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Visual Basic .Net is a dynamic object-oriented programming language that was developed by Microsoft. It’s true that VB.Net’s popularity was low for some years but it again resurged in 2018. It is still used by several developers because of its simple learning curve. Want to learn this simple yet powerful language? Enroll now in Softlogic which offers VB .Net Certification Training in Chennai.

Overview of VB.Net Courses

VB.Net is built on top of the .Net framework as per the .NET technologies developed by Microsoft Corporation. As per Microsoft, VB.Net was reengineered, in contrary to being released as VB 6.0, with extra features. This is for the purpose of facilitating basic changes to the language. VB .Net is the first entirely object-oriented programming version of the powerful Visual Basic. It supports OOPs concepts including inheritance, abstraction, aggregation and polymorphism.

VB.Net gained influence from BASIC and Visual programming languages. Their features were regarded as a base to build VB.Net. supports total object-oriented concepts. A standard library, generics, events and properties, indexers, assembly features, multithreading, automated garbage collection etc, are the powerful features associated with VB. Net.

You can develop several applications on top of .Net framework using VB.Net programming. These include web services, web applications, windows applications etc. can be utilized with any of the programming languages including C, C++, COBOL, C# or JScript etc. The programming code of VB.Net can be formed by applying any of the Integrated Development Environments including Visual Web Developer, Visual Basic Express, Visual Studio etc. The compilation and execution related to the VB .Net programs can be performed easily in any of the above-mentioned IDEs.

Significance of VB.Net Training

VB.Net is pretty easy to understand and is highly popular among newbies. But the fact that it is simple to learn doesn’t imply that it is not powerful. VB.Net is one of the most dynamic languages; it is a high-level language with a simple-to-understand syntax. It has readability like English. VB.Net is one of the two prominent languages besides C# that deals with the .Net framework,

  • VB.Net is completely object-oriented. This is a great addition that VB6 and other previous ly released didn’t consist of.
  • VB.Net handles pointers in an indirect manner. This offers less chances of instability in the produced application. Produced applications have the capability of being more secure and stable.
  • VB.Net offers controlled code execution that initiates under the Common Language Runtime, thereby leading to powerful, stable and secure applications. Every feature of the .Net framework is present in VB.Net.
  • VB.Net utilizes XML to transfer data between the several layers in the DNA architecture. This means that data is passed by means of simple text strings.
  • The CLR handles garbage collection. This gives comfort to the developer in finding ways to manage memory.

Demand of VB.Net

Any VB.Net application can be maintained in a simple manner with Visual Studio and there is no requirement to rewrite them. Some compare the popularity of VB.Net with C#. That said it is also a language that belongs to the .Net framework, similar to VB. Moreover, being an open-source and computer programming language, VB.Net comprises new and enhanced features including interfaces and overloading.

Prerequisites for VB.Net Certification Training in Chennai

Do you wish to enter  a career in VB .Net? Then the VB.Net certification training in Chennai has certain prerequisites. You should possess some basic knowledge of object-oriented programming language or any previous work experience in C++, Java or C# which are object-oriented languages. Sound analytical and logical skills will also be beneficial in learning this course.

Who can Attend VB. Net Training from the Top VB.Net Training Center in Chennai?

The VB.Net course is an in-depth course for the aspiring candidates to learn the course contents with good proficiency together with some hands-on training. The following candidates can benefit from this course:

  • VB.Net Developer
  • VB Developer
  • IT Support Engineer
  • Any Computer Science Bachelors or Masters students in engineering graduation or post-graduation can take up this VB .NET course

VB .NET Training Course Fee and Duration

The course fee for VB.Net training in Chennai from Softlogic is moderate. The student has the flexibility to pay it in two installments. The student can also contact the educational counselors of Softlogic in case they have any queries regarding time, place and duration. The educational counselors are highly supportive and would be glad to help you.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for VB .NET Training. Please contact our team for current VB .NET Training course fee and duration.

Career Benefits of VB. Net Course from the Best VB.Net Training Center in Chennai

There are various career advantages in taking up the VB.Net Course in Chennai. The VB.Net Classes in Chennai from Softlogic is an amazing refresher for an experienced VB developer or VB.Net developer.

The candidate will get in-depth knowledge of VB.Net on the completion of the course There will be a strong foundation to the technical concepts which the candidate can apply in the live scenario.

Is Visual Basic .Net an Improvement to .Net?

Every .Net components are indeed revolutionary and provides programmers efficient and flexible means to write computer software. Visual Basic .Net is a major part of the ground-breaking process. Several programmers will find VB.Net useful since it is a huge leap forward.

