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HTML Training Institute in Chennai

By giving project oriented training all are saying we are the best HTML Training in Chennai. Yes, we are offering the HTML Training in the part of Web Designing and Development in International Standard. For more details please call me at +91 86818 - 84318

HTML Training Institute in Chennai

HTML Training in Chennai

Hyper Text Mark Markup Language or HTML as it is commonly called, is used to add colour and design to the web pages and make them appear viewable. With the number of web pages available in the internet increasing by the minute, there is a increasing demand for HTML developers at the global level. With India being in the middle of the digital revolution and a growing number of MNCs outsourcing their work to India, the need is all the way greater at the moment. In such a situation, taking up the HTML training in Chennai with Softlogic Systems will be the best career decision on your part.

The most crucial aspect of learning HTML is that it requires a lot of practice to master the same. In such a situation merely reading up the theory will not help. Students must be given ample projects to work on so that they get a wind of the real world challenges and come up with innovative solutions to the same. The HTML training Center in Chennai that is conducted by Softlogic Systems takes into accounts all of that and has its student projects designed in such a way that the learning curve gets the due acceleration that it deserves.

The perks of taking up HTML learning

  • The beauty of HTML lies in its simplicity. With the HTML course designed by Softlogic Systems you will be taught how to make visual HTML building tools using your codes in HTML. This eliminates the need for the use of complex visual HTML building tools like Muse and Hype and in turn simplifies the code that you write. This type of systematic approach to coding teaches you to think ‘out of the box’ and ensures that you will be in a position to find out solutions to the problems that your software does not support.
  • Irrespective of the domain or technology that you are associated with, it is inevitable that it will have a certain amount of website update that needs to be done. In such a situation, if you take up Softlogic System’s HTML training course in Chennai, you will find yourself in a position to make the necessary changes yourself. This will be a new feather to your cap and in today’s era of multi tasking it will save the organization from having to pay for a separate designer altogether.

Why choose Softlogic Systems?

  • The faculty at Softlogic has years of experience in this field and many of them have worked as HTML developers in a number of reputed organizations across the city and beyond. It is their vast experience in the subject that makes them capable of explaining the complex topics in a very simplified manner to the students. This not just ensures that the students grasp the concepts but also makes sure that the faculty is able to answer all the doubts that may arise in the minds of the students in the course of the doubt clearance sessions. This type of smart thinking on the part of Softlogic Systems is what makes this course one of the best HTML training centers in Chennai.
  • The other factor that establishes the course’s foothold as the best HTML course in Chennai is the fact that it allows the students to choose the frequency with which they would want to attend the live classroom training sessions. By gifting the students this type of flexibility, it can be ensured that students who are pursuing some other course, students looking for a fast track revision of the concepts that they had learnt and professionals who are pursing this course alongside their regular career are all catered to.

HTML Training Fee and Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for HTML Training. Please contact our team for current HTML Training fee and duration.  

HTML Training Course Content

HTML Overview
  • HTML Editing Tools
  • WYSISYG Authoring Tools
  • Document Structure
  • HTML Tags
  • Information browsers ignore
  • Tips on good HTML style
  • Specifying Color in HTML
Structural HTML Tags
  • The Summary of Structural Tags
  • Setting up an HTML document
  • The global settings with the “BODY” tag
  • Using META tag
Formatting Text
  • The summary of Text tags
  • Working with HTML text
  • The inline type styles
  • The FONT tag
  • The Lists
  • The layout techniques with HTML
Creating Links
  • The summary of tags related to linking
  • Simple Hypertext links
  • Linking within a document
  • Affecting the appearance of links
  • Targeting windows
  • The Image maps
  • Non-Web links and protocols
Adding images and other page elements
  • The summary of object placement tags
  • Horizontal rules
  • The Image basics
  • The IMG tag and its attributes
  • Adding Java Applets to the page
  • Adding Plug-in Media with EMBED
  • Adding Media files with OBJECT
  • The summary of Table tags
  • Introduction to tables
  • The Basic table structure
  • Affecting table appearance
  • Table troubleshooting
  • Tips and tricks
  • Standard table templates
  • Multipart images in tables
  • The summary of Frame tags
  • Introduction to frames
  • The basic frameset structure
  • The frame function and appearance
  • Targeting frames
  • The Inline (Floating) frames
  • Frame design tips and tricks
  • Summary of FORM tags
  • Introduction to Forms
  • The basic form (FORM)
  • The FORM elements
  • The New FORM attributes (HTML 4.0)
  • Affecting the appearance of forms
  • Unconventional use of FORM elements
  • Demystifying CGI
  • Retrieving the parameter value using getParameter () method
Server Side includes (SSI)
  • How SSI is used
  • The SSI and the server
  • Adding SSI commands to a document
  • Using environment variables
  • The XSSI
  • The List of elements
  • The Include variables
  • Time formats for SSI output

HTML Training Reviews

Softlogic Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.