Dot Net Training in OMR


DotnetOur Dot Net course in OMR is designed to provide participants with the abilities and know-how to stand out from the competition by starting and advancing a career in the business. Students receive up-to-date instruction in various.Net MVC domains as well as a thorough understanding of ongoing projects. Microsoft created the Windows-based software known as Dot Net, which includes a Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). This infrastructure enables the use of DOT Net in a variety of applications to perform Common Language Runtime instructions (CLR). Dotnet handles instructions with good precision and speed and includes both CLR and FCL (Frame Class Library). FCL is used in mobile applications as well. Presently, Windows OS-powered cell phones are available. These merely serve to demonstrate that there will be a need for skilled.NET programmers. 

Do you want to build a successful career in coding? You can contact us, the best Dot Net training institute in OMR.

  • Modules for the Dot Net Course in OMR have been expertly crafted to adhere to the standards set by the international business community.
  • Expert Dot Net Educators with more than a decade of expertise in the area of Software Development have created the Dot Net curriculum to help people better grasp how to design Web applications using the Dot Net framework.
  • Comprehensive Dot Net Training to Prepare You for Web Application Development.
  • For the purpose of enhancing your abilities, regular recap sessions of the prior DOT Net classes are offered.
  • Dot Net Training in OMR with Interactive Classrooms and Integrated Learning.
  • Cost-effective, high-quality Dot Net training in OMR that leads to certification after completion
  • Flexible batch timings
  • After the qualified students have successfully completed the Dot Net program, Dot Net Training in Chennai offers effective Placement Assistance.
  • The Active Placement Cell of Dot Net Training institute in OMR assists students in finding their ideal careers

Skills covered in Dot Net Course in OMR

Dot Net training in OMR includes the below list of Dot Net areas such as,

  • Complete introduction to Dot Net which covers the basic programming concepts, for loop, if condition, switch conditions, while, etc.
  • Comprehensive understanding of  C# Operators and Functions which includes increment/decrement, conditional, relational operator, functions, return statement.
  • The essence and significant concepts of C# OOPs Programming such as Classes and Object,  Login, Validation are extensively taught
  • The every aspect of C# – Data Types and Arrays such as Datatype,Loop,  Strings, Stack, Array, Queue are clearly trained.
  • Advanced OOPs concepts of C# including Inheritance, Sorting, Polymorphism, Exception are covered
  • Application and Project Development  context with reference to Libraries Makeup, Deployment Training,Integration Testing are covered
  • Dot Net Project including the designing of Dot Net programming & project development are clearly taught.

What is Dot Net?

Dot NET is a freely available, open-source, cross-platform for developers that may be used to create a wide range of applications. With.NET, you can create applications for the web, desktop, mobile, gaming, Internet of Things, and more using a variety of languages, libraries, and editors. Dot Net applications can be created in C#, F#, or Visual Basic.

  • The programming language C# is straightforward, contemporary, object-oriented, and type-safe.
  • Programming languages like F# make it simple to create code that is concise, reliable, and performant.
  • For creating type-safe, object-oriented applications, Visual Basic is an accessible language with a straightforward syntax.

Dot Net Certification in OMR

One of the professional certificates that demonstrates the candidate has acquired an in-depth understanding of Dot Net Architecture and its applications is the Dot Net Course Certification. This certification confirms that the individual has the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful Dot Net Developer and includes real-world project exposure. When you submit this certificate with your resume, it prioritizes your profile for consideration during the interview and provides access to a wide range of professional prospects.

Under the direction of our True Dot Net experts, the Dot Net Certification Course in Chennai sharpens the skill sets essential for a competent Dot Net Developer. E experts with an outstanding professional record in the Dot Net platform offer Dot Net training in OMR. They teach you how to use the Dot Net framework and its various components to enhance your skills.1q

This prospect to master and comprehend the fundamentals of Microsoft technology is excellently provided by this Dot Net certification in OMR. The course is structured in a modular way so that you can concentrate on the material you need to master in order to pass the certification. You will not only master the fundamentals of Microsoft technology but also gain practical experience with a variety of tools and programs that are employed in the field.

