Server
    • Run a Sample Test
    • Kill Nodes
    • What do you know about Appium Desired capabilities Class?

    Appium Inspector

    • What is Appium Inspector?
    • How and when to run it?
    • Record and Play
    • How to locate elements?

    UI Automator Viewer

    • How to Open UI Automator Viewer through SDK tools kit?
    • Different locator devices
    • Locator Tags

    Object Locators

    • How to locate elements on App?
    • Locate elements with elements
    • How to locate multiple elements?
    • Find Element by Class Name and Id’s
    • Find element by id and XPath
    • How to use different functions inside UIAutomator Class?

    Basics of Android

    • An Overview
    • How to Share and Control Android Device Screen from PC
    • Download Android Platforms using SDK Manager
    • How to create Virtual Device and Emulators using SDK Manager?
    • Install Apk file on Android Devices

    Run your first Test in Android Devices

    • Set up Test Projects
    • API References on Appium
    • Desired Capabilities
    • App Packages that launch activity of Android Apps
    • How to Perform test in real devices?
    • How to run test on emulators?
    • Run your code for first test

    How to use UiSelector Class?

    • Set Up Test Environment for Maven and JUnit
    • Automate Facebook login contacts
    • How to post status with project codes?
    • How to delete post with user layout?

    Deep Dive on Mobile Testing Automation

    • How to use Touch action class to perform drag and drop?
    • How to Perform Click and Swipe?
    • Do you know to perform Multi touch?
    • Swipe Performance using screen coordinates
    • Project Coding of Mobile gestures
    • Mobile Web Automation
    • How to get User agent?
    • Identify Objects
    • How to code for Mobile Web Automation Projects?

    Built in Apps by Android Automation

    • Dial a Phone number
    • Project code for Phone number
    • Set up recurring
    • Alarm in Android


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