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Salesforce Training in Chennai

Softlogic offering Salesforce Training with most experienced professionals and you will train on Salesforce platform, dashboard, Salesforce database and integration. Get the best Salesforce Course for Salesforce automation, project management and sales report creation.

Salesforce Training Institute in Chennai

Salesforce Training in Chennai

Salesforce Course Introduction

In order to run any business efficiently, management is of prime importance. In the past businesses were more localized and it was possible for organizations to keep a track of the same through pen and paper method. However, it is no longer so and it is seen that companies with a digital customer relationship management (CRM) product make better money. Softlogic Systems have been in the world of Cloud Computing training for quite some time to know that Salesforce is what the next big thing in this field is. That is why they have designed the Salesforce training in Chennai in such a way that the students are given nothing less than the very best.

Why is Salesforce training is important.?

The Salesforce training course in Chennai has its study plan designed in such a way that that the various services of Salesforce (including that of Lightning Platform,, and are covered in the duration of the course. The faculty who train these students have years of industry exposure and the reflection of the same is clearly noticed in their teaching. This is the biggest selling point of Softlogic Systems as this is what establishes them as the best Salesforce training center in Chennai.

Who is eligible to attend Salesforce training.?

Candidates with a graduate degree may pursue this course in order to aid them in their search for better employment opportunities. These days there are a number of MNCs that prefer hiring candidates who are well acquainted with Salesforce. In such a situation completing the Salesforce training course from Softlogic Systems will give you an upper edge over your peers in the industry.

Reasons to choose Softlogic for your salesforce training

  • The concepts of Salesforce are pretty easy to listen to and the challenge here lies in its implementation. In such a situation, the best way to learn this would be by opting for in hands training. That is why the Salesforce training at Softlogic Systems ensures that the students are not made to sit through a ‘hear and do’ session. Here as and when things are taught, the students are made to implement the same. This not just ensures better receptivity but also makes sure that the students are in a position to retain all that they have learnt. It is this carefully designed syllabus here that makes this one of the best Salesforce training Institute in Chennai.
  • What sets Salesforce apart from that of other CRM frameworks is its ability to integrate with other systems. Lightening is one feature of Salesforce that allows customers to build on the default framework with the CSS styling that is built in. Now to be able to make the most of this framework, one needs to know how to use the different Salesforce tools to their advantage. This is something that this course covers in details. The Salesforce training program by Softlogic Systems discusses how one can get responsive web interfaces by using the Salesforce Lightning App Builder for rapid application development. Thus, after successful completion of the course the students will be in a position to develop layouts of their own for specific applications that is unique to the organization that they work for.
  • For a person to make it big in the world of Salesforce, the key lies in Apex programming language. The Salesforce training in Chennai by Softlogic System makes sure that the students are brought to terms with the similarities of Apex with Java and C# so that the candidates who are proficient in these can make the most out of it. Everything from the dot notation and curly bracket syntax to the case sensitive nature and the object oriented type of this language is introduced to the students in the course of this training.

Prerequisites for this course

The systematic approach adopted in Softlogic System’s Salesforce training ensures that you can fare well here despite having no technical background as such. The minimum requirement here is an understanding of basic computation along with a fair understanding of English.

Placement Opportunities

Other than the technological aspects that have been discussed above, the other biggest plus point of the Salesforce Certification training in Chennai by Softlogic Systems is the fact that it develops the analytical skills of the students. There are a lot of students who do have sufficient knowledge in sales but are not really capable of understanding the trends in the field and as a result often end up making professional misjudgments. If such people take up this course, they develop the analytical aptitude and as a result end up faring much better in their careers as well and get better placements

Salesforce Training Course Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Salesforce Training. Please contact our team for current Salesforce Training fee and duration.  

Salesforce Training Institute in Chennai

Course Syllabus and Free Demo Class

Learn how to use Salesforce from beginner level to advanced techniques which is taught by experienced working professionals. With our Salesforce Training you’ll learn concepts in expert level with practical manner.

Course Syllabus   Free Demo Class

Salesforce Training from Softlogic will make you master to clear the Salesforce CRM Certification. Salesforce is began with the vision of reinventing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that have most openings in IT industry with the best take home pay.

Salesforce Training Training Reviews

Softlogic Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.