Transition from Java Career to Big Data Hadoop

Most of us would be having a feeling sometimes that we are doing a monotonous job. We want to expand new horizons and do our best there. In this regard, if you are a person who is looking for a change from Java to Big Data then this blog will be useful to you.

We cannot deny that Java is considered as an evergreen technology by the tech world. There are still lot of job openings for Java developers. However, the latest buzz is big data which is a demanding career. Moreover, big data hadoop developers demand is a seeing a raise.

How Do you Gain From the Shift From Java to Big data?

Now lets see some of the advantages of migrating from Java developer to big data:

  • As per the latest trend, the number of job opportunities in big data/Hadoop is seeing a raise. There is a huge increase of mobile devices usage in every aspect of life. The usage of big data will only become greater. Here we can see that the demand for big data professionals will grow widely.
  • Organizations are also investing more on big data. Both big companies and startups are using big data to their advantage . Since there is dearth of big data professionals in the industry companies are seriously looking for big data experts.
  • When we make a comparison of the average salary of a big data professional with that of a Java software developer, we can come to the conclusion that the former gets more pay than the latter. This is reasonable since you should have knowledge of java so as to learn Hadoop.
  • One of the main advantages of migrating your career to big data is it will assist you to work in several industries besides IT. For example, we can apply big data analytics to several industries including healthcare, technology, banking, energy etc.

How to Make the Transition?

Sometimes, the Java developers will switch to big data. Have you ever wondered how do they do that? Lets see it now.

Hadoop is Dependent on Java

1. As a tech enthusiastic you would be knowing that Hadoop is a Java-based programming framework. It is applied widely in big data. Migrating to big data/Hadoop is a smooth sail for Java professionals. MapReduce, which is a powerful feature of Hadoop, is written in Java. Hence, we can understand that one has to be well-versed in Java so as to make the utmost usage of Hadoop.

2. Hadoop is useful for functioning on extremely big amounts of data that cannot be assessed by conventional database management tools. Hadoop’s success can be mostly attributed to Java language.

3. If you have earlier proficiency in Java then you can conveniently write the files that are present in the local file system into the HDFS.

4. There is a demand for Java developers for big data industry. If you are a Java professional wanting to learn Hadoop, then you can apply for the following Hadoop jobs

  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Big Data Tester
  • Data Analyst
  • Big Data Architect

5. You can also climb up higher levels in data science, artificial learning, machine learning etc once you get settled in Hadoop and want to try different avenues.

Companies which are deploying a Hadoop framework to carry out big data analytics want Java developers. For this, they want someone who is well-versed in Java and who doesnt need training. So Java developers who can work on Hadoop is the need of the hour.

Why a Java Professional Finds it Easy to Switch to Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open-source programming framework that is based on Java. It supports the processing of huge data sets in a distributed computing environment. As per MapReduce, Hadoop distributes computing jobs and eventually joins outcomes. The MapReduce scripts are written in java. So we can see that knowledge of Java is essential to perform tasks in Hadoop. Moreover, it will be easy to switch to Hadoop when you possess knowledge in Java.

Java programming is nowadays deployed in several applications and to meet different business requirements. Hadoop is the present trending framework for dealing with big data.

Reasons why you should shift from Java to Big Data/Hadoop

  • Higher pay
  • Chance to climb the ladder of success
  • Helps you shine in the crowd
  • Keep your growth in tandem with the industry
  • Several Hadoop jobs for Java professionals

Several professionals are migrating to big data and hadoop because of the sudden raise in data. Hadoop can be considered the most famous technology in this aspect. In fact, Java developers can find Hadoop easier. If you want to learn Big data/Hadoop in a comprehensive manner, then you can learn it from Softlogic, an established Software Training Center in Chennai.

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