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UiPath Training in Chennai

Softlogic Systems Provides  UiPath RPA training in chennai, the India’s Best UiPath training platform for RPA aspirants to become certified RPA UiPath professional and take the lead in your field. Robotic Process Automation Training in Chennai will make you an expert in UiPath RPA tool. We provides UiPath training in Chennai to freshers and Working professionals.


UiPath Training in Chennai

It is easy to function with UiPath’s simple interface. It has cognitive capabilities that serve as a big advantage to it. Are you pondering over starting a career in RPA? Then call Softlogic for a free demo session and experience the quality of training.

The business analysts who want to automate business processes in their organizations can make use of Uipath. It is a Windows desktop Robotic Process Automation software. Any repetitive task a user carries out on his computer comprising data entry, data or content migration etc. can be automated using Uipath.

Why UiPath?

  • UiPath provides gain to the business and also enhances accuracy of the total business functions.
  • UiPath is framed to work on a wide spectrum of complex, rule-based processes.
  • UiPath helps communication with other systems in a way as human would do.

Nowadays several industries are using UiPath tool. The key is that RPA software robot never takes rest, makes no errors and is quicker.

What will you gain from UiPath training from Softlogic?

Softlogic believes that students learn best when they practically get engaged rather than learning theoretically. Hence the classes at Softlogic consist more of practical sessions. This type of approach lets the student to gain  profound knowledge and foster highly efficient skill set.

Since UiPath is a top process automation tool Softlogic provides indepth classroom and online training on the same. We work with the motto to deliver Best UiPath training in Chennai that makes the candidate successful.

UiPath Certifications

The participants will get the opportunity to know about different RPA UiPath certification options and the way to clear the certification.  There are 4 main UiPath certifications are,

  • Level 1 – Foundation Training
  • Level 2 – Orchestrator 2016.2 Training
  • Level 3 – Advanced Training
  • RPA Developer – SAP Automation training

Prerequisites to learn Uipath Course

There are no big prerequisites required to learn UiPath. However, having fundamental knowledge of any programming language will be beneficial.

Who can attend?

There is amazing scope for every IT person in the emerging field of UiPath.

  • Business Process Employees
  • Developers and Testers (Manual / Automation)
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Administrators
  • Architects
  • Job Seekers
Placement Assistance from Softlogic

We don’t just stop with providing the course completion certificate to the candidates. We offer UiPath Training Course in Chennai along with placement support to the students. We have a dedicated placement cell that schedules interviews to the candidates until they are successfully placed.

UiPath training in Chennai from Softlogic will be the ideal choice to assist the candidates gain total understanding of automation industry knowledge after working in the UiPath tool. Its time that you register for our UiPath course in Chennai and gain the benefits of the automation field.

UiPath Training Course Fee and Duration

The course fees is moderate and can be paid in two installments. Moreover, the participants can find the UiPath course duration as flexible. UiPath course time is fixed as per the participant’s requirements.Classroom training, online training, fast track classes, weekend classes are available for the candidates.

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for UiPath Training. Please contact our team for current UiPath Training course fee and duration.  

UiPath Training Course Syllabus

Course material is framed as per current scenarios and will assist the participants in grasping the UiPath concept in a deep manner. Our syllabus encompasses all the topics pertaining to UiPath technology. Our trainers impart the syllabus in a unique manner.

Session 1- Robotics Process Automation

  • Introduction of RPA
  • What and why RPA
  • Job Opportunities with RPA
  • The way of working with RPA
  • Type of jobs eligible for RPA automation
  • RPA tools
  • Industries adoption story
  • Business Case story

