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SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai

Softlogic Systems is a leading provider of SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai. Excellent syllabus with 100% Placements supports and Microsoft certifications. Softlogic is Rated as No 1: SQL DBA Training Institute in Chennai provides Real-time and Practical Training exclusively on SQL Server technologies.

SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai

SQL Server Training in Chennai

In every field of work there are certain things that can never go out of date. In the world of computation, that is Structured Query Language or SQL. These days, most organizations use SQL servers for dealing with the data that comes their way and for effective safekeeping of the same.  Softlogic realizes the potential of SQL servers in setting the career of students on the right part. That is why its SQL server training program aims at equipping students with how to store data in (and subsequently retrieve the data from SQL database). As this is one of the most widely used data storage mechanism, knowing T- SQL increases the job opportunities for a candidate. This is particularly true in the case of candidates from the city of Chennai as the job opportunities here are greater than that in other places.

In such a situation, the best place that you must head to is Softlogic Systems as that is what the best SQL Server Training Institute in Chennai is. Here, special care is taken to ensure that a decent student teacher ratio is maintained so that each student is given individual attention. That way, the candidates are able to clear all their doubts immediately and gasp the concepts in an efficient manner. It is the decades of experience that the SQL trainers in Softlogics have to their credit that makes the course the best SQL Server training in Chennai.

Career Opportunities in SQL Server DBA

DBA opportunities are a constant reality in every IT industry, as Data is the primary resource of any organization, managing and maintaining the same is a continuous requirement.  Training programs on SQL Server DBA by Sathya Technologies help students grab the multitude of DBA opening for junior and senior position on regular basis. Our well experienced trainer and well planned course materials ensures for 100% success in interviews.

Who can learn.?

The best thing about learning SQL Server management is the fact that you do not really have to be tech savvy to be able to do justice to it. Neither do you need a background of mathematics or a degree in engineering sciences. Students, professionals and people who were forced to discontinue with their academics on account of circumstances are all eligible to take up the course. Graduates from any discipline are most welcome to pursue the same. In fact, even if you are a student who is pursuing his or her graduation, taking up SQL server training in Chennai will be a worthy investment for you as there are immense job opportunities for certified professionals here.

Pre-Requisite for learning the course

Experience in any object-oriented programming language with fundamental knowledge of networking is required. Hands-on experience on LINUX operating system is advantageous. Scripting languages like JavaScript will add value as it improves the overall learning experience.

What we do for aspiring People to become as SQL DBA.?

  • The importance of Laying a Strong Foundation
  • Why Gaining Experience is the Key to getting started
  • Books for the Aspiring DBA
  • Writing a Winning CV
  • How to Get Organised to Get Ahead

Why learn about SQL servers?

SQL is a family and things like SQL Servers fall under its umbrella. Each of these has its set of respective queries. The SQL server training in Chennai  that is conducted by Softlogic Systems has its course content designed in such a way  that students will be in a position to navigate their way through the otherwise confusing web of datasets with relative ease. This allows them to efficiently manage the servers of the organization that they are going to work for (or in some cases, it even allows them to create their own servers). This type of technical capability on the part of the candidate puts them in a situation wherein they can negotiate their way to a higher pay in the course of a job interview. Thus, by learning about SQL servers and taking up this certification you will be paving the way for a successful career for yourself.

Rising ahead

There is no dearth of employment opportunities for people who have successfully completed this particular course. Softlogic Systems has dedicated people who are responsible for ensuring that students who successfully complete the SQL server management certification program land themselves with jobs in the industry. This level of efforts put in by the authorities and the dedication of the trainers is what sets the SQL server training program here as the best in Chennai.

MSSQL DBA Training Course Fee and Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for MS SQL Server DBA Training. Please contact our team for current MS SQL Server DBA Training fee and duration.  

SQL DBA Training Training Training Course Syllabus

SQL Overview
  • Outlining SQL as the cornerstone of database activity
  • Applying the ANSI/ISO standards
  • Describing the fundamental building blocks: tables, columns, primary keys and foreign keys

Building the Database Schema

  • Creating tables and columns
  • Building tables with CREATE TABLE
  • Modifying table structure with ALTER TABLE
  • Adding columns to an existing table
  • Removing tables with DROP TABLE
Protecting data integrity with constraints
  • Guaranteeing uniqueness with primary key constraints
  • Enforcing integrity with foreign key constraints
  • Imposing business rules with check constraints
  • Enabling and disabling constraints
  • Removing constraints with ALTER TABLE
Improving performance with indexes
  • Expediting data retrieval with indexes
  • Recommending guidelines for index creation
Manipulating Data
  • Modifying table contents
  • Adding table rows with INSERT
  • Changing row content with UPDATE
  • Removing rows with DELETE
Applying transactions
  • Atomic Consistent Isolated Durable (ACID) rules
  • Controlling transactions with COMMIT and ROLLBACK
Writing Single Table Queries
  • Retrieving data with SELECT
  • Restricting rows with the WHERE filter
  • Sorting the result with ORDER BY
  • Handling NULL values in expressions
  • Avoiding NULL value pitfalls in filter conditions
Querying Multiple Tables
  • Applying the ANSI/ISO standard join syntax
  • Matching related rows with INNER JOIN
  • Including nonmatched rows with OUTER JOIN
  • Creating a Cartesian product with CROSS JOIN
Combining results with set operators
  • Stacking results with UNION
  • Identifying matching rows with INTERSECT
  • Utilizing EXCEPT to find nonmatching rows
Employing Functions in Data Retrieval
  • Processing data with row functions
  • Conditional formatting with the CASE expression
  • Utilizing the CASE expression to simulate IF tests
  • Dealing with NULL values
Performing analysis with aggregate functions
  • Summarizing data using SUM, AVG and COUNT
  • Finding the highest/lowest values with MAX and MIN
  • Defining the summary level with GROUP BY
  • Applying filter conditions with HAVING
Constructing Nested Queries
  • Applying subqueries in filter conditions
  • Correlated vs. noncorrelated subqueries
  • Testing the existence of rows
Including subqueries in expressions
  • Placing subqueries in the column list
  • Creating complex expressions containing subqueries
  • Handling subqueries that return no rows
Developing In-Line and Stored Views
  • Breaking down complex problems
  • Selecting data from a query result set
  • Subqueries in the FROM clause
  • Creating views in a database
  • Building reusable code
  • Updateable vs. non-updateable views

Oracle DBA Training Reviews

Softlogic Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.