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Top Oracle Cloud Developments in 2023

There has been continuous progress in advancing technologies across Oracle Cloud. The objective of Oracle is to make booming technologies all-encompassing through its cloud services. There has been an infusion of creative techniques into the business applications of Oracle so that the end-user can get fully benefited from the technologies. Now let’s see the top Oracle cloud progresses that are made of late.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The hype around machine learning in 2019 is understandable. It makes the best use of AI and adaptive programming to bring about organized operations across each of your Oracle Cloud business processes. Machine learning aims to make your business proactive and deliver crucial solutions swiftly. Developed AI and machine learning are embedded in Oracle Cloud Services.

There is also the introduction of autonomous database by Oracle; it is a cloud-based technology framed to automate several mundane activities needed to control Oracle databases. Here then, the database administrators can involve in higher-level activities. Autonomous database applies Machine Learning and advanced Artificial Intelligence

Digital assistants

Oracle Digital assistant is a cloud service that offers a platform for developing and deploying AI-boosted digital assistants to make end-users work optimally while applying Oracle applications. There is much hype around simplicity and security for these digital assistants of Oracle. The remarkable thing is these assistants comprehend context and intent, and it can automate your mundane activities.

The Oracle Digital Assistant platform facilitates a development phase where there is no code. There is the presence of a web-based, drag-and-drop interface that lets business experts to develop and train digital assistants applying visual and declarative tools. The key here is that there is no requirement of enhanced development or AI competency.

Blockchain for the supply chain

Oracle is progressing at a fast rate with its concentration on Oracle Blockchain. Oracle’s new applications that are developed for supply chain professionals brings about greater transparency applying Oracle’s groundbreaking blockchain technology.

Intelligent apps

Oracle’s Cloud SAAS applications are advancing with smart technologies developed to assist your workforce in delivering more production in less time. The significant thing is that Oracle Cloud Applications blend AI features in an ideal manner into the present activities. Chatbots and voice recognition are embedded in applications to build a more intuitive experience.

Security Services Automation

Security threats are one of the most significant challenges that an organization has to face. Oracle provides new cloud security services that apply machine learning and automation to take care of security threats in a seamless manner. In fact, it is hyped to offer an astounding level of cloud security.

Harness the power of Oracle Cloud

Cloud computing has been favorable to several organizations. However, when we consider a startup, it is hard to select the best cloud computing software that suits their organizational requirements. Here then, Oracle Cloud can come to the rescue. Oracle was formed with the motive of allowing the customers to take up the path that is optimal for them. Besides, Oracle is the only cloud server that produces the cloud on the terms of the users.

Besides, the organizations that are using Oracle DBA may take time to migrate to the cloud. That said, Oracle’s cloud platform provides several elements that go beyond the scope of the fundamental virtual machines.


The enterprises focus on the delivery of innovation swiftly. Here security and simplicity is also the key. That said, Oracle has the potential to automate primary operational functions.

AWS is currently leading the cloud market. However, Oracle has the technical capabilities to develop a good IaaS alternative. If you are keen on learning Oracle, then you can enroll in Softlogic

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