11 Top Cool Project Ideas for your next hackathon

Top organizations conduct hackathons to check the programming ability of the developers to find innovative solutions for their various problems. Hackathons are wonderful platforms for you to show your programming skills with other professionals and grow your network for an exponential career enhancement. Hackathon project ideas are the important aspects that play an important role in winning in the programming competition and preparing for the hackathon is the challenging one for the professionals.

Hackathons will be helpful for the techies such as computer programmers, software coders, and ethical hackers to get associated with like-minded people to mix up the innovative ideas to build realistic tech solutions. Hackathons are time-bounded that is 24 hours to 48 hours long with prizes for winning teams. Nowadays, hackathons have expanded in sectors like Ed-Tech, FinTech, Cybersecurity, Environment-Tech, Health-Tech, Auto-Tech, Cyberbullying, and so on.

Many organizations are looking for the best hackathon project ideas from the core technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things), and Augmented Reality (AR) that drive modern innovations.

Interesting Facts about Hackathon

  • 80% of Fortune 100 companies are organizing hackathons for promoting innovations.
  • 50% of hackathons are recurring events to show that they have a reliable tool for new-gen innovations.
  • 1000+ hackathon events had been conducted around the world in the 2 years of the period before the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • 350/1000 hackathons are conducted by the US followed by India and UK.
  • As per the survey, private companies conducted 50% of all hackathons, universities hosted 30%, and non-profit and government organizations had conducted 10% hackathons.
  • Fintech is the most benefited sector as they found the hackathons are the top innovation channels around 2017.
  • OpenBSD was the first company that used the term ‘hackathon’ on June 4, 1999, to refer cryptographic development event that was held in Calgary.

Tips to choose Hackathon Project Ideas

First thing, you must look out for the problems that you are facing in your community, country, state, and World and find the solutions with technological implementation. Following will be helpful questions to choose your hackathon project ideas wisely to win the competition.

  • By what way will our hackathon project impact society?
  • Is the project idea workable in all the environments?
  • Can we able to hire the right human resources to implement the project?
  • Will the final product reach global users and become the thing that they can do the particular task without it?
  • Will the product be evergreen?

Top 11 Hackathon Project Ideas

Many Hackathons will not have any age criteria or experience levels for allowing beginners to express their ideas on the big screen. Here we want to help you with the following list of hackathon project ideas that are in demand in the IT market.

Smart Tutor

Smart Tutor apps are helping users to improve their language with unfamiliar words, spell check, and grammar suggestions. It is becoming popular as it is designed to help students in major areas such as mathematics, communication, and technological sciences. Smart Tutor apps will be designed and developed for students of all ages. Pre-K level students can learn new words, vocabularies, pronunciations, and other core skills through these kinds of apps with fun activities and interactive puzzles. Older students can improve their specific skills through activities and quizzes on various subjects. Tech professionals also can be benefitted as these smart tutor apps create small apps, troubleshoot any issues, and collaborate on inventive ways for their career development.

Virtual Health Assistant

Developing a device that helps people living with chronic medical conditions to monitor regularly their health parameters and vitals to live a healthy life. The device must monitor health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart problems, etc to alert their family members and relatives for saving the patient’s life on time. The device should send the patients alerts and reminders to take required medication.

GPS Monitoring for Ambulances

It is important for the Ambulances should have the best way to reach the patient at the right time in case of any emergency. GPS Monitoring will assist the ambulances while they are on the field and the hospitals to track the location of Ambulances efficiently. On the road, the paramedics can navigate the best route without traffic and any other hindrances. At the hospital, medical professionals track the ambulance to be prepared for the patient to arrive with required first aid. Tech professionals are expected to develop different ambulance GPS monitoring systems to find the best ways to improve the existing systems.

Autonomous Drones

AI-Powered Drones like Cameras to be programmed with object tracking data from proximity sensors, GPS sensors, and motion sensors. Tech professionals are expected to develop autonomous drones to help people to capture professional photos and videos without piloting the drone camera. This is very much helpful for the individual, explorers, journalists, and media professionals.

