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Top 20 Appium Interview Questions And Answers

Published On: May 24, 2024

Appium Interview Questions And Answers

For Appium engineers, various opportunities are available worldwide from diverse well-known firms. This is a list of the most important Appium interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced applicants hoping to land a job at those prestigious companies.

Appium Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

1. What is Appium?

Appium, released in 2012, is an open-source solution needed for automating native and hybrid applications for the Android and iOS platforms for the mobile web. 

Appium is regarded as a cross-platform tool that enables you to create tests for several platforms, including iOS and Android

They use the same API for this. You will be able to reuse codes between Android and iOS test sites due to this facility. Native apps are those that are created for iOS and Android, utilizing the respective SDKs. 

2. What are mobile web apps?

Mobile browsers can be used to access mobile web pages, also known as web apps. Appium supports Safari on the iOS platform, whereas Chrome or any other built-in browser is used on the Android platform.

3. What are hybrid apps?

Apps that have a web view wrapper installed are referred to as hybrid apps. This native control will make interacting with the online content easier.

4. What are the test frameworks that Appium supports?

Appium does not provide test frameworks because it is not necessary to do so. Appium is compatible with all test frameworks. NUnit and the.net unit test are two examples. 

One of the drivers is used while writing an Appium test, allowing the tests to communicate with Appium in the event of an external dependency.

5. Describe the Appium inspector.

An inspector in Appium is used for both recording and playing back, much like in a Selenium IDE playback and record tool. This allows for the inspection of the DOM and allows you to record and play native application behavior. 

It assists in creating test scripts in the user’s chosen language. UI Automator viewer is used as an option, although Appium Inspector does not support Windows well.

6. What distinguishes Appium from Selenium?

We can test native, mobile, and hybrid web apps on mobile devices by using Appium for UI automation. Conversely, Selenium is an open-source program that enables browser-based web application automation. 

7. What is Espresso?

Espresso is a framework for Android test automation that helps developers create test cases for UI automation. It is a framework that makes use of JUnit4 annotations and is appropriate for black-box testing. Kotlin and Java are used in the writing of the tests in Espresso. Espresso with Android View Tag is used by Appium.

8. What is Selendroid?

Using the Selenium WebDriver client API, Selendroid is a mobile test automation platform for Android applications. Selendroid monitors and disables the present user interface (UI) state of native, hybrid, and mobile web apps for Android using an inspector.

9. What is data exchange?

The term “data exchange” describes the information stored in different parts of your webview-based application that is housed by complex objects, like the window object.

10. List The Appium-Compatible Selenium Commands.

With the Appium tool, several Selenium commands are compatible.

  • Use ID or class names to find commands.
  • Raise events on elements, e.g. Click.().
  • Text commands like type().
  • Get/Set elemental characteristics.
  • Commands for using JavaScript.
  • As with Selenium Webdriver, you may swap the context between various web views by switching <iFrames>.
  • Commands for controlling alert boxes 

11. In the event of a mobile application, where may the DOM element or X path be located?

In the case of an Android application, “UIAutomateviewer” can be used to determine the path between DOM elements or X path elements.

12. Which error types are there in Appium that you can encounter?

Error type 1: These errors happen when desired capabilities are required but not supplied. This error type is thought to include missing the platform or device name.

Error type 2: These errors arise when ADB cannot be located. By configuring the Android Home environment variable with the path to the Android SDK root directory, this kind of issue can be prevented.

Error type 3: This belongs to the penqa. selenium.Session Not Created Exception. You are unable to start a new session due to this.

13. Do Appium tests require a server computer to be run?

A server computer is not required to conduct tests on Appium. Appium facilitates the 2-tier architecture. The test machine is connected to an Appium-powered test server in this two-tier architecture, which also automates the entire process. You can run Appium on the same computer that you use to conduct the tests.  

Appium Interview Questions And Answers for Experienced Professionals

14. How much time does Appium test writing take?

It depends. Your test will require as many instructions as the number of interactions required to complete the scenario if it is only running the scenario (very few lines). Your test will undoubtedly take longer to complete and become harder to interpret if you are attempting to communicate data.

15. Which programming language is used to create tests in Appium?

Since Appium is nothing more than an HTTP server, its tests can be written in any language. For the test to create HTTP sessions, it is also crucial that it interface with Appium and make use of HTTP libraries.

To construct the appropriate commands in Appium, you must be familiar with the Selenium protocol. These development frameworks are in high demand. Ruby, Python, JavaScript, C#, Java, and Net. 

16. Describe the Appium architecture.

  • Implemented in the node.js programming language, Appium is an HTTP server. 
  • On the device, it starts a server and watches for commands from the central Appium server that are proxied. 
  • The tester writes the test scripts, which are then executed on the emulator or device. 
  • Appium is a platform that builds and maintains multiple web driver sessions for iOS and Android.
  • Test scripts created by the tester are transmitted as requests to the Appium server, where they are subsequently run on the emulator or device. 
  • Every vendor has their own method and approach to running these test cases on the device. 
  • Thus, the test case executes after orders are received by the Appium server. 
  • Appium employs the JSON (Javascript Object Notation) wire protocol to send command requests to the Appium server. 
  • JSON was used by Appium to transfer data between the client and server.

17. What is the process for testing updates for a developed app?

  • Regression testing is typically performed on a related module, with the developer’s bug fixes being the primary focus. 
  • This is a result of our inability to finish regression testing in a short amount of time. 
  • Thus, we only run sanity checks on high-priority devices while running the remainder of the application. 
  • The newest operating system versions are installed on devices classified as high priority.

18. Is Appium Debugging Hard?

No. Since Appium is a Node.js application, Javascript is basically what it is. Because the code is short and not overly complicated, it can be downloaded in a matter of seconds from GitHub. 

In-depth troubleshooting may likely be required, depending on what you need to debug. Setting a breakpoint is always worthwhile in certain situations, though; the proxy component is one such instance. 

You can set a breakpoint in the method doProxy(req, res) in appium/lib/server/proxy.js, which will be triggered each time commands are passed to platform-specific components for conversion into automation commands.

19. What Perils Are Involved With Automated Testing?

Automation testing carries the following risks:

  • Programming expertise is required for the resources used in automation testing. Prioritize your resources first, and then determine if they possess the necessary expertise for automated testing. 
  • Automation comes with a hefty initial cost. For the initial setup, the cost of automation is too high. It covers the cost of training, maintaining the test scripts, and purchasing automated instruments. 
  • When it comes to automated product testing, the client base is not very satisfied. It must be made sure that the expense justifies the test findings. 
  • Consider not automating if the user interface is not fixed. It is important to ascertain whether the user interface is changing frequently and whether or not maintaining automated scripts will be expensive before automating the UI.
  • Give up automating tests that only run once. Verify whether any test cases that aren’t part of the regression testing might only run once. Don’t automate these test modules.

20. What are the fundamental prerequisites for creating Appium tests?

To write Appium tests, you need:

Driver Client: Appium manages mobile apps like those of a human. Your Appium tests are written using a client library, which encapsulates your test steps and transmits them via HTTP to the Appium server.

Appium Session: Since the Appium test is conducted within a session, you must first initialize it. The automation can be terminated after a single session.

Desired Capabilities: You must specify a number of factors, such as platform name, platform version, device name, and so forth, to start an Appium session. It outlines the specific automation that is needed from the Appium server. 

Driver Commands: A vast and expressive command language is available for you to use when writing your test steps.


Our collection of the top Appium interview questions and answers is intended to help you ace your career interviews. Enroll in our Appium training in Chennai to hone your software testing skills.

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