Prerequisites for Dot Net Training in OMR

Web and desktop apps can be developed using Dot Net.  You have to start with C. Because C is the foundation of all other programming languages, you can move on to C Sharp after learning C language. As soon as you start understanding HTML and CSS, you can go to ASP.Net. Yet, a working grasp of C Sharp is required. Dot Net also requires a basic familiarity with programming and HTML.

Content of Dot Net Training Courses

From Basics to Advanced Concepts, our full Dot Net training in Chennai syllabus is covered. This Dot Net course is especially made to deliver COMPLETE PRACTICAL Training on Dot Net Technologies in accordance with the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC).

Package for Microsoft.NET (C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET)


WCF and Web Services





2010 SharePoint

Server SQL

Microsoft developed the.NET programming framework to make it simpler for developers to create applications. Several Microsoft Windows operating systems support the software technology known as the Microsoft.NET Framework. The majority of new programmes developed for the Windows platform are supposed to use the.NET Framework, a crucial component of Microsoft’s offering.

The goal of the Net Framework is to make it simple to construct desktop and web applications. The Visual Studio IDE is part of this development environment. various server technologies, such as the Net framework This platform encourages the creation of web apps.

C: The perfect start to any programming career.

C#: The most well-liked programming language, C#, is used to create both web-based and desktop applications.

SQL Server: All MS.NET applications can benefit from using SQL Server 2012 as their database of choice.

LINQ: A contemporary approach to creating database and object-based queries. With the help of this capability, the developer may create the application much more quickly. Data querying and updating are made easier and more standard with LINQ, a technique that can be expanded to accommodate virtually any type of data repository.

ASP. NET: A framework for creating web applications is called ASP.NET. You can create any type of website, even ones as complicated as or, using ASP.NET.

Live Project: As previously said, this course will give thorough instructions on how to construct a LIVE Website.

Entity Framework: The Entity Framework frees developers from having to worry about the underlying database tables and columns that this data is stored in, allowing them to deal with data in the form of domain-specific objects and properties, such as customers and customer addresses.

Web Services: A web service is a managed piece of code that may be remotely activated using HTTP, or HTTP queries.

Remote access:.NET A method of communication between items not involved in the same operation is remote access. It is an all-purpose platform for connecting various applications.

WCF: WCF is a streamlined method of communicating with apps or programmes that were created in various languages or that were located in various places.

WPF: WPF enables us to create Windows client applications with amazing graphic user interfaces. Both standalone and browser-hosted applications are something we can make.

Silverlight: It makes it possible for us to create and use rich online applications. In a single run-time environment, it included multimedia, graphics, animations, and interactivity.

HTML5 & CSS3: These web design tools offer a variety of aspects to make websites more aesthetically pleasing & user-friendly. The presentation language HTML5 has extra functionality to make it simple to add and manage graphic and multimedia material on the web. CSS3 has fantastic features for animations, as well as for carrying out mathematical computations, etc.

JavaScript and jQuery: JavaScript is a client-side, object-oriented scripting language. The Document Object Model (DOM), an API for interacting with a Web page, is used to manipulate elements on a Web page. Asynchronous Java script and XML is known as AJAX. AJAX is used to update portions of a website without reloading it and exchange data with a server.

ASP.NET MVC: This architecture is used to create interactive apps that incorporate user interaction and event management.

The Career Options Open After Dot Net Training  in OMR.

One of the booming industries in the IT sector is dot net. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Dot Net platform is the best choice if you’re seeking for a safe and promising profession in the context of software development. According to data provided by Stack Overflow, the Dot Net platform is supported by approximately 6 million developers as well as more than 1,700 enterprises.

