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Top 20 MS Office Interview Questions and Answers

Published On: June 7, 2024

MS Office Interview Questions and Answers

Though the MS Office application is easy to learn and implement, the interviewer will want to know the in-depth skills you have acquired to determine how you can be productive in your job. Here are the top 20 MS Office interview questions and answers to showcase your skills.

MS Office Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

1. Define cell address in Excel

On a worksheet, a cell’s address is used to identify it. A row number and the matching letter from the column serve as indicators.

2. In Excel, how can panes be frozen?

When navigating through a worksheet, rows and columns remain visible due to freeze panes. Choose the View tab and choose Freeze Panes to freeze panes.

To freeze a dataset’s first two columns, choose the third column and choose “Freeze Panes.” A broad grey border denotes this.

3. What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is referred to as MS Word in short. Designed and developed by Microsoft, it is the most popular word processor available for purchase. 

The software is not autonomous. Rather, it is a part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, but it is also available for separate purchase.

4. What is the latest version of MS Word available?

Microsoft Word is currently accessible in Microsoft 365, a version that was originally known as Office 365.

5. How can we use Microsoft Word 2013 to connect to a cloud service?

We need to take the actions listed below to connect to the cloud service in Microsoft Word 2013:

  • Open One Drive from the main menu first.
  • Click on the sign-in option now. Following your selection of the sign-in option, you will be prompted to provide your email address.
  • It will now establish a connection with a cloud service once you enter the email address. 

6. How do you create toolbars in Microsoft Word?

We can create our toolbars in Microsoft Word by doing the following actions:

  • Select Toolbars from the View menu first.
  • Choose Customize now.
  • Next, select the Toolbars tab and then click the newly created button.
  • Finally, assign a name to the toolbar.

7. What is the shortcut key for making a hyperlink in Microsoft Word?

“Ctrl + K” is the shortcut key in Microsoft Word that creates a hyperlink.

8. What does Microsoft Word’s “Ctrl + N” shortcut mean?

In Microsoft Word, you may open a new blank document and write anything you want by using the shortcut Ctrl + N.

9. In Microsoft Word 2013, how may a screenshot be taken?

To take a screenshot in Microsoft Word 2013, follow these steps:

  • To begin, select the Illustrations option and then the ‘INSERT’ option.
  • Next, select the screen-clipping option by clicking on the camera icon.
  • This is where you select the area that you would like a screenshot of. 

10. How can the amount of the indent be adjusted in Microsoft Word?

Use the instructions below to change the amount of indent in Microsoft Word:

  • Choose the text that you wish to indent first.
  • Next, adjust the paragraph section’s “Page Layout” by moving the indent to the left or right. 

11. What shortcut in Microsoft Word does one use to change the insertion point to the beginning of the document?

In Microsoft Word, the insertion point can be moved to the beginning of the document by using the shortcut <Ctrl> + <Home>.

12. How can you open Microsoft Word’s restricted editing?

To unlock Microsoft Word’s restricted editing, take the following actions:

  • Firstly, click on Restrict Editing in the Protect section or navigate to the “Restrict Editing” panel on the Reviews tab.
  • Next, select “Stop Protection” from the menu at the bottom of the Restrict Editing Pane.
  • To disable the protection, enter the password.
  • Microsoft Word’s restricted editing has now been unlocked. 

13. In Excel, how do you create a hyperlink?

Worksheets and files/websites can be navigated using hyperlinks. Ctrl+K is the shortcut used to create a hyperlink. The “Insert Hyperlink” dialog box shows up. Put in the text to be displayed and the address.

MS Office Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

14. How does one utilize VLOOKUP and what is its purpose?

Excel’s VLOOKUP function is used to retrieve related data by looking up information in a table.

Syntax: VLOOKUP (value, table, col_index, [range_lookup]).

value: Denotes the information in a table’s first column that you are searching for.

table: This is the collection of data (table) from which the aforementioned value must be retrieved.

col_index: Indicates which column in the table you should extract the value from.

range_lookup – FALSE = exact match [optional] TRUE = approximate match (default). 

15. How does Excel’s IF() function operate?

The IF() function in Excel carries out a logical test. If the test results are true, it returns one value; if the test results are false, it returns a different value. It returns a value based on whether the condition holds ‘true’ across the entire selected range. 

16. Explain the pivot table.

A pivot table allows you to build reports and examine trends by acting as a summary table for the dataset. When you have extensive rows or columns of information that you need to keep track of, they come in handy.

  • First, choose the ‘PivotTable’ option from the Insert tab to start creating a pivot table.
  • Decide whether to set the pivot table in the middle of the table or the range.
  • To make a field visible in the pivot table, drag it.

17. How can we use Excel’s advanced filters?

Use the Advanced Filter option found on the Data tab to apply advanced filters. Decide which areas of the table to filter. Select the “list range” and the “criteria range” that contain the parameters you want to use to filter the table. 

18. How do you find duplicate values in Excel?

You can use the COUNTIF() function or conditional formatting to discover duplicate values in a column.

Conditional Formatting: First, click “Highlight Cells Rules” under Conditional Formatting after selecting the Home tab. Next, select “Duplicate Values.”

COUNTIF(): If you want to determine whether the values in a certain column are repeated, you can create a COUNTIF() method.

19. In a range of cells, how can duplicate values be eliminated?

Select the highlighted cells in a column, then click the delete button to get rid of the duplicate values. After deleting the data, choose the ‘Conditional Formatting’ option from the Home page. To delete the rules from the sheet, select “Clear Rules.”

By using the “Remove Duplicates” option under Data Tools, which is located on the Data tab, you may also remove duplicate values.

20. How will arguments be passed to the VBA function?

A VBA function may receive arguments as a value or as a reference.

Dim x As Integer

x = 10

MsgBox Triple(x)

MsgBox x

Both times, 40 will be displayed if you execute the cells by supplying the values as a reference. We refer to the original value when we pass arguments by reference. The function modifies the initial value of x.

A copy is passed to the function when we pass the arguments by value. It doesn’t alter the initial value. Thus, the initial number 10 will be shown in the second MsgBox.

21. How can one debug the VBA code, please?

Use the F8 key to debug VBA code line by line. Moreover, you have the option to set a breakpoint to end the execution at any desired location. When you press F8, the code will begin to run from the beginning and continue until the end, running the next line at a time. The yellow arrow and the highlighted line show where the execution is now at.

22. To find a rectangle’s area, write a VBA code.

Function Area(Length As Double, Optional Width As Variant)

If IsMissing(Width) Then

        Area = Length * Length


        Area = Length * Width

    End If

End Function

23. How can audio be added to a Microsoft Word document?

Take the actions listed below to add sound to a Microsoft Word document:

  • Open the Microsoft Word document that has the sound insert first.
  • Next, select the Insert tab from the page’s top panel.
  • Select Object.
  • Select the Create option from the File menu, then click the audio file you wish to insert.
  • Press OK. The sound is now added to the Microsoft Word document. 

24. How can the variations between two texts that are comparable be checked?

Click the compare buttons and choose compare from the review tab in the compare group in the ribbon to see the differences between two comparable documents.

25. What else can we add to the chart to indicate the values of the various elements?

The values of individual chart elements can be labeled by adding “data labels.”


We hope our curated list of MS Office interview questions and answers will be helpful for freshers and experienced professionals to ace the interviews. Learn MS Office course in Chennai to kickstart your career in IT.

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