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Javascript Training in Chennai

A perfect solution for your JavaScript Training in Chennai is at Softlogic Systems, By providing the Best Training for JavaScript in Chennai with live examples we are professional web designers and developers having more than 9 plus years of industry experience in hands.

Javascript Training Institute in Chennai

The importance of designing web pages in today’s world cannot be undermined.  Indeed every website that you run into will have a team of dedicated developer whose job it is to ensure that things look exactly the way they should. With an increasing number of websites coming into the picture, the need for such professionals is increasing by the minute. In such a case, taking up the Javascript training in Chennai that is organized by Softlogic Systems is the smart thing to do.

The major perks of this course is the fact that this not only teaches you how to code in the said language but it also teaches you how to make your codes interact with CSS and HTML. That way the learning experience becomes a more wholesome one and students are in a better position to land themselves with jobs. The Javascript learning course starts with students being taught how to write a transpiled language and then interface the same with jQuery. That way it is ensured that the learning curve is smooth and the students do not face any difficulty in moving on to the more complex topics. This form of effective planning and time management on the part of the trainers is what makes the course the best Javascript training Institute in Chennai.

The first and foremost reason why you should take up learning Javascript is because this is something that is inbuilt in all browsers. This means that, as a developer, you do not really have to worry about setting up favorable environments and code editors. You are also saved from the hassle of having to download multiple compilers and then trying to figure out how to use them. The trainers at Softlogic System’s Javascript learning program make sure that you use this knowledge to your advantage.

In today’s world of technology, things are moving at a very fast pace. In such a situation, the fact that Javascript can work with multiple platforms is one of the main reasons why you should use the same.  Coders have found its use in powering smart TVs, creating music, coming up with cross platform desktop apps and even performance native apps. The fact that this is compatible to work on server with nodes and works with almost all Internet of Things devices ensures that this can well be the technology that drives the future. By taking up the Javascript learning program at Softlogic Systems, you are equipped with the technical knowledge that is needed here. Beyond that it is up to you to use the same to your advantage and create a career for yourself in the world of technology.

One of the most interesting aspects of Javascript that has come to light only in the recent years is that of game development. If you like gaming and are well versed in Javascript, you can come up with your own HTML5 and Javascript games. The games may range from simple ones like shooting asteroids in the background game to that of advanced ones like 2048. The Javascript training course in Chennai provides you with the technical knowhow to be able to do this. Beyond that, it is your interest and passions that will make you stand out in a crowd of developers.

Javascript is something that can be mastered only with due practice. At Softlogic Systems, the same is recognized and that is why most of the teaching happens in front of the computer. That way, the students are able to apply all that they know in a practical environment and that seeing their efforts come out live, they feel all the way more motivated to learn more. It is things like this that makes this course the best Javascript training center in Chennai.

Javascript Training Fee and Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Javascript Training. Please contact our team for current Javascript Training fee and duration.  

Overview of Java Script

  •  Where does Java Script Fit in?
  •  Comparing Products
  •  Comparing Java Script to Java
  •  The Purpose of Java Script
  •  Prerequisites

Building a Java Script Program

  •  Using Java Script in an HTML Document
  •  Hiding Java Script from old Web Browsers

Reviewing HTML

  •  Text Formatting & Layout
  •  Hypertext Links & Anchors
  •  Tables
  •  Forms
  •  Frames

Basic Syntax Used in Java Script Commands

  •  Basic Commands


  •  Overview of Variables
  •  Assigning Values to Variables
  •  Concatenating String Variables


  •  Creating & Calling Function
  •  Sending Parameters to a Function
  •  Receiving Parameters out of a function
  •  Variable scope & Lifetime
  •  Functions Called by Events

Flow Control Structures

  •  If Structure
  •  If Else Structure
  •  For Loop
  •  While Loop
  •  For/in Structure


  •  Unary Operators
  •  Numeric Operators
  •  Logical Operators

String Processing

  •  Length
  •  Converting to all Upper or Lower Case
  •  Index of
  •  Last Index of
  •  Char At
  •  Substr.


  •  Standard Java Script Functions
  •  Creating an Object
  •  Adding Functions to an Object
  •  Multiple Instances of an Object type

History Object

  •  Accessing the History Object
  •  Creating Buttons
  •  History.Go Method

Date Object

  •  Creating a Date Object
  •  Setting the Date & Time by a Single String
  •  Separating Variables with Commas
  •  Displaying the Date & Time
  •  Time Zones
  •  Extracting the Date
  •  Extracting the Hrs
  •  Set Date Method
  •  Set Time
  •  Non-Data Object Functions

Using Objects like Arrays

  •  Creating an Array
  •  For Loop


  •  Time Status
  •  Buttons

Location Objects

  •  Loading a Web Page from the Clients Hard Drive
  •  Receiving a Document off the Web Server
  •  Anchors & Hypertext Links
  •  Tracking the on Click Event

Form Objects

  •  Button Objects
  •  Text Objects
  •  Text Area Objects
  •  Hidden Objects
  •  Check Box Objects
  •  Radio Button Objects
  •  Selecting Objects
  •  On Change Events

HTTP Cookies

  •  The Cookie Property
  •  Setting the Cookie Property
  •  GetCookie()
  •  SetCookie()
  •  DeleteCookie()
  •  Scope
  •  Lifetime

Calendar Application

  •  Static Calendar
  •  Dynamic Calendar
  •  Functions for Up-Dating the Calendar
  •  Assigning Values to the Dates of the Month

Math Object

  •  Constants
  •  Circumference Calculator Application
  •  Functions


  •  Referencing Objects in Other Frame
  •  Event Calendar

Shopping Cart Application

  •  Order Entry on the Web
  •  Looking at the Parent Object
  •  Creating an Array of Objects
  •  Ordernow Function
  •  Order Form

Form Validation

  •  Trapping Empty Fields
  •  Finding Invalid Values
  •  Intercepting the Submit Button

Using Java Applets

  •  Integrating Java Applets with HTML

Javascript Training Reviews

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