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HTML Training Institute in Chennai

By giving project oriented training all are saying we are the best HTML Training in Chennai. Yes, we are offering the HTML Training in the part of Web Designing and Development in International Standard. For more details please call me at +91 86818 - 84318

Best HTML Training Institute in Chennai

Join Best HTML Training in Chennai, HTML Training Course in Chennai

The HTML training course in Chennai that we provide will fulfill the present demand of the information technology and though there are many advanced platform, this is the basic of all languages and is a vital component in building websites.

HTML stands for "HyperText Markup Language." In short, more or less HTML is the code behind creating a website.

So really what is HTML? Basically, it is a programming dialect comprising of "tags" and specified rules that can be comprehended and understood by various web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla etc) with a specific end goal to show a website page. A website page would appear to be identical to everybody that views it no matter what browser the individual is using; however, this is not the situation as various browsers read HTML somewhat in the very different way, bringing about website pages looking marginally different to different individuals.

Consider HTML as a correspondence interface between the Human world and the Computer world, a kind of translator between the two universes. Similarly as somebody who talks only Chinese cannot speak with somebody who talks just English, without the utilization of a translator. The PC needs to comprehend what you are instructing it to do, so you utilize a dialect that will decipher your charges into something that the PC will understand. The purpose of HTML is to plan or make an electronic rendition of a website or website page which can then be utilized by the PC to send our data everywhere throughout the world. At the point when a human visits a site to this electronic variant is then deciphered and shown in the shape which we as people need to see.

To code or program in HTML you utilize a series of programming labels, the labels are encased within sections "." You may utilize either capitalize or lowercase for your programming tag, a few software engineers jump to utilize capitalized case to recognize the labels from the rest of the tags; this is a decent practice since it makes it simpler when the time comes to investigate the website page. If you know the basics of this language you can compose your own website.

Who can learn HTML 5 ?

Anyone with basic knowledge of English language and designing can become expert in HTML 5. HTML 5 is very easy (with proper training) and at the same time demanding in market. Companies are always looking for HTML developers who have practical working knowledge of web designing. So come be a part of Softlogic and become an Expert HTML Developer.

HTML Training Fee and Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for HTML Training. Please contact our team for current HTML Training fee and duration.  

HTML Training Course Content

HTML Overview
  • HTML Editing Tools
  • WYSISYG Authoring Tools
  • Document Structure
  • HTML Tags
  • Information browsers ignore
  • Tips on good HTML style
  • Specifying Color in HTML
Structural HTML Tags
  • The Summary of Structural Tags
  • Setting up an HTML document
  • The global settings with the “BODY” tag
  • Using META tag
Formatting Text
  • The summary of Text tags
  • Working with HTML text
  • The inline type styles
  • The FONT tag
  • The Lists
  • The layout techniques with HTML
Creating Links
  • The summary of tags related to linking
  • Simple Hypertext links
  • Linking within a document
  • Affecting the appearance of links
  • Targeting windows
  • The Image maps
  • Non-Web links and protocols
Adding images and other page elements
  • The summary of object placement tags
  • Horizontal rules
  • The Image basics
  • The IMG tag and its attributes
  • Adding Java Applets to the page
  • Adding Plug-in Media with EMBED
  • Adding Media files with OBJECT
  • The summary of Table tags
  • Introduction to tables
  • The Basic table structure
  • Affecting table appearance
  • Table troubleshooting
  • Tips and tricks
  • Standard table templates
  • Multipart images in tables
  • The summary of Frame tags
  • Introduction to frames
  • The basic frameset structure
  • The frame function and appearance
  • Targeting frames
  • The Inline (Floating) frames
  • Frame design tips and tricks
  • Summary of FORM tags
  • Introduction to Forms
  • The basic form (FORM)
  • The FORM elements
  • The New FORM attributes (HTML 4.0)
  • Affecting the appearance of forms
  • Unconventional use of FORM elements
  • Demystifying CGI
  • Retrieving the parameter value using getParameter () method
Server Side includes (SSI)
  • How SSI is used
  • The SSI and the server
  • Adding SSI commands to a document
  • Using environment variables
  • The XSSI
  • The List of elements
  • The Include variables
  • Time formats for SSI output

HTML Training Reviews

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