Data Visualization with Python

Making the data easier to understand using visuals is an in-demand skill in companies. This process is known as data visualization and it helps organizational leaders in finding patterns and trends from the data that might not have been noticed before. Data Visualization Process requires only basic python knowledge and data visualization tools to bring innovative trends. The professionals can take a small dataset to create a chart or graph depending on the project objectives using Python. They should practice creating various visualizations like box plots, column charts, pie charts, or scatter plots. This is the best hackathon project idea that will bring to the attention of global organizations.

Tools for Generating Weather Reports

This is the most-sought tool and the best hackathon project idea for beginners that is used to generate weather reports for users around the world. The developers require to have advanced web development and API (Application Programming Interface) knowledge to build the tool for weather report generation. First, the developer should create a website with an easy-to-use interface then utilize API to provide required weather information. The website should receive the API data and show them in a proper and easy-to-understand manner. The interested professionals can utilize OpenWeatherMap API, AccuWeatherAPI, or WeatherBitAPI for developing this project.

Vehicle Maintenance

Developing a mobile app that enables the owner of the vehicle to fill in required and timely information about the services done. As per the received report, the app must detect what other parameters required service, next due for service, parts to be replaced, and so on. Moreover, the app should also use augmented reality (AR) technology to help owners with the understanding and the functionality of their vehicle by simply hovering their phone camera over the various buttons of the interior of the parts in the engine bay.

Subscription Management Solution

This hackathon project idea is to develop a mobile app or web app to empower consumers to manage their subscription charges for ongoing services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, DropBox, or iCloud. The app should be created in a way that helps consumers to detect and manage consumers’ subscriptions once they fall into any disuse.

Cash Flow Management

This hackathon project idea is to help people view and learn all the spend analysis by developing a mobile app to analyze all the purchases that are made by scanning all the receipts. Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for clicking the image simply of a receipt and payment tracks. AI and Machine Learning technologies can be utilized to group the items category-wise such as clothes, food, fuel, etc. The app must prompt users when they overspend the money or repeat purchases.

Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality pairs, customers, with products before purchasing the items and they can try clothes or hair dye colors, or other factors that are integral to be shopping experience. Many popular brands are using Virtual Reality (VR) and they help people by experiencing the ultimate shopping experience instead of visiting the stores directly. This is the best hackathon project idea for the Retail-Tech industry and it is evolving every year with exponential growth. Tech professionals are expected to create innovative trends that are effective and attractive to the people by implementing and testing them. They should collaborate with the trending brands for developing the best AR/VR ideas for implementing them.

Automation for Hazardous Jobs

Global Diseases Burden of India says that they have recorded 1.6 million fires that lead to death and nearly 27,000 fire-related deaths have been recorded. It shows that one of every five in the World is facing death by fire accident in India. The reason behind it is the inadequate fireman and fire stations in India to face the challenge of the high number of fire-related deaths. It is a dangerous job and a fireman puts his life at risk for rescuing someone. Tech professionals are expected to propose the solution to track this issue through their innovative project. The automated robot can be created to maneuver in tight spaces and chart out a path easily and quickly. Deep learning methods will help for this project and it helps in adapting to various situations.

Types of Hackathons

Hackathons become a popular event and it helps hackers and data scientists for over 20 years by providing the perfect opportunity to collaborate on projects that lead to new innovation and research avenues in life sciences informatics. Following are the hackathon types that help you find the best learning path for your successful software development journey.

  • Application Type
  • Programming Language, API, or Structure
  • As a tribute or a memorial
  • Demographic society
  • Internal change and motive
  • Relate to local tech communities
  • Code Sprints

Bottom Line

To perform the best hackathon journey, you must concentrate on carrying out a survey for a real-time problem that can be provided with your proposed solution. Then, you must carry out the experiment with trending technologies, brainstorm ideas, and do research. Then, prepare research papers on the proposed solution and planned technologies. We hope that our hackathon project ideas provided here will help you to organize a successful hackathon journey. To sweeten your experience, join us to explore opportunities along with various trending courses with placement assistance, SLA is the top software training institute in Chennai to provide trending courses with industry-worth certification.

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