Types of Assemblies in .NET

1. Private Assembly: A private assembly is stored in the application‟s directory and used by a single application.

In this case, the bin\Debug\*.dll gets copied in the folder, in which the client application is present.

Start ->All Programs->MS VS 2010->File->New->Project->Class Library

2. Shared Assembly: A shared assembly can be used by multiple applications and is stored in the Global assembly cache, a repository of assemblies maintained by the .NET Framework.

3. Satellite Assembly: Satellite assemblies provide an application with multilingual support. Satellite assemblies contain alternate sets of resources to be used in the application for different cultures.


It is named as Clasassem. The code follows


Now to compile the application click at Build->Build Solution.


To create a console application in Visual C#, click on New on the File menu and


Click on the C# Console Application project template, provide the filenames that you want, and click OK.

Console Application Project



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