Capgemini Salary For Freshers

Capgemini Salary for Freshers

Capgemini is renowned as one of the successful strategic collaborators for global companies by enabling business transformation for more than 50 years. This France-based MNC, headquartered in Paris, offers services like business consulting, outsourcing, and Information Technology. Capgemini, regarded as a notable technology frontrunner plays a key role in diverse fields such as banking, healthcare, engineering, agriculture, defense, and many more. 

It addresses every business demand from designing to overseeing operations, by leveraging comprehensive industry knowledge and fields like Cloud, AI, and virtual networks. Overall, Capgemini left a footprint in more than 50 countries with 360,000+ employees currently working for.

Salary Scale: Capgemini Salary for Freshers 

Let’s get a glimpse of the current and up-to-date salary package of freshers as well as individuals with minimal experience in Capgemini, India.

Associate Software Engineer/Developer:

In general, beginner-level Associate Software Engineers earning 4.4 lakhs, Experienced or Senior-level Software Engineers making 5-11 Lakhs, Software Developers making 8 LPA, and Java Developers receiving 7.5 LPA.

Network Engineer

On average, Annual pay of Network Engineer with less than 1 year experience may range up to 3.2 Lakhs. After 2 years of experience, Network Engineers may have a potential to earn somewhere around 3.5 to 7 Lakhs. 

SAP Security and IT Support

In the domain of SAP consulting, capgemini salary for freshers is 8 LPA, Technical Support Engineer making 4 LPA, and System Administrator making 3.8 LPA.

Dot Net Developer

Capgemini Starting Salary of Dot Net Developer ranges from 2.5 LPA to 9 LPA. To acquire holistic knowledge on Dot Net and create a fruitful IT career, enroll in our Dot Net Course in Chennai to stand out of the crowd. 

Manual/Software Testing

Typical salary of Manual Testing ranges somewhere around 3.0 LPA to 9 LPA. Whereas, freshers of Software Testing with little to no experience also earn around 2.5 LPA at Capgemini. 

Business Analyst

The usual pay of Business Analysts who are new to this field earn somewhere between 3 Lakhs Per Annum to 18 Lakhs Per Annum. 

Financial Analyst

On average, Financial Analyst of Capgemini fresher receives around 2.5 LPA, and Experienced earns from 4 LPA to 11 LPA.

Python Developer

Average remuneration for Python Developers who are freshers makes somewhere around 3 LPA to 9 LPA at Capgemini. Individuals who are willing to kickstart your career in the field of Python, your search ends here. Python Course in Chennai will aid you in building your programming skill sets.

Java Full-Stack Developer

A Java Full-Stack Developer with minimal or no experience makes somewhere around 3.5 LPA. With more than 2 years of experience, Full-Stack Developers earn anywhere between 4 LPA to 11 LPA. Programming enthusiasts who are aiming to accomplish a successful career in Java, can pursue our Java Training in Chennai at Softlogic.

Other Career Roles: Capgemini Remuneration Package For Senior-level Positions.

Career Positions such as Consultant make 3 LPA to 13 LPA, Senior Software Engineer 5 LPA to 15.5 LPA, Senior Consultant 5 to 17 LPA, Project Manager 11 to 20 LPA, Test Engineer 2.5 to 9LPA, and Manager make 11-19 LPA. 

Capgemini Salary for Freshers: Prime Urban Cities in India 

Check out the cities outlined below to learn the current and revised salaries of Capgemini Salary for Freshers.

Capgemini Salary in Mumbai, India

Mumbai, being a city of Information and Marketing hub, offers higher salary packages for freshers in Information Technology Consulting & Services. And, it is estimated that Capgemini Salary Package for Freshers ranges around 2.8 LPA to 4.2 LPA which is more than 50% of average freshers salary.

Capgemini Salary in Hyderabad, India

Capgemini Starting Salary in Hyderabad/Secunderabad may range up to 7 to 12 Lakhs based on experience between 1-6 years.

Capgemini In Hand Salary for Freshers in Bangalore, India

Undeniably, Bangalore is India’s largest IT hub and it is estimated that more than 30% of Capgemini employees belong to Banglore. Capgemini Bangalore Salary for Freshers ranges between 4 to 6 LPA.

Capgemini Fresher Salary in Pune, India

Aside from Bangalore and Mumbai, Pune is regarded as another smart city where freshers have an opportunity to earn up to 6 to 9 LPA.

Capgemini Payscale in Delhi, India

Capgemini Salary Package For Freshers in City like Delhi can earn you somewhere around 4 LPA to 6 LPA for any department, even if you are a fresher.

Capgemini Salary Package For Freshers in Chennai, India

Undoubtedly, Chennai is considered as a Digital City to work in if you want a secure career and great lifestyle. Career roles like Data Entry in Capgemini may range around 13 Lakhs Per Annum. 


As we all know, Capgemini is renowned for its pay scale for its freshers and salary package differs for each role and domain. In addition to attractive annual salary package, this MNC also offers considerable advantages and perks like for freshers working over there. Individuals who are intending to start your career in Capgemini organization are recommended to get a view of Capgemini salary package and diverse career opportunities it provides for employees. Aside of handsome pay scale, it also offers extensive incentive scales making it great place to begin a career for freshers.

To effortlessly build your technical skills and begin your IT Career, enroll in our in-demand courses at Softlogic now. 

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