Advantages of Learning VB .Net from the Best VB.Net Training Institute in Chennai

Softlogic is clearly cognizant of the fact that all companies do not look for only academic grades at the time of placement. They require a certification course from a reputed training center as Softlogic. Hence having a certificate from Softlogic will make you stand apart.

Softlogic has association with several IT companies. We make sure that all our students attend interviews till they get a job. We give importance to practical sessions rather than boring the candidates with theory alone. The trainers make sure that the students get the exposure that meets the current IT requirements.

VB.Net Course Content

VB.Net is a simple yet powerful language. The experts at Softlogic have prepared the syllabus with great diligence and they see to it that all the topics in VB.Net are covered. The trainers have thorough understanding of what they are teaching in the syllabus and make sure that whatever they teach makes sense to the students. The syllabus is updated constantly so that they are not only fresh but also the best. The main aim of Softlogic is that the syllabus is meets the current industry standards. This will help the candidates  to attend the interview with confidence.

Microsoft .NET Overview

• Why .Net
• Introduction to .Net framework
• Basic functionality of CLR
• CTS & CLSÿ .Net languages
• System Requirements

Introduction to VB.NET

• Features of VB.NET
• Writing programmes in VB.NET
• Compiling and Executing from
• Command prompt
• Intro to Assemblies and Namespace
• Base class libraries
• Data types
• Option statements
• Boxing and Unboxing
• Array
• Sub programmes

Introduction to Visual Studio.NET

• VS 6.0 VS VS.NET
• File structure created for VS.NET APP
• Types of projects
• Creating Demo Console App

Object Oriented Programming

• Principles of OOP
• Structure VS Class
• Access Specifiers
• Properties
• Method Overloading
• Constructors
• Shared Modifier
• Inheritance
• Overloading and Overriding
• My base Keyboard
• Shadowing
• Abstract class
• Sealed class
• Interface
• Polymorphism
• Early Binding and Late Binding
• Destructor & Garbage Collector

GUI application development

• Introduction to system WINDOWS, Form, DLL
• Basic controls rich and Event driven programming
• Advanced controls Rich text box, Dialog
• Boxes, Toolbar…
• Working with context menu
• Main menu and MDI form
• Visual Inheritance


• Introduction to COM Architecture
• Disadvantages of COM
• Introduction to Assembly
• Private Assembly vs. Shared Assembly
• Creating private Assembly
• Probing and Preparing Configuration file
• Strong name utility
• Creating shared Assembly
• CLR Architecture
• Native Generator utilityÿ Assembly Versioning
• Compatibility of Assembly
• Configuring file for sharing Assembly

Data access with ADO.NET

• Introduction to Data Access Libraries DAO
• RDO and ADO
• Draw Back of ADO
• ADO.NET managed Data providers
• Introduction to system.Data.Oledb
• Data Reader
• Introduction to system.Data.SQLclient
• Preparing Statement
• Transaction handling
• Introduction to system.Data.Oracleclient
• Dataset and Data adapter
• Data Binding
• Data grid Programming
• Data View
• Data Relation


• Introduction to Delegate concept
• Event Handling Arch with Delegate
• Handles, Add Handler and Remove Handler

Multi Threading

• Thread Class
• Sleep, Suspend and Resuming Thread
• Asynchronous Connection
• Synchronization of Threads

Distributed APP Development

• Introduction to monolithic, 2 Tier and 3 Tier Arch
• Introduction to DCOM
• Disadvantages Of DCOM
• Introduction to remoting
• TCP and HTTP Channels
• Serialization and Deserialisation with Binary Formatter and SOAP Formatter
• Activation Modes Server Activated and client Activated
• Server Activated (Single call and single ton)
• Remoting Architecture
• System. Runtime. Remoting. DLL
• Apps for server Activated and client Activated

Windows control library

• Creating custom control extending existing control
• Creating custom control grouping existing controls

Interoperatibility with COM

• Creating custom control extending
• Creating Achiex DLL using VB 6.0
• Managed code and Unmanaged code
• Using Achiex DLL in VB.NET APP
• TLBIMP Utility
• Using .NET Assembly in VB 6.0 App
• TLBExp and Regasm UtilitiesCrystal reports

File Streams
Windows Service
• Introduction to service App
• System. Service process
• Service Base Class
• Service Installer and Service
• Process installer
• Register Data Base of Services
• Install util utility

Localization and Globalization

• Resource file creation

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