Dot Net Developers are employed by a number of reputable firms, including Vodafone, Mindtree, TCS, Alaska Airlines, Samsung and IBM. In India, a Dot Net Developer may expect to make between Rs. 4,15,000 and Rs. 5,30,000 annually. A Dot Net Developer with three to five years’ experience can expect to make between Rs. 5,50,000 and Rs. 7,20,000 per year. Dot Net Developers make an average annual salary of $ 92,457 worldwide. Under the guidance of a Competent professional, Dot Net Training in OMR offers comprehensive instruction in the Dot Net framework and its implementation. The professional abilities required for a Dot Net Developer are imparted by our Dot Net Trainers.

Following your Dot Net Training in OMR, you might be willing to take part in one of the following eight job roles:

  • Program Developer
  • ASP.Net developer
  • Developer for C/ C++
  • Database Developer
  • Developer of Windows applications
  • Database Manager
  • Network Engineer
  • Developer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Software Developer : 

As a software engineer, one of your responsibilities will be to create an application by making use of the Dot Net framework. This application may be a form of accounting or even an internet group chat. If you have a fundamental understanding of Dot Net, you should consider applying for this post.

Software developers are responsible for creating and maintaining apps that can operate on desktop computers as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. They produce content using digital media, which aids users in finding information on the website.

Other web developers who will provide technical specifications for creating software may be supervising you while you work. The duties of a web developer encompass writing code, fixing bugs, testing new functions, and informing the project manager of any issues.

C/C++ Developer : 

If you have at least three years of expertise in a language other than C or Java and want to transition to C++ without having any prior understanding of C, we recommend that you take on this position as a C/C++ Developer.

You must use compilers like MS-VC to create programs in this position. The work primarily entails writing C program modules that will be assembled into executable files through compilation and linking.

There are two different types of C/C++ developers: one type generates source code and connects object code (binaries). The directions that teach the computer how to run a program are found in the source code. A C/C++ coder creates the source code with a text editor like Notepad++ and then combines it with a compiler. You should be familiar with structs, functions, classes, pointers,  arrays, data structures, loops, and recursion before enrolling in this DOT NET course in OMR.

ASP.NET Developer : 

Try to secure a position at a Multinational company where there is a great demand for ASP.NET Developers if you recently graduated from college but are still looking for a decent employment chance in the IT industry.

A web page that uses ASP.NET, XML,  SQL Server, JavaScript, and technologies must be created by an ASP.NET developer. Usually, websites are hosted on these kinds of pages. For employment as an ASP.NET developer, the majority of organizations need a degree level qualification, while some employers are ready to accept new employees without doing a background check. Please be aware that expertise with Visual Studio and an MSDN certification are both strongly advised. It would be more beneficial to have some web development experience.

Database Developer :

Would you be interested in making a profession out of working with databases? Do you enjoy using various database systems? If so, this job may be ideal for you because it will require responsibility and provide you the opportunity to learn a lot. Building intricate joins and queries using database systems like MySQL is part of this trade. You must also concentrate on maintaining and resolving problems. You will have the chance to hone your business intelligence skills in this position and improve your ability to create powerful queries.

Windows Application Developer : 

Do you want to work for Microsoft and make a good living? If so, you can choose to develop Windows applications. A windows application developer uses the visual studio IDE and other relevant technologies to create programs. Our DOT NET Training Center in Chennai aids in gaining both a fundamental and in-depth understanding of this area of growth. Even better if you have prior Java and.Net experience. Excellent communication, teamwork, and multitasking abilities are all necessary for this position. Testing and troubleshooting client-side bugs, UI design, implementing algorithms, programming in WPF, creating database schema, and making sure the app connects effectively with backend servers are a few of the more important jobs.

