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UiPath Training in Chennai

Softlogic Systems Provides  UiPath RPA training in chennai, the India’s Best UiPath training platform for RPA aspirants to become certified RPA UiPath professional and take the lead in your field. Robotic Process Automation Training in Chennai will make you an expert in UiPath RPA tool. We provides UiPath training in Chennai to freshers and Working professionals.

UiPath Training in Chennai


UiPath is a complete solution for application integration, and automating third-party applications, administrative IT tasks, and business IT processes. UiPath Studio is a complete software solution that enables you to automate your back office repetitive tasks. It converts tedious tasks into complete UI automation, thus, making your work easier and faster. UiPath Studio helps business users with no coding skills to design robotic processes in a visual and intuitive interface. Recorders mimic what users perform.

Course Objectives:

To impart complete practical oriented knowledge among our students regarding the Robotics UIPath tool is the main objective of our Open Source Technologies. In order to deliver the perfect practical oriented knowledge among the students, we have hired the best skilled Robotics Automation industry experts having years of working experience on the UIPath tool.

UIPath Training In Chennai from our Open Source Technologies will help the aspirants to attain knowledge regarding various aspects which mainly includes

  • Complete knowledge of all the in-depth concepts of UIPath and its varied applications.
  • Leverage skills in relation to data manipulation within the automation workflow.
  • Leverage skills regarding the UIPath automation working infrastructure.
  • Hands on experience in debugging issues.

Robotics UIPath Training In Chennai from our institute will be the perfect choice to help the aspirants leverage complete automation industry skills in working on the UI Path tool. So, get enrolled into our UIPath Course In Chennai and achieve the benefits of the automation professional field.

Also, Enroll Now For Open Source Technologies Free UIPath Demo.

UiPath certifications are developer certification with course content ie tutorial videos, Practice excersices, followed by tests for each chapter.

What are the UiPath certification available with the name?

There are main UiPath 4 certifications available

  1. Level 1 – Foundation Training
  2. Level 2 – Orchestrator 2016.2 Training
  3. Level 3 – Advanced Training
  4. RPA Developer – SAP Automation training

Why should I attend UiPath Training?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – UiPath course is designed for the professionals who wish to learn the usage of UiPath in their automation projects that helps professional in polishing their automation skillset and organization in making automation ready future.

  • Developers and Testers
  • Business Analysts
  • Operation Professional
  • BPO/Call Center professionals
  • Fresher graduates


There are no prerequisites required to learn UiPath. However, having basic knowledge of any programming language will be an added advantage.

UiPath Training Course Fee and Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for UiPath Training. Please contact our team for current UiPath Training course fee and duration.  

UiPath Training Course Syllabus

Session 1- Robotics Process Automation                                                           

  • Introduction of RPA
  • What and why RPA
  • Job Opportunities with RPA
  • The way of working with RPA
  • Type of jobs eligible for RPA automation
  • RPA tools
  • Industries adoption story
  • Business Case story

Session 2 –UiPath Building blocks                                                                                               

  • Introduction
  • Installation and activation
  • Interfaces
  • Different types of workflows
  • Creating-a-basic-workflow
  • Debugging
  • Managing packages
  • Reusing Library
  • Installing-the-extension-for-UiPath-studio
  • Source control
  • Activities guide
  • Workflow, Control Flow, Sequences
  • Sequences
  • Flowcharts
  • State Machines
  • Control Flows
  • The-assign-activity
  • The-delay-activity
  • The-do-while-activity
  • The-if-activity
  • The-switch-activity
  • The-while-activity
  • The-for-each-activity
  • The-break-activity
  • Managing-variables
  • Naming-best-practices
  • The-variables-panel
  • Generic-value-variables
  • Text-variables
  • True-or-false-variables
  • Number-variables
  • Array-variables
  • Date-and-time-variables
  • Data-table-variables
  • Managing-arguments
  • Using-arguments

Session 3- Excel and Data Tables                                                                             

  • Data Manipulations
  • Excel Automation
  • Data tables

Session 4- Recording                                                                                                

  • Recording Introduction
  • Recording Types
  • Automatic Recording
  • Manual Recording

Session 5- Scraping                                                                                                   

  • UI Elements
  • Output-or-screen-scraping-methods
  • Examples-of-using-output-or-screen-scraping-methods
  • About-web-scraping
  • Example-of-using-web-scraping
  • About-data-scraping
  • Example-of-using-data-scraping

Session 6- Image and Text Automation                                                                  

  • About-image-and-text-automation
  • Mouse-and-keyboard-activities
  • Guides/text-activities
  • Guides/ocr-activities
  • Image-activities
  • Mouse-and-keyboard-automation
  • Text-automation
  • OCR-and-image-automation

Session 9- Exception and Debugging

  • Exception Handling
  • Logging
  • Debugging
  • Tracing

Session 7- Mail and PDF 

  • PDF-data-extraction
  • Email-automation

Session 8- Project Organization

  • Project organization

Session 10- Custom Component and Code Stage                                                 

  • Custom Component Development
  • Component Deployment
  • Accessing Robots using WCF Web Services

Session 11- Database                                                                                                

  • Connecting with Database
  • Executing Query with Database

Session 12- Citrix – Virtual Environment Automation                                          

  • Citrix Automation
  • Advance Citrix Automation

Session 13-UiPath Orchestrator, Front + Back Office Robots

  • Orchestrator Overview
  • Orchestrator Hosting
  • Robots Hosting
  • Processing Hosting
  • Process Monitoring

UiPath Training Reviews

Softlogic Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.