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IoT device development is the in-demand field that brings a promising career for learners around the world. We keep them in mind and framed IoT Course Syllabus carefully to meet the requirements of big development firms. Our IoT Course Syllabus contains fundamental IoT concepts, IoT architecture, device design, communication protocols; cloud computing, IoT product complete designing, programming with Embedded C, and Raspberry Pi board setup. We provide IoT Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure to real-time industry projects.

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    IoT Course Syllabus

    • Concepts and Definitions of The Internet of Things (IOT).
    • History of IOT
    • Requirements, Functionalists and structure of IOT.
    • IOT enabling technologies.
    • IOT Architecture.
    • Major component of IOT(Hardware & Software).
    • IOT communication and networking protocols, Role of wired and wireless communication.
    • IOT services and applications.
    • IOT Standards , Connectivity
    • Project Case Study
    • Project Requirement (hardware & software )
    • How to Design IOT Application (Web,Mobile,Device)
    • Projects on every technology (At least 4 Project)
    • Data generator
    • MicroControllers(Arduino uno/mega2560,Rasberry-Pi,ARM), Real-time systems and embedded software
    • OS and Drivers (End Device Program)
    • Hardware & Software Requirements.
    • How to transfer data by Wireless / Wired connectivity.
    • Ipv4/Ipv6, Ethernet/GigE.
    • MIPI, M-PHY, UniPro, SPMI, BIF, SuperSpeed USB Inter-Chip (SSIC), Mobile PCIe (M-PCIe) and SPI
    • GSM , 2g ,3g ,4g & 5g
    • IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.15.4e, 802.11ah
    • Relay Access Point (AP)
    • Grouping of station
    • Target Wake Time (TWT)
    • Overview and Role of Storage in Cloud / Server /Inhouse Storage.
    • Databases Connectivity with IOT and uses .
    • Case Study over Mysql / NoSql / NewSql .
    • Case Study over Cloud Services And Administration.
    • Case Study Of Big Data & Hadoop Platforms.
    • Analysis Of data using python Module.
    • Visualization and interpretation of Data.
    • Data Cleaning in IOT
    • Attack, Defense, and Network Robustness of Internet of Things
    • Malware Propagation and Control in Internet of Things
    • Privacy Preservation Data Dissemination
    • Trust and Trust Models for the IoT
    • Authentication in IoT
    • Computational Security for the IoT
    • Security Protocols for IoT Access Networks
    • Security Testing

    IOT Product Development & Testing with Project

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