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Software Testing Online TrainingAs you may all know software testing is a crucial part of the software development life cycle. The final product should be satisfactory to the user, and for this there should be a good testing process in place. While the developers do the coding part of the program and make the software function, software testers ensure that the product is without any glitches. Testing of the software is a clear demonstration that the organization cares for the best user experience. This will eventually raise the competitive advantage of the organization. If you want to learn software testing and know the different types of testing including unit tests, functional tests,  integration tests, performance tests, etc., make sure to learn from the best online course for software testing.

Significance of best software testing online course

Testing is a continuous process, and its importance cannot be neglected in the software development life cycle. The process keenly looks into how the software functions.  There are various levels of testing, and the software should go through all these levels.

There are different types of testing namely manual testing and automation testing. While we may be tempted to consider automation testing superior to manual testing because of the easy process, it is not so. Manual testing should also be encouraged because it  helps us to get deep into the problem with regard to the emotional aspect. Besides, exploratory testing, where you get answers to questions including “what happens if I perform this” can be done with manual testing efficiently. The key is in knowing that both manual testing and automation testing should work in harmony with each other; while manual testing tests from a human perspective, automation testing saves time. They both have their unique advantages. Enroll in the Best Online Software Testing Course to know the importance of testing.

Learn the importance of “shift left” approach from the best online course for software testing

The “shift left” testing is an important approach to testing. It shifts testing towards the initial stages of software development. It should be noted that testing was carried out at the farther end of the process in the traditional approach. The testers should adopt a mindset to test as early and as frequently as they can so that there will be minimal/no bugs in the project. This will eliminate the need to find any big defects during the deployment stage. The key in shift left testing is that testing begins when development begins.

Career scope after best software testing course online

The job role of  a software tester has seen an impressive transformation in the past few years. Organizations are slowly realizing the need for a well-organized testing process. The testing profile has several specializations, and it is no more considered a monotonous role.    Besides, the demand for skills including SOA testers, security testers, etc. is seeing a surge.

If you want to enter the world of software testing, your typical journey could be like this. You could take up the profile of a manual tester and then later explore automation testing, performance testing etc. When you have sound understanding of the domain that you are going to work in, it will be an advantage.

Objectives of  best software testing course online

  • To impart knowledge on the fundamental aspects of software testing to the student
  • To teach the importance of both manual testing and automation testing
  • To help the student learn about several software testing challenges in unit test, integration test etc.
  • After imparting knowledge on the fundamentals, to provide thorough knowledge on the advanced software testing topics.

 Prerequisites for the best online software testing course

The person interested in taking up the software testing training online should have analytical bent of mind, keen eye for detail, good communication skills, knowledge of fundamental computer functionality, and basic mathematical skills.

Who can attend the software testing online course

  • Any fresher who wants to know about the importance of testing
  • Software developers who wish to upskill their knowledge with software testing
  • Manual testers who want to shift to automation testing

FAQs About Software Testing Online Training

Tell me something about the placement support for students

Placement support is considered serious by us, and we ensure that the candidates are provided adequate mock interviews so that their confidence is boosted. We have the objective of placing as many students as possible.,

Is there any demo session available ?

We definitely provide demo session before joining the course because we want the candidates to know everything about the training beforehand itself. This will help you in having a better idea of the sessions

Will I work on any project ?

You will definitely work on projects that will be like those you will face in real time. The project is a perfect platform to execute whatever you have learned and also gain an idea of the real-world industry

What is automation testing? What are the best automation testing tools ?

In automation testing, software tools are deployed to test software. It increases the coverage of testing and enhances the software quality. Selenium, Lambda Test, Appium, Eggplant, and Katalon Studio  are some of the best automation testing tools.

Will automation testing take over manual testing?

No. In an ideal scenario, automation testing will not replace manual testing. While manual testing needs the critical eye of humans to solve certain problems, automated testing takes care of simple and repetitive tasks. They should work in synergy with each other for optimum results

Highlights of best software testing course online ?

  • The software testing online fees is reasonable, and you can benefit from the EMI options.
  • The best online course for software testing teaches both manual testing and automation testing (tools like Selenium) with equal ease.
  • nbsp; At the best software testing course online, we believe in the holistic development of the students. The student will gain from both the technical and soft skills.
  • The best software testing course online is tailor-made as per the students’ requirements.
  • Both freshers and working professionals want to gain from software testing online courses. SLA Institute provides comprehensive placement assistance so that the candidates don’t find it that difficult to get jobs.
  • SLA Institute collaborates with 350 + MNCs so that the candidates can be benefited.