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R Programming Training Institute in Chennai

The biggest advantage of R- Programming language offers is that it doesn't require any technical background; any non-technical person can easily learn R Programming.

R Programming Training in Chennai


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What is R Programming?

R Programming is a powerful statistical programming language. You can evaluate large datasets in a shorter period with R programming. It is becoming the most sought after skill in the area of analytics for its open source credibility. The amazing packages present in R will assist in making out a short data analysis. R can also be coordinated with other data management tools including Excel, Oracle, SQL Server etc.

Why R Programming?

When you have knowledge of R programming and a reasonable knowledge of statistics then you will have an amazing career in data analytics. Being a free software makes R an exhaustively used programming language. This also leads to creation of lot of opportunities for professionals who are interested in taking up a career in R Programming.

Objective of R Programming training in Softlogic

Our primary aim is to make students acquainted with basic and advanced concepts of R programming language. We train the experienced professionals to learn the application of R language in statistical evaluation, data visualization, machine learning, data mining etc.

Various positions that a person trained in R programming can apply for

  • Data Analyst
  • Research Scientist
  • Data Scientist

Why to learn R - Programming Course in Chennai

You can earn best training from our experienced professionals to attain industry's best ever training of this language. You can learn R Programming with because of following reasons.

  • Open source language
  • Relates to other languages
  • Cross- Platform Compatible
  • Vast Community
  • Supports Extension
  • Extremely comprehensive
  • Outstanding Graphs
  • Advanced Statistical Language
Why you should learn R Programming in Softlogic?

Trainer: We have excellent trainers who work for real-time project in R language. They know how to harness the skills of the students and make them prepared to work in IT companies.

Batch sizes: The batch sizes are maintained small to encourage interactive learning.

Project-Based R Training: We have prepared R programming projects for our students that complies with the latest industry requirements. This will definitely provide you with exposure to industry and give the required confidence.

Backup classes: Students gain satisfaction through our backup classes. We don’t make them to miss any significant R programming topic. Our aim is to deliver the best content through our training.

Course Completion Certificate: You will be provided with a course completion certificate once you complete the course. This certificate will assist you in accomplishing your aims and stay ahead in the competition.

Practical exposure: Enrolling for R programming training in Chennai offers a comprehensive knowledge of R and also practical exposures to it. You become expert in analytics and theoretical aspects too.

Career-oriented training: When you get R certification from Softlogic you will gain knowledge and skills that are needed to become the best data scientist in the industry that your prefer.

Prerequisites to learn R Programming

To enroll for R training in Chennai from Softlogic one should have a fundamental comprehension of the following:

  • Authenticate Interest in Statistical Programming
  • Basic Understanding of statistic and data structure
  • Ready to run R and RStudio
Who should attend R - Programming..?

Generally, R programming training is pursued by working IT professionals who want to enhance  their skills in data analysis, statistical analysis, machine learning, data mining.

However, students from computer science and information technology background can also enroll for this training for working in IT companies. For this, they should gain reasonable experience in IT field wherein they worked in development. This would be beneficial for them.


  • B.Tech(CS/ IT) students
  • B.E(CS/ IT) students
  • M.Tech(CS/ IT) students etc.

IT Professionals

Any IT professional who is inclined to upgrade their statistical analysis, machine learning, data analysis skills can attend the course.

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Statistical Programmers
  • Big Data Professionals
  • Business Analyst who want to gain the technical touch
  • Managers who want to take care of the team
  • Freelancers for performing own development
  • Reporting Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Quantitative Finance Analysts
  • Software Engineers who are working in ETL/Programming and are inclined to explore the great job chances worldwide
  • Experienced professionals who want to migrate to R

We at Softlogic take R programming starting from the fundamentals to the advanced analytics concepts. The course is framed keeping in mind the statistics candidates. However, we even train individuals from non-statistics background. But for this reasonable experience is required.

Now what are you waiting for? Call us for a free demo session that acts as a perfect prelude for the quality of training.

R- Language Training Course Fee and Duration

The course fees is reasonable and the candidate can pay it in two installments. For flexible timings, the individual can contact our help desk.

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for R- Language Training. Please contact our team for current R- Language Training course fee and duration.  

R- Language Training Course Syllabus

We offer unique and stand curriculum for R language that encompasses both basic and advanced concepts


Module: 1 R Introduction

  • Overview of R Programming
  • Downloading and installing
  • Help of Function
  • Viewing documentation
  • General issues in R
  • Package Management

Module: 2 Data Inputting in R

  • Data Types
  • Subsetting
  • Writing data
  • Reading from csv files
  • Creating a vector and vector operation
  • Initializing data frame
  • Control structure
  • Re-directing R Output

Module: 3 Data Visualization

  • Creating bar chart and dot plot
  • Creating histogram and box plot
  • Plotting with base graphics
  • Plotting and coloring in R

Module: 4 Basic Statistic

  • Computing Basic Statistics
  • Comparing means of two samples
  • Testing a proportion
  • Data Munging Basics

Module: 5 Functions and Programming in R

  • Flow control: For loop
  • If condition
  • Debugging tools

Module: 6 Data manipulation in R

  • List Management
  • Data Transformation
  • Merging Data Frames
  • Outlier Detection
  • Combining multiple vectors

Module: 7 R an Database

  • Performing queries
  • RODBC and DBI Package
  • Advanced Data handling
  • Combined and restructuring data frames

Module: 8 Statistical Modelling in R

  • Logical Regression
  • Hierarchical Clustering PCA for Dimensionality Reduction

R- Programming Training Reviews

Softlogic Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.

R Programming Interview Questions

  • Introduction About R Programming Interview Questions +

    R is a programming language which can be used for several purposes including statistical analysis, data visualization, predictive modeling etc. Here we have compiled some R interview questions and answers that you should prepare for the interview. Going through these questions will help you to understand some of the important questions that can be asked in the interview.
  • What is R? +

    The development of statistical software and evaluation of data is the purpose of R. R comprises machine learning algorithms, time series, linear regression, statistical inference etc. Several of the R libraries are written in R. However for heavy computational task, one can take up C, C++ and Fortran codes.
  • Name some functions available in “dplyr” package. +

    Functions in dplyr package:
  • Which method is used for exporting the data in R? +

    There are many ways to export the data into another formats like SPSS, SAS , Stata , Excel Spreadsheet.
  • How R commands are written? +

    R commands are written by using # at the beginning of the line of code.
  • What are different ways to call a function in R? +

    A function in R can be called in 3 ways.
    First method- call by means of the position of the arguments.
    Second method-call by means of the name of the arguments
    Third method-call by means of default arguments.
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