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Top 25 Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Published On: May 27, 2024

Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers

In the software industry today, automation testing is a full-fledged vocation. Explore the world of Top 25 Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers to ensure that you ace your automation testing interviews.

Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

1. What is Automation Testing?

It entails testing the software with scripts and software tools and then comparing the real and predicted results.

2. What makes automation testing crucial?

It facilitates frequent test case execution, supports regression testing, speeds up and improves the correctness of testing, and works well for load and performance testing.

3. Should every test be automated?

While test automation has advantages, it is not practicable to automate every type of testing. Testing that can only be completed by a human tester includes accessibility, usability, and user interface testing.

4. What is a test environment?

A test environment is a computer or server that is used to test software. To replicate the production environment, the tester installs the team’s recently developed software on this workstation, together with all of its dependencies. Thus, a real-world scenario can be used to test the application.

5. What is cross-browser testing?

A type of automated browser testing known as cross-browser testing involves the tester figuring out whether or not the online application will work correctly on several browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and others.

6. How does browser automation work?

“Browser automation” is the technique of automatically running a web application in a browser and performing additional tasks.

7. What is automated regression testing?

A tester using the regression testing approach verifies that none of the previous features’ functionality is broken. Its distinct goal is to verify that functionality that has been tested and produced still works when new code is added.

8. What is the pyramid of test automation?

Martin Fowler created the test automation pyramid initially, and it was made public in 2012. It is a technique for determining the most efficient way to use the many kinds of testing automation. The core principle of the test pyramid is to have a large number of user interface (UI) unit tests and a relatively small number of thorough UI tests.

9. Could you describe the lifespan of automation testing?

Phases include requirement analysis, test planning, test script development, test execution, and result analysis are all part of the automation testing lifecycle.

10. Which are Automation Testing’s main constituents?

The automation tool, the test data, the test script, and the application being tested are the essential elements.

11. Which well-liked tools are employed in automation testing?

In automation testing, tools such as Selenium, TestComplete, Appium, and Katalon Studio are frequently utilized.

12. What is Selenium?

A well-liked open-source program for automating web browsers is called Selenium.

13. What benefits does selenium offer?

Selenium is compatible with numerous platforms, browsers, and computer languages. In addition, it interfaces with JUnit and TestNG to manage test cases and produce reports, and it permits parallel test execution.

14. Which types of tests are appropriate for automation?

Determining whether a test is more appropriate for manual procedures depends on the following conditions:

  • The test feature is always changing.
  • Usability and user experience are tested.
  • There are no pass or fail criteria in tests.
  • The results of tests are determined at the tester’s discretion. 

15. What is the benefit of using automated testing frameworks?

Frameworks for automated testing enhance the procedure in many ways.

  • Reliability and consistency in achieving goals
  • Aids in implementing consistent testing across the entire system
  • Manages huge, complex code easily
  • Allows for the addition of additional cases  

16. What kind of testing frameworks does the industry offer?

Depending on the requirements for the program, a variety of testing frameworks are available on the market:

  • Data-driven testing
  • Modularity-driven testing
  • Keyword-driven testing
  • Hybrid testing
  • Model-based testing
  • Code-driven testing
  • Behavior-driven development

17. Which situations are good and bad candidates for automation testing?

For situations like massive data sets, smoke testing, regression test cases, repetitive operations, etc., automation is excellent. While ad hoc testing, exploratory, random, individual test cases, applications that change often, ad hoc testing, and user interface testing are all inappropriate use cases for automation testing. The selection of automation testing is heavily influenced by time and ROI (Return on Investment).

18. How would you chart automation testing’s success?

The efficacy of automation testing can be evaluated using some criteria, including:

  • Time-saving
  • Reusability
  • Software quality
  • Upkeep
  • Installment expenses
  • The number of faults or defects discovered
  • Test coverage or software

19. Is it possible for us to get 100% automation in any situation?

Almost no testing technique can be implemented with 100% automation. 

Because certain real-world situations exist, such as the use of captcha matching to distinguish between humans and bots or the need to verify the screen’s background, certain jobs have become more labor-intensive. 

In some circumstances, manual testing is better. In any event, using 100% automation is generally not advised.

Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

20. What are the pros and cons of Selenium?

Selenium is a well-known web automation technology that helps with cross-browser testing and browser automation.

  • It is made in an open atmosphere and has great community support.
  • You can test and run your web application on several browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and more, with Selenium.
  • Because Selenium is cross-platform, it may be utilized on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.
  • Because Selenium is language-neutral, you can use it with any programming language of your choice.
  • Learning selenium is difficult and requires a lot of time.
  • Selenium does not support desktop or mobile applications; 
  • It only supports Internet applications.
  • Not very reliable technical help because the software is open-source.
  • It is harder to troubleshoot Selenium programs than other tools and frameworks.

21. What is the framework for Robots? Give a quick rundown of its architecture.

A popular open-source framework for automation testing, Robot Framework is primarily utilized for robotic process automation (RPA).

Platform-neutral and written in Python is the Robot Framework. Additionally, the vast majority of the ecosystem’s libraries are open-source. It uses a syntax unique to the framework to store test data in files. Multiple tests make it to a test suite.

22. Which test library APIs does the Robot Framework offer?

The Robot Framework has three test library APIs.

  • A static API is a module or class that has methods that map to keyword names exactly and that require the same arguments as their implementing methods.
  • Dynamic API: The names and methods of implementing keywords are decided upon at runtime.
  • Static and dynamic APIs are combined to create API hybrids. 

23. In what way will you automate a web application’s basic login process?

  • Make sure you comprehend all of the buttons, checkboxes, and input fields on the login screen by manually testing the login.
  • Create a test dataset using the various password and username combinations.
  • Make test cases that mimic the many routes a user could take in an actual situation.
  • Set up the tool so that every test case must be run manually. Then, in step 2, utilize the test data.
  • Verify and confirm the success/error messages and redirects following every login attempt.

24. When writing automated tests, what are some best practices for developers to adhere to?

To write automated tests that are both useful and effective, there are a few essential development principles that must be adhered to.

  • First and foremost, to facilitate easy maintenance and updating, tests ought to be written in a standardized, accessible manner.
  • Second, to prevent repetition and shorten the testing duration overall, tests must to be detailed and targeted at certain features.
  • Finally, to find any problems as early in the development process as possible, tests should be conducted often and continually.


These automation testing interview questions and answers will assist you in evaluating your level of expertise and provide you with the extra self-assurance you need to advance in your automation testing profession. Hone your testing skills with our automation testing training in Chennai.

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