Top 10 Modern Web Development Trends

Top 10 Modern Web Development Trends

The web development field is shining brighter with innovative ideas that add an impressive look, faster access, dynamic ability, and interacting features to the web pages. It is developing in a way that can be adapted by any browser through cross-browser compatibility. Numerous trends are helping the developers to make the websites more interactive and impressive. Following are the top 10 trends that should be learned by beginners in 2021 for working effectively in the web development field.

Web Development Trends: Dark Mode UX

It is popular nowadays at the global level as it makes it easier for the user to access the features easily regardless of the device they are using. As the dark mode is good for the eyes, it is implemented in mobile app development and user can see the items of the screen clearly even in low light surroundings. Dark-themed websites provide a stylish look for the screen and giant social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, and Google are already offers this theme for their users.

Voice UI

Generally, websites should be easily accessible by the users as per the accessibility standards and guidelines are given by W3C. Voice recognition and smart speakers are playing an important role in the growth of the user interface of websites. AI-Powered voice and speech recognition system such as Alexa and Siri leads the market with 21% of solid growth on mobile device development. Adobe Analytics says in their report that 47% of users around the world are surfing in the web browsers and apps through voice and it is very true on the eCommerce websites like Amazon and Flip kart.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Game development is evolving with augmented and virtual reality that takes the gaming experience to the next level with realistic features. It is expected to grow beyond $9.982 Billion by the end of 2024 through VR devices like Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. These VR and AR technologies are widely used in the sectors like tourism, retailers, and architecture for realistically showcasing their prototype models. In the Covid-19 period, we can see a phenomenal increase in using VR and AR technologies through websites like Spatial and Virtual Meeting Rooms to work effectively with a coworker.

AI-Powered Chatbots

The adoption of AI-Powered Chatbots is increasing nowadays to have quick interaction with customers from all over the world. It improves efficiency in the customer service area that converts human conversations into trending technologies like Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. It helps the important sectors such as retail, banking, and healthcare to help the needful people on 24/7 available response. As AI-Powered Chatbots will respond to the queries of customers instantly without delay, it decreases the drop-off rates of users and makes the organizations solve their customer’s queries immediately.


The innovation of new technologies leads to the risk of cyber threats and it is to be managed with high-level security protocols that fight against various DDoS attacks. It is very much important for the websites related to healthcare, retail, and banking domains as the record of the users are considered highly confidential. Customers are expecting the providers to keep safe their data safe and secure using various Cybersecurity technologies that are provided on their websites with Google’s HTTPS features along with SSL certifications.

Low Code or No Code Development

Low code or no-code web development provides easy access and a learning curve for the developers to build the website faster with attractive. Around 70% of developers of websites are using low code platforms as it saves development time and development cost along with scalable features. They are using trending solutions like WordPress, WebFlow, and Wix for developing websites and apps faster even without prior knowledge in coding. These content management solutions (CMS) are having numerous predefined templates to add or modify the contents using various web elements and drag and drop functionalities.

Motion UI

Motion UI is the recent trend in web development that helps developers to make websites using smooth animations, hovers, backgrounds, and scrolling along with interactive features. It allows the developers to utilize various elements like CTAs for improving UX functionalities and avoids being distracted by useless gradients. Users can surely enjoy the browsing experience with this Motion UI feature and it is easy to implement in web pages.

3D elements

3D designing elements are important for website development as uses around the globe are interested in 2K and 4K displays. 3D visuals are good to be added in web pages as it provides shadow and crisp edges on the UI functionalities. There are increased usages of interactive and static 3D elements for web development and this skill brings a great future for beginners.

Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency is the new revolution that takes currency trading to next level and it is important to be added in web development to encourage the users to enjoy the Cryptocurrency transactions. It provides enhanced security features with transparency, distributed ledger, and decentralization facilities for web development and it is the biggest impact on today’s organization. Blockchain technology is implemented in web development to have trustworthy and secure money transactions over the country or region. Top companies like Spotify, IBM, and Mythical Games are using blockchain technology along with their web developments.

Progressive Web Apps

Uber and MakeMyTrip websites are progressive web applications that have less loading time, linear user experience, and smooth performance. It is dominating the web development field with modern and reliable APIs, a single code base, and easy access from anywhere and any device. Progressive Web App development enables the users to operate offline along with the features of the native mobile app.


There are other trending technologies like mobile-focused UI, typescript-based development, CSS libraries, web assembly, API-first elements, cloud computing technologies, and data compliance involve in the web development by big companies. Comprehensive learning of web development along with these trending technologies helps the learners to implement in their projects. Enroll at Softlogic to gain expertise in trending technologies through our Web Development Training in Chennai.

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