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Speed or Quality Testing
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Speed or Quality Testing

Published On: October 15, 2022

Speed or Quality —Which is Most Important in Software Testing?

Today, the software is widely employed in practically every firm, and as a result, there is a proliferation of software organizations and software initiatives are gaining widespread attention. Clients are extremely demanding in Speed or Quality Testing, putting a significant strain on the whole software development lifecycle. But none is more crucial than the software testing stage.

It is the manifestation of the software’s viability and efficacy. Go on for expert thoughts on what matters in a real-world testing environment. Is it quicker or better? Enrich your testing skills in our Software Testing Training in Chennai at Softlogic.

Speed or Quality Testing: Some Professional Perspectives

“Agile software development is the need of the hour,” says SurajRajoria, CEO of VirtuoWhiz, “since in the traditional waterfall process, everything acquires importance only at the end.” Using an agile strategy allows for cost reductions, upgrading current goods and services, and saving time in enhancing product quality.”

“Speed or Quality Testing is of the highest importance,” says Anoop K, Senior Software Tester at Foradian Technologies. Quickness has a place, but we cannot sacrifice Speed or Quality Testing. There is no use in solving it if we do not conduct the necessary due diligence to repair the necessary problems.”

In the software industry, there is a widespread belief that testers can detect any flaw that exists. But that is not the case. “Testing is the collective duty of the entire team of developers, testers, analysts, and managers,” explains Suraj Rajoria. Even so, not all bugs can be fixed. As a result, there will always be a trade-off between speed or quality testing.”

Suraj believes that DevOps is an effective method for streamlining development and operations in an IT organization. It contributes to cost reduction, increased productivity, higher product quality, and faster software deployment.

“For a long time, software development was happening in segregated teams and procedures for distinct phases,” Suraj continues. The separation of roles extends the project timeline. As a result, DevOps will reduce turnaround time and make the software development process more agile.”

“We cannot attain or fulfill deadlines unless we are agile,” Anoop adds. “Companies should develop agile techniques moving ahead to ensure that the Speed or Quality Testing standards are adhered to.”


Speed or Quality Testing are critical for the success of any software project. However, it is not always feasible to maintain the pace while also maintaining top-notch quality. As a result, there must be a balance between the two criteria of speed or quality testing.

Minor problems that do not pose a significant hazard to the program can be disregarded if the product is published at the appropriate time. Because time is money in any business, and the longer you delay, the more the client loses. Become a certified software testing engineer by learning at Softlogic from expert trainers the best automation testing training institute in Chennai with 100% lifelong placement assistance.

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