Rhcsa Scripting Course Syllabus

RHCSA Scripting Course Syllabus

Join the best RHCSA Course in Chennai at Softlogic Systems as we have structured the all-inclusive RHCSA Course Syllabus. Our RHCSA Course Curriculum makes you an expert in areas like system administration, configuration, administration, and management that requires you to clear Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam successfully. The RHCSA Certification Course is provided for Linux OS aspirants to manage live network services of Linux.

Accessing The Command Line

  • Recognize The BASH Shell Based On The Default Prompt.
  • Use Linux Efficiently By Switching Between Virtual Consoles.
  • Display Usage Messages And Be Able To Interpret A Command’s Syntax.

Managing Files From The Command Line

  • Recognize And Find Familiarity In A File-System Tree,
  • Learn Terms Like “Root” Directory And Subdirectory.
  • Introduction To Different Types Of Data In Separate System Directories.

Getting Help In Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Learn “Man” Terminology, Including Topics And Sections.
  • Become Aware Of The Importance Of Less-Noticed Man Sections

Creating, Viewing And Editing Text Files

  • Describe The Technical Terms Standard Output, And Standard Error.
  • Use Redirection
  • Characters To Control Output To Files.
  • Use Pipe To Control Output To Other Programs

Manage Local Linux Users And Groups

  • Explain The Role Of Users And Groups On A Linux System And How They Are Understood By The Computer.

Controlling Access To Files With Linux File-System Permissions

  • Explain How The Linux File Permissions Model Works.

Monitoring And Managing Linux Processes

  • Learn The Processes Lifecycle, In Order To Better Comprehend Process States.

Controlling Services And Daemons

  • List System Daemons And Network Services Started By System Services And Socket


RHCSA Course Syllabus is meticulously prepared by industry experts to make you proficient with the administration of the Linux Operating System. Softlogic Systems provides the best RHCSA Course in Chennai for the students to clear the certification exam easily.