What is .NET Framework?


.Net is a framework that includes everything required for developing software for websites & web services. It integrates Presentation technologies,

Component technologies, Data technologies on a single platform.

  • It is a platform for application developers.
  • It is a Framework that supports Multiple Language and Cross language integration.
  • It has IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
  • Framework is a set of utilities or building blocks of your application system.
  • .NET Framework provides GUI.
  • .NET is platform independent but functions with the help of Mono Compilation System (MCS) which is a middle level interface.
  • .NET Framework provides interoperability between languages i.e. Common Type System (CTS).
  • .NET Framework also includes the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR), which is responsible for maintaining the execution of all applications developed using the .NET library.
  • The .NET Framework consists primarily of a gigantic library of code.

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