Software Foundation Course – C


This course introduce to C programing

About This Course

This course is for Everybody who are interested to learn about C programing. This course will introduce to C data types, variables, functions, arrays, file handling and pointers.

  • Learn about C programing basics
  • Learn about functions, pointers, structure, unions & file input output

Course Syllabus

Module 1: History of Computing

  • History of computing, Difference engine
  • Evolution of modern computing

Module 2: Introduction to C language

  • Introduction
  • Data types, Input output, Loops, Array, 3D array

Module 3: Functions

  • Scope of function
  • Recursion, storage class, static class

Module 4: Pointers

  • Type of pointers
  • call by value, call by reference

Module 5: Structure and Unions

  • Structure
  • Unions

Module 6: File Input output

  • fgetc, fputc
  • text file vs binary file

Module 7: Software in real world

  • software in real world, business analytics
  • open standard and open source
  • introduction to linux, PHP


  • Knowledge in basic computing
  • Knowledge in Internet and Basic on Linux, windows or Mac
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