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Top 9 New Technology Trends for 2024
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Top 9 New Technology Trends for 2024

Published On: April 29, 2022

On reading this blog, you will find out the top 9 new technology trends for 2023 and the various new cutting-edge technologies that are making huge strides in the world.

So read on, to find out more…

Top 9 New Technology Trends for 2024

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are fields that one needs to look out for in 2024

, as it is a new technology trends, which is creating a buzz in the technology world. Artificial intelligence has many noteworthy applications in our day-to-day life and the good news is that it has reached the common man as well. The concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning are employed in virtual assistants, maps, traffic control, image and speech recognition software, etc.

Being an emerging new technology, it is opening various avenues for many skilled professionals. Jobs like AI architect, AI engineer, machine learning expert etc. are jobs you would want to secure to enhance your skills at the same time take home a fat package. We must be glad that a cutting-edge technology like Artificial intelligence has knocked our door with our very own smartphones.

Smartphones are owned by everyone nowadays. These phones use artificial intelligence to enhance our experience in terms of camera options, calling features and the use of apps, which has made anything possible under the sun.

Considering the technology-driven world, Artificial intelligence makes its presence felt in any industry you consider providing us with powerful solutions to make our life easier and simpler.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation also known as RPA is an automation technology, which uses software robots to automate various tasks that are carried out by humans. They are mainly used in business processes to understand applications, deal with large chunks of data and process various transactions. As you know, we have a lot of repetitive tasks to perform at work, which can now be handled by RPA, as they can automate all these repetitive tasks. So, no more mundane tasks to perform and RPA can take a huge burden from our shoulders.

This is yet another latest new technology trend that opens doors to skilled IT professionals, who want to be part of the latest trend in the technology era and at the same time reap good benefits. Career opportunities in RPA are plenty and it is a new trend that all skilled professionals must look out for. Jobs roles like business analysts, engineers, project managers, architects are jobs to keep an eye on in this latest trending technology.

Though AI and RPA mimic each other, they are two different technologies. AI is used to simulate human intelligence whereas RPA just replicates tasks directed by humans.

Edge computing

Data sources like IoT devices are brought closer to enterprise applications by the distributed computing framework called edge computing. Edge computing has many benefits and has overcome the limitations that cloud computing has. Cloud computing poses problems in getting data quickly to a data center.

In such situations, edge computing can take over and help in processing data without a data center close by. This proximity of data can help provide excellent business benefits and quicker insights.

This is indeed a new technology trending in 2024. The global edge computing is predicted to reach billions of dollars and obviously this is going to provide surplus jobs in the market. This is going to benefit software engineers immensely. Cloud engineers, architects and DevOps engineers are likely to reap great results if they look for jobs in this new trending technology.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the next new technology trends in 2024. Both these are reality technologies that provide a simulated version of a real life environment. They replace and enhance the real life environment with a simulated version. Virtual reality also known as VR creates a virtual environment while the augmented reality also known as AR augments the surroundings with digital elements.

This technology has been widely used in gaming, but also has been used in army, navy training. This trending technology is going to revolutionize the future of many sectors as in entertainment, marketing, training, healthcare and education. This technology mainly helps in training doctors with simulations to perform surgeries.

Professionals who are interested in this technology can expect huge job opportunities in this field. Virtual reality does not require any advanced skills sets, just fundamental programming skills and some insight into optics is all what matters in landing yourself a job. This is indeed a new technology to look out for, as it has great potential to make its way into our daily lives.


Blockchain technology is the next new technology trend in 2024

for various professionals to look out for. It is found to be related to crytocurrencies and it has also other applications too. Since you cannot change data that is stored in blockchain, it is highly secure and reliable. Blockchain is being adopted by various businesses in various countries because it helps share transparent information immediately within a particular secure network.

Blockchain helps to keep information intact without much tampering and maintain immutable records. The information is recorded as blocks of data and each block is connected to each other thus forming a chain. Hence the name blockchain.

There are many advantages of blockchain like greater security and trust because records are shared with only a few members and ensure timely and accurate data. It is certainly a more efficient technology to be employed in various business processes and this is the reason being its implementation across countries.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In this technological age, internet is everywhere and wifi is used in every device possible. So what is this Internet of Things (IoT)? This is basically a networking concept where there is a network of devices, which can collect and transmit data. In other words, you connect any device to the internet and connect them to other devices as well.

So this IoT is network of these connected devices and people are also involved where they collect and transmit data and employ them to get things done. This technology has paved its way into our day-to-day living right from home appliances, cars to other devices. Fitbits, ovens, doors are some of the devices which use this technology.

To be part of this trending technology, you would be required to know the basics of AI and machine learning, data analytics, networking and other related topics. IoT can play a vital role in business too where they can help in secure, efficient and reliable data collection and analysis.

Quantum Computing

Using the phenomenon of superposition in quantum mechanics, quantum computing is used to perform very difficult computations, which the classic computer will not be able to do. This is a new technology trend to look out for in 2024. Quantum computing is largely used in banking, finance and healthcare sectors. Quantum computers are way too faster when compared to our classic computers. Quantum algorithms have a new approach to solve complex problems for example in protein folding of amino acids in the field of medicine.

As we know, the current burning topic in technology is machine learning. Our classic computers are using machine learning and this is revolutionising the world of technology. Due to the high cost involved in computations using machine learning, there is a limitation to make things happen. Hence, there is research happening to implement quantum computing to get machine learning work quicker.


5G technology, a technology trending to watch out for in 2024, is still in its nascent stage. 5G being the 5th generation mobile network is designed to connect everything virtually from humans and machines, devices together. 5G will provide an enhanced mobile broadband making our smartphones work better. They will help in areas where communication is critical like in medical practices where 5G is considered to be very reliable.

5G is going to make strides as far as low-cost connectivity solutions are concerned. Data rates, mobility as power are going to be scaled down with the usage of 5G technology. So this is a trend that we really need to wait and watch.

Cyber Security 

With the advent of digital technology, devices are immense and so are threats. So this is where cyber security comes into play. Users are prone to cyber threats every now and then when they are connected on the internet. Cyber security is one technology that will stay trending in 2023, because the more the devices, the more the threats. We really need to combat the threat and give the user a secure experience.

Jobs in cyber security are increasing day by day with the increasing attacks on company’s confidential data. So, to curb these acts, cyber security professionals are in great demand. Job profiles like ethical hackers, security engineer, officers and malware analyst are in great demand, which offer great income as well.

Thus, we have come to the end of the blog and I am sure you would have got a glimpse of the top new technology trends to look out for in 2024!

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