Network Engineers : 

Those in charge of maintaining networks within businesses are known as networking engineers. Through on-site troubleshooting, the installation of new networking hardware, and configuration setting adjustments, they guarantee that the network functions properly throughout their entire firm. These experts require a variety of abilities, from a fundamental comprehension of the TCP/IP protocol to in-depth familiarity with switches, routers, WLANs, and wireless LANs. Network security knowledge is also useful. After completing the DOT NET Course in Chennai, there are several job prospects for network engineers that will allow you to advance your career and work in a variety of sectors.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer : 

If you desire to improve people’s lives and aid in the achievement of their own goals, you should think about pursuing a career in CRM development! You will help clients utilizing the sales force automation program known as Salesforce as a member of a CRM team. Customers and prospects can register online with the business, examine their account information, place orders, follow up on deliveries, handle leads or accounts receivable, keep an eye on bills, create reports, and send reminders for forthcoming events thanks to the CRM system. The developers need to be well-versed in  Javascript, HTML 5, CSS, JScript, and the Net Framework.

Database Administrator (DBA) : 

A seasoned DBA is adept at using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to design, maintain, and administer databases. They might carry out normal tasks including maintaining backups, restoring databases, creating users, permissions, and logins, backup jobs, recovery techniques, and verifying indexes and statistics. They might also monitor performance changes and problem-solve. Knowing programming languages like C, ASP.NET MVC, VB.NET, T-SQL, etc. is necessary for a successful DBA. They must be knowledgeable in a wide range of databases, including DB2, Sybase, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, MS Access, and many others. Our Dot Net coaching center in Chennai can assist you in becoming a professional in this area and feed you with an in-depth understanding of both transactional and non-transactional databases.

Who is eligible to enroll in this Dot Net course?

  • Students who are currently enrolled in either the first, second, third, or fourth year of the Electronics, Electronics, and Telecommunications, Instrumentation or Biomedical Engineering courses are eligible to submit an application for this Dot Net course.
  • Students with backgrounds in information technology engineering  or computer science technology are also welcome to submit applications for this class.

Which is better to learn: Dot Net or Python?

If you’re fascinated by programming, you should consider learning Dot Net because its syntax is more straightforward. If you are interested in computer science or engineering, my advice would be to start with Dot Net since it teaches you the internal dynamics of programming and later let you proceed to learn Python. 

Is it worthwhile to get training to become a Dot Net Developer? Would adding it to my resume give me an edge when applying for campus jobs?The right reply is “Yes.” Students are able to acquire a great deal of technology and programming expertise through Dot Net training in OMR, which paves the way for them to emerge as professional Dot Net specialists.

Which school offers the most reputable training programs leading to a Dot Net certification in Chennai?

Students should consider learning how to program in Dot Net as their top career choice. Dot Net developers are in high demand across a variety of industries at the moment. Dot Net was utilized more frequently as a result of the rise in the number of new businesses entering the web development market. Following the completion of a Dot Net Certification in Chennai at the Dot Net training institute in Chennai, a variety of work opportunities will be available to the student.

Dot Net training institute in OMR concentrates more on the programming aspect of the learners, which makes them an excellent choice for a training company. This training involves practical work on the project.

Overview of the Training for the DOT Net Live Project

The development of software involves more than just writing code. Before writing even a single line of code, it is required to perform a comprehensive study of the objectives, collect information, and prepare the appropriate documentation. This entails having an understanding of the needs through the use of the software development life cycle. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The project’s outcome will be determined by a number of factors, including the technology selected, the kind of architecture used, and how we choose to approach the difficulty of the real-time component.

The Dot Net Live Project Training that is provided by Best DotNet Training In OMR will assist you in experiencing the full project lifecycle by making use of SDLC. Real-time professionals , who possesses practical experience in the fields of both software development and training, is responsible for the creation of the material that is included in this course.

With the help of this.NET Live project course, you will learn how to apply the following principles within the context of a single project in order to build a solution to a specific problem from the bottom up.

