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Advanced .NET Training in Chennai

Learn advanced dot net training in Chennai at Softlogic Systems. Get trained by IT experts. Call 86818 - 84318 For More Details.

Best Advanced .NET Training Institute in Chennai

Join Best Advanced .NET Training in Chennai, Advanced .NET Course in Chennai

Softlogic Systems covers MVC and JQuery (Basics) in our course on Advanced .NET Training in Chennai. Professional persons often need to refresh their skills with certified training of the Microsoft.NET platform. The vast upgrades to the system will begin to challenge even the greatest IT expert who does not undergo training. There is a great online instructor led course available or you may choose to participate in a group course with a live instructor. Undergo live scenarios to challenge your skills and to increase your knowledge in advanced .NET. Choose our advanced .NET training to enhance your .NET skills. Our advanced .NET Training program in Chennai has all the components to put you in top in the competitive market.

Advanced .NET Course Fee and Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Advanced .NET. Please contact our team for current Advanced .NET fee and duration.  

Windows application Programming

  • Introduction
  • Controls
  • Menus and Context Menus
  • Dialog
  • Form Inheritance
  • Other Misc. Topics

Database Connectivity using ADO.NET

  • Overview of Database & Database server
  • Introduction of SQL Server 2008
  • DML & DDL query
  • Join, Trigger, Procedure & function
  • Ado.Net API
  • Connected Layer
  • Connection, Command & Data Reader
  • Disconnected Layer
  • Adaptor, Data Set, Table, Row & Coloumn
  • ODBC, OLEDB, Oracle Client
  • Connectivity with Oracle, Access, Excel & MySql
  • Connection Pooling

Web Application Programming using Asp.NET

  • Web Application architecture
  • Static Web Page
  • Application Life Cycle
  • Dynamic Page
  • Page Life Cycle & Event Method
  • Html & Server Control
  • Server Control Event Life Cycle
  • State Management
  • Url Rewriting,Hidden form field,View state,Session,Cookies & Application.
  • Global class & Event Method
  • Uploading & Downloading
  • Page Directives
  • Data Source
  • SqlDataSource,XmlDataSource,SitemapDataSource & ObjectDataSource
  • DataControl
  • Datalist, DetailsView, FormView, GridView, ListView & Repeater
  • Validation Control
  • CompareValidator, CustomValidator,RangeValidator,RegularExpressionValidator & ValidationSummary
  • Navigation
  • Menu,SiteMapPath & TreeView
  • Login Control & Membership
  • Login, LoginName, LoginStatus, LoginView, PasswordRecovery, ChangePassword, CreateUserWizaed
  • Ajax Extensions
  • ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress & Timer.
  • Globelization & localization
  • Master Page & Style them
  • Mail
  • SMTP
  • POP3


  • Introduction to  MVC3
  • The Model-View-Controller Pattern
  • Difference Between MVC and Web Forms Applications
  • Building a simple MVC Application with Visual Studio
  • Working with Controllers and Actions
  • Introduction to Controllers
  • Using a Controller to Manage the Application
  • Controller Actions
  • Returning Action Results
  • Creating MVC Models
  • Data and Business Rules in MVC Applications
  • Creating a Custom Data Model
  • Data validation and Data Annotations
  • Creating a Custom Data Model
  • Data Validation and Data Annotations
  • Using MVC Views
  • Views in ASP.NET MVC
  • Creating views
  • Adding content to a view
  • HTML helpers and Action filters
  • Using HTML Helpers in MVC
  • Creating a Custom Helper
  • Using Action filters
  • Creating a Custom Filter
  • Routing and URLs
  • Customizing Application URLs
  • Creating Route Constraints
  • Routing and Web forms
  • Using MVC and Ajax and JQuery
  • Integrating Client-Side Script with MVC
  • Using the MVC Ajax Helpers
  • Working with JSON Data


  • Introduction of Networking
  • Understanding socket and port
  • Tcp Client & Tcp Listener
  • TCP/IP based networking
  • HTTP based networking
  • Http Request
  • Http Response


  • Application Domain
  • Remotable and Nonremotable object
  • Marshal-By-Reference
  • ServerActivatedObject(SAO)
  • SingleCall
  • Singleton
  • ClientActivatedObject
  • Channels
  • TcpChannel
  • Service Configuration & Hosting


  • Introduction to LINQ
  • LINQ expressions
  • Using via extension methods
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Aggregation
  • Skip and Take operators
  • Joins
  • Extension methods
  • Object Inititalization syntax
  • Anonymous space
  • Lambda expressions
  • Deferrred Execution
  • Benefits and drawbacks
  • IEnumerable vs IQueryable
  • Using across tiers
  • Data Projection
  • Single result value
  • Existing types
  • Grouping
  • LINQ to XML
  • New XML classes
  • Generating XML
  • Querying XML
  • Using data projection
  • Combining with XPath
  • LINQ to SQL
  • Attributes and mapping
  • Creating a DataContext
  • Deferred loading
  • Saving changes
  • Inserting and deletes
  • Transactions

Advanced .NET Training Reviews

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