Web Services


This course introduce to Web Service fundamentals ,REST, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, HTTP and JAXB.

About this Course

This course is for Everybody who are interested to learn about web service. This course will introduce to Web Service fundamentals ,REST and SOAP then advance concepts on REST calls.

  • Learn about basic concepts of web services and protocols used to implement web services.
  • Learn about XML, REST, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL and Web service in Java.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Web Services

  • Introduction
  • Basic Architecture and Web Service Fundamentals
  • Meaning of HTTP,SOAP, UDDI, WSDL and XML

Module 2: JAXB Introduction

  • JAXB Overview
  • The JAXB Binding Process
  • Exercise

Module 3: Introduction to SOAP

  • SOAP Overview
  • SOAP Messages
  • Data Transport, SOAP over HTTP

Module 4: Creating Web Services in Java with Apache SOAP

  • Installing and configuring Apache SOAP
  • Server and Client program
  • Deployment Descriptor/except

Module 5: Writing SOAP Service and WSDL

  • Overview of creating SOAP Web Service using contract First approach
  • Define Request and Response XML structure
  • Define XSD for Request and Response
  • Characteristics of WSDL

Module 6: UDDI

  • Introduction to UDDI
  • UDDI Registry
  • Technical Architecture
  • Interfaces

Module 7: The Java API for RESTful Services

  • Introduction
  • REST and HTTP
  • Resource URIs
  • REST Response

Module 8: Dispatching Requests to Methods

  • Creating a Resource
  • Returning XML Response
  • Installing a REST API client
  • Implementing POST Method

Module 9: Parameter and Return Types

  • The Param Annotation
  • Handling Exception
  • Content Negotiation
  • Content negotiation using HTTP headers

Module 10: Accessing REST API using Java client

  • JAX-RS Client
  • Creating Java client using JAX-RS
  • Sending GET/POST request using java client
  • Exercise

Module 11: Securing Web Services

  • What is Secure Web Services
  • Transport Level Security
  • Application Level Security

Module 12: Future of Web Services

  • Future of Web Development
  • Future of SOAP,WSDL,UDDI


  • Knowledge in any programing language
  • Knowledge in Internet, Web technologies and HTML
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