  • Principles of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Handling LINQ Security used for Stored Procedures and other database activities (Forms Authentication)
  • Utilizing Both Cookies and Sessions for State Management
  • User Controls as well as Master Pages
  • Integration of the Payment Gateway

You will see an excellent demonstration of using N-Tier architecture in conjunction with LINQ so that you can have an understanding of how projects are built in a real-time setting. After successfully completing this Dot Net training in OMR, you will be able to construct any form of  web application with complete self-assurance, as we can guarantee. You will be able to approach any software developer who has spent some time working on a real-time software project with complete confidence once you have gained the necessary information.

Dot Net Training in Chennai offers a number of benefits, the most important of which is the opportunity to further one’s career and take advantage of the many employment openings that are currently accessible in the field of software development. If you already have some expertise in programming and you have high aspirations for your professional life, then you might consider enrolling in the Dot Net course in Chennai.

Job Opportunities: The rate of expansion of software services is expanding day by day, which creates additional opportunities for recent graduates who are interested in establishing careers in this field. Additionally, Microsoft has declared that they would increase the number of developer positions available with the assistance of the.Net platform. As a result, students who successfully complete the courses stand a greater possibility of finding employment with reputable MNCs.

Most Recent Technologies Available: Over the past few years, a lot of companies have started using the most recent technologies, such as ASP.NET and SQL Server, amongst others. These technologies are quite useful, particularly if you are interested in pursuing a career in the field of web application development.

These technologies are quite useful, particularly if you are interested in pursuing a career in the field of web application development.

Dot Net Certification In Chennai Is one Of The Greatest Resources For Those Who Want To Pursue Higher Education When compared to the costs of attending other prestigious colleges, this one is quite inexpensive. This is the primary reason behind its enormous appeal among those aspiring to work in the information technology field.

Recognition: In order to obtain recognition as an expert in this field, candidates are required to obtain a certification from a known institution. This.NET institute in Chennai offers certifications that are recognised all over the world due to the sophisticated nature of its content. Candidates have a better chance of being recruited anywhere around the world if they obtain certification.

Improvement of Skills: When looking to hire new staff, most businesses prioritize candidates who have improved their skills. They are able to determine the level of expertise a person possesses on the topic. And candidates can boost their chances of being selected for relevant positions by investing in a certification DOT NET Course in Chennai. This course is offered in Chennai.

Opportunities to Meet Prominent Figures in Your Field: Being a part of a group of very brilliant people provides opportunities to network and meet prominent figures in your field. As was just mentioned, the majority of the industry’s most reputable software developers are moving their products over to the.NET platform. Candidates not only increase their visibility but also their knowledge of the most recent developments in the design of new solutions when they become affiliated with these companies.

Attractive Compensation Plan: After obtaining a certification in the.NET platform, you will be in a better position to negotiate an attractive compensation plan than individuals who do not have such knowledge. Candidates that hold a certification in any of the several sophisticated technologies are typically favored by employers.

Knowledge Transfer: Another significant advantage of taking dot net training in Chennai is that it enables individuals to more effectively share the knowledge that they have with others. They increase their knowledge by gaining it from a variety of specialists, each of whom already possesses a robust skill set. They will be able to gain knowledge more quickly as a result of being able to share their experiences with others.

Enroll Today in Dot Net Training Institute in OMR

Dot Net Certification in Chennai is something you should look into getting whether you are in the market for a well-paying job or if you simply want to improve your current skill set. The Web Development training courses provided by Dot Net training institute in OMR are among the best in the industry. These courses are designed to teach you how to use Microsoft frameworks and tools such as ASP.NET, VB.NET, C and MSXML.

Learners will go away from their time at Dot Net training institute in OMR with the information and abilities necessary to be successful in the profession. Increased job security, greater awareness, and a deeper comprehension of today’s most cutting-edge technology are just some of the advantages that come with participation in this program. Individuals are able to advance their professions to the next level and boost their chances of being successful when they receive the appropriate DOT Net certification in OMR.