Using R with Databases


The intent of this course is to teach you how to unlock the power and magic of R to analyze data in relational databases. It will show you how to connect to relational databases, access and query the database, update and modify the data, analyze it and perform simple visualizations.

About this Course

  • Do you want to leverage the power of R to unlock the value of data in relational databases?
  • Are you a SQL professional and looking to get skilled in data science?
  • Are the limits of R programming language preventing you from analyzing very large data sets?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you. It will introduce you to the benefits of using R with databases. Teach you how to connect to databases from R. Show you how to create database objects, populate the database, and issue SQL queries to retrieve and modify your data from R. The course will also delve into advanced topics of using stored procedures and utilizing in-database analytics with R.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1 – R and Relational Databases
  • Module 2 – Connecting to Relational Databases using RJDBC and RODBC
  • Module 3 – Database Design and Querying Data
  • Module 4 – Modifying Data and Using Stored Procedures
  • Module 5 – In-Database Analytics with R

Recommended skills prior to taking this course

  • None

Grading scheme

  • The minimum passing mark for the course is 70%



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