Session 2 –UiPath Building blocks                                                                                               

  • Introduction
  • Installation and activation
  • Interfaces
  • Different types of workflows
  • Creating-a-basic-workflow
  • Debugging
  • Managing packages
  • Reusing Library
  • Installing-the-extension-for-UiPath-studio
  • Source control
  • Activities guide
  • Workflow, Control Flow, Sequences
  • Sequences
  • Flowcharts
  • State Machines
  • Control Flows
  • The-assign-activity
  • The-delay-activity
  • The-do-while-activity
  • The-if-activity
  • The-switch-activity
  • The-while-activity
  • The-for-each-activity
  • The-break-activity
  • Managing-variables
  • Naming-best-practices
  • The-variables-panel
  • Generic-value-variables
  • Text-variables
  • True-or-false-variables
  • Number-variables
  • Array-variables
  • Date-and-time-variables
  • Data-table-variables
  • Managing-arguments
  • Using-arguments

Session 3- Excel and Data Tables                                                                             

  • Data Manipulations
  • Excel Automation
  • Data tables

Session 4- Recording                                                                                                

  • Recording Introduction
  • Recording Types
  • Automatic Recording
  • Manual Recording

Session 5- Scraping                                                                                                   

  • UI Elements
  • Output-or-screen-scraping-methods
  • Examples-of-using-output-or-screen-scraping-methods
  • About-web-scraping
  • Example-of-using-web-scraping
  • About-data-scraping
  • Example-of-using-data-scraping

Session 6- Image and Text Automation                                                                  

  • About-image-and-text-automation
  • Mouse-and-keyboard-activities
  • Guides/text-activities
  • Guides/ocr-activities
  • Image-activities
  • Mouse-and-keyboard-automation
  • Text-automation
  • OCR-and-image-automation

Session 9- Exception and Debugging

  • Exception Handling
  • Logging
  • Debugging
  • Tracing

Session 7- Mail and PDF 

  • PDF-data-extraction
  • Email-automation

Session 8- Project Organization

  • Project organization

Session 10- Custom Component and Code Stage                                                 

  • Custom Component Development
  • Component Deployment
  • Accessing Robots using WCF Web Services

Session 11- Database                                                                                                

  • Connecting with Database
  • Executing Query with Database

Session 12- Citrix – Virtual Environment Automation                                          

  • Citrix Automation
  • Advance Citrix Automation

Session 13-UiPath Orchestrator, Front + Back Office Robots

  • Orchestrator Overview
  • Orchestrator Hosting
  • Robots Hosting
  • Processing Hosting
  • Process Monitoring

Uipath Interview Questions

  • Introduction About UiPath Interview Questions +

    Want to migrate your career to UiPath? Are you searching for interview questions and answers to crack the interview with ease? Here we have given the top UiPath interview questions and answers.
  • What is UiPath Automation? +

    UiPath is the leading vendor for the automation process of robotics. It assists in offering a software platform.where the software robots aids in the manipulation of the application’ layer of presentation just in the manner of human beings.
  • What is the difference between UiPath and Selenium? +

    Selenium has been framed for testing the web applications or website. Selenium cant co-ordinate with a vast number of applications. It is not compatible with the virtual environments like Citrix.
    UiPath typically structures the software process that assists in automation. It is an RPA tool which aids in performing tasks like the human being.
  • What is Project Debugging in UiPath? +

    When you debug you eliminate errors from a specific project. With the help of debugging you get step-by-step highlighting so that you can be confirmed that it is error-free. There is also the availability of logging which lets you to show details of what is taking place in your project in the Output panel. Breakpoints are available and this helps you to pause the execution of a project so that you can verify its state at any specific time.
  • What are Wildcards and Selectors in UiPath? +

    Wildcards assists in replacing the strings. It is useful when have to handle the attributes which are changing dynamically in the selector.
    Selector assists in automatically generating the selection with the help of the wildcards.
  • What does Publishing mean in UiPath Automation Studio? +

    When we say publishing of the automation package it implies archiving it and the relevant files available in a specific folder. This is for the purpose of sending it to robots and eventually executing it. When you will be linked with the orchestrator then the project will move to the orchestrator field. Later it will be shown on packages page. From here, you can conveniently distribute them to the other robots after you assign certain packages to the environment.
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