Sharepoint Training in Chennai

Sharepoint Training in Chennai

Best SharePoint Training in Chennai

SharePoint is essentially a web based application which is utilized for data storage, collaboration and for the purpose of document management in enterprise environment that takes meticulous efforts. SharePoint is widely applied for developing sophisticated web apps. SharePoint developers majorly find this web based app useful for storing, sharing, collaborating, and accessing data from multiple devices without limit. Get to know the importance of SharePoint from the Best SharePoint Training Institute in Chennai.

Overview of SharePoint

SharePoint is regarded as one of the best content management platforms in the industry. It is essentially a web site or a group of websites that lets users to share data, details and knowledge with each other. Collaboration is the key highlight of SharePoint. Soflogic provides comprehensive hands-on practical training on this platform.

It’s a thing of the past when we controlled all details in a company manually. For every sort of requirement we have varied solutions but integrating them is a tedious task. SharePoint integrated intranet, content management, document management is an amazing way to find safe location to store, streamline, share and reach details from almost any device.

SharePoint is a pre-formed ASP.NET application by Microsoft for controlling regular activities of an organizational portal. SharePoint sites offer secure environments that administrators can configure to give customized access to documents and other details. Search features let users to locate content efficiently irrespective of the physical location of data.

How does SharePoint Assist a Business?

  • Offer a simple, known & consistent User Experience
  • Assist adhere to Regulatory Requirements
  • Competently manage and re-purpose Content
  • Ease access to business data
  • Develop effective communities
  • Content and document management
  • Boosts organizational efficiency

Prerequisites for Attending SharePoint Classes in Chennai

  • MS SQL SERVER Knowledge
  • NET Developer

Who should Attend SharePoint Certification Training in Chennai?

Besides being familiar with Microsoft Office products including Word and Excel, the participants should consist of professional development experience with the .NET Framework, Visual Studio, and ASP.NET.

Need of SharePoint Migration

There are differences between online and on premise. However, if you have embraced on premise, working with it is also an amazing experience. You can contemplate on migrating from on premise to Cloud version of SharePoint, if you wish to take advantage of better up time, features and spend less time in taking care of your SharePoint environment.

SharePoint migrations are needed to maintain business sustaining in the long run. Most individuals think twice to migrate to a new environment since they think that migration is a costly and complicated procedure. However, there are some tools in SharePoint that will make your migrations easy.

Latest version of SharePoint

SharePoint 2019 provides a new, contemporary design that’s optimized to function across any screen, whether you are operating on a phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. The new iteration’s objective is to let users spend less time searching for content and configuration settings and more time functioning on productive tasks.

SharePoint Training Course Fees and Duration

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

The course fee for SharePoint Training in Chennai is moderate. In case you have any concerns regarding the time and venue of the course then feel free to contact our help desk. They will also be glad to help you regarding the duration of the course.

Advantages of SharePoint Certification Training

  • Team members can easily be associated while being able to share files and updates throughout an app development project.
  • SharePoint is interspersed with a spectrum of most sophisticated and unique tools to fine-tune the features according to the requirement of the development project. With the help of SharePoint you can create a plethora of custom features and provide your app a spectrum of custom tools.
  • SharePoint has powerful security and integrity features.
  • The developers have the convenience of integrating several features in any application of your choice through SharePoint. You can fine-tune the elements and integrate them according to your suitability for the development project.
  • SharePoint lets profound control and in-depth mechanism to take care of the whole platform. It has a console for central administration which lets all the app management features, system specific settings etc., within a specific location.
  • SharePoint is very responsive on all smart devices and all platforms, Essential activities including sharing of documents, maintaining a record of business of reports, answering to business queries etc., can be carried out through any of your smart devices.
  • A company requires powerful search tools to competently satisfy the business and the client’s needs. SharePoint has highly advanced search features that make you find critical documents or pertinent information swiftly and accurately.
  • The cloud framework of SharePoint is one of its major highlights. By operating as a cloud system, SharePoint platform provides you a plethora of choices to make your work easy. It is adaptable, scalable, and you can conveniently associate with your business from any location through the web.

SharePoint Training Syllabus

The syllabus for SharePoint Training in Chennai is prepared as per the industry standards. It is the best in the industry and is updated in a frequent manner.

SharePoint Course Overview

  • SharePoint Training Course Objective
  • Prerequisites of the Course
  • SharePoint Software Installation System Requirements
  • SharePoint Training Course Duration

SharePoint Training Content

  • Introduction
  • SharePoint Architecture Structure
  • Configuring Security and Authentication
  • Web Application Management
  • Managing Site Collection / Sub Sites / List for Real time scenarios
  • InfoPath 2013 Integration (Real Time Implementation Samples)
  • Navigation, User Look and Feel
  • SharePoint Editor / Designer
  • Real Time Development Practices
  • Server-Side API / Object Model
  • Client Side API / Object Model
  • WebParts
  • SharePoint Advanced Implementations
  • Workflows
  • SharePoint BI (Business Intelligence)
  • Business Data Connectivity Services
  • SharePoint APPS
  • Search
  • Backup And Restore
  • Make Backup and Restore with Diff Scenarios
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