Softlogic Systems Reviews

Sivakrishnan D 5 Stars Reviews

Adrenalin Esystems-Polaris, .Net Developer Trainee

Softlogic is one of the best .NET Training institutes in Chennai to do Dotnet. Though this institute was recommended by my colleague, I dint have much confidence at first. Then, I spoke to the student centre who was very helpful in making me understand the course requirements! Joining Softlogic to learn .NET is the best decision I have made to date as Softlogic is one of the better .NET Training Institutes in Chennai! I was a beginner and the trainers were great at the training sessions! Excellent instructors I have met in recent years!

Udhaya Kumar 5 Stars Reviews

CTS, Software Engineer

It was one of the best learning experiences I had at Softlogic, right from counseling to placements. Softlogic has counselors with appropriate industrial knowledge, which helps to identify the needs of students. The training provided is completely based on industrial projects and practical way of finding solutions. The classes are very interactive and expands our knowledge. Over all environment in the Academy is very friendly and the best thing about this place is that anytime we can go and clear the doubts to the respective faculty. Students gain knowledge to tackle the Selection Rounds and good placements are provided by the academy. Overall, I am very much happy and recommend others to join Softlogic

Dinesh Kumar A5 Stars Reviews

Lumisense Technologies, Software Engineer

Personally, Python was not my strongest subject, and I needed some coaching to get this done right. Enrolled into the Softlogic’s Python class, this was the best thing that could happen to me professionally. Wonderful and excellent training by this IT institute! Totally recommend the Softlogic if you are looking for Django and python training center in Chennai.

Sarath V 5 Stars Reviews

SCIO Health Analytics, Senior Data Analytics

When I was searching for Best Machine Learning Training in Chennai, everyone recommended SoftLogic. So, I took up a free demo class and there is not a doubt, that this IT training institute is outstanding! Excellent delivery and patient tutors and everyone’s queries are cleared! If you are looking for a place which provides placement help after completing training, join Softlogic. There is no other IT institute which offer good training experience than SoftLogic !!

Mohamed Abdul Azees M 5 Stars Reviews

Hexaware, Software Trainee

Excellent coaching centre to do DevOps Course in Chennai! I am amazed at the level of dedication S brings to the training schedule! Nothing can express the enormous satisfaction in choosing Softlogic for my DevOps Architect Training! Great trainers and very nice training atmosphere. You feel very encouraged to learn!

Sivakrishnan D 5 Stars Reviews

Proteam Software Solution, .Net Developer Trainee

The placement and career support at Softlogic was truly excellent! Best online class coaching provided here for .NET Courses! Once the training got completed, I was given good interview tips and also made to practise group discussion cycles which helped me perform well in my interview! Thanks to Softlogic for what I am today!

Sivaraj K5 Stars Reviews

Adrenalin Esystems-Polaris, Software Developer

For the best Informatica training in Chennai, I would strongly recommend Softlogic. I never have believed in training institutions, until I took up the Informatica Certification program at Softlogic! I was completely in awe of the training provided by Softlogic instructors! They rely on practical training to let us relate to the real time scenarios. For future IT courses, I am going to always choose Softlogic!

Balaji R 5 Stars Reviews

Cognizant Technology, Software Developer

What an amazing coaching centre to do your Oracle DBA Course in Chennai. If you ask me, I will say to choose Softlogic for Oracle DBA Training Institute in Chennai. You get quality training in this training institute, and you are in a good friendly positive atmosphere which is very important for learning! The training sessions were so interesting. This is a great place to do your Oracle DBA training.

B.DhilipKumar  5 Stars Reviews

Cognizant Technology, Software Developer

The training was good & the faculties are very friendly & helpful. The placement was good & I thank Mr. Mathew sir for his hard work in placing me. I got placed in Eljay Engineering. Thanks to Softlogic.

R.Subhashini 5 Stars Reviews

Volvo Information Technology, Software Developer

Good. The training was complete. Grooming session was very useful. Placement plays a vital role in Softlogic and I’m happy about the Softlogic placement. I got placed in Volvo Information Technology. Thanks to Softlogic.

Kaviya K 5 Stars Reviews

eDigital Info Solutions, Trainee – Developer

I joined Softlogic to learn Python. I already know python at basic level and I expected to grow in expert level, but everything was different with my trainer Mr.RK the way he taught us python was mind blowing. Now I feel like python is part of my life. Its like he taught me how to swim which I am not going to forget. Trust me there are many trainers for python but Mr.RKs way was unique. He will not put his ideas to develop a project instead he make your ideas to play in your project. About Softlogic the are very good and help in every way possible to make you feel comfortable during training. There are many timings available for your convenience. Softlogic they also help you with placement training which includes aptitude and personality development which comes with every course. If you ever wanted to move into IT sector Softlogic would be your best place to start training.

M.K.Manikandan 5 Stars Reviews

USAM Technologies, Field Engineer

The training whatever I got in Softlogic about CCNA is good. The staff’s are very friendly & teaching well. This is the job I got placed in USAM Technologies through Softlogic. I got placed in the first interview itself. Thanks to MSME and Softlogic.

Alla Madhavi 5 Stars Reviews

Adapto Technologies, .Net Developer

In Softlogic, trainers taught me as per the schedule they have already planned and they have completed each and every topic. Every student should practice accordingly only then they can be get success in their career. Softlogic placement team is providing so many opportunities for the students. Students have to prepare well and then success come to their hands. I got placed in Adapto Technologies..

Ms. Pavithra 5 Stars Reviews

Tata Communications, Network Engineer

Good technical training and gained more knowledge in technical aspects. I thank all my trainers for making me equipped with technical and communication skills. I got placed in an MNC company through Softlogic. Thanks to the Placement Team.

Mr. Manibalan 5 Stars Reviews

Wipro Technologies, Network Engineer

Softlogic Training is good. More concepts has been discussed and I have learned many technical concepts. Placement is very active in Softlogic. They provide placements to all the students. Their work is appreciable. Thanks Placement Team.

Ms. Nancy 5 Stars Reviews

Sofgen, Software Engineer

I’m T Nagar Branch Student. My trainer taught me well and he taught me how to work in real time projects and gave me more tasks to do. Those things helped me to improve my technical skills. I really thank my trainer. Real Time Internship was excellent and I learned a lot in Internship. I really thank my placement team who helped me more to get placed in an MNC company. Every week they send me many interviews. By attending those companies, I got more confident and finally I got placed. Thanks to the entire Placement Team.

C.P.Srinivasan 5 Stars Reviews

Synergy Systems, Desktop Engineer

The training process is very easy to learn & I got enough knowledge in the field. Trainers are friendly while teaching & clearing doubts. Placement process is well enough to get placed in a good position in a good company. I got placed in Synergy Systems. Thanks to Softlogic.

A.Ravithej 5 Stars Reviews

Srinsoft Technologies, DOT NET Developer

I am from Mechanical background. I have no command over programming before joining Softlogic, but now I learned lot of things in .NET & I have confidence that I can survive as a DOT NET Developer. My trainer trained all the concepts well. I got good job with apt designation. The internship provided by Softlogic preferred me a lot to get placed in IT sector. Now I got placed in Srinsoft Technologies. Thanks to my placement officer, my counselor and Softlogic.

P.Swetha 5 Stars Reviews

Dax Networks, System Administrator

I am really happy to study in Softlogic. They provided me a good training in hardware & networking. I am very much happy to get placed in Dax Networks. Softlogic provided me an excellent opportunity from the placement side.

B.Arun 5 Stars Reviews

Wipro Limited, Dot Net Developer

The training was very useful & valuable. I learn more & more from the training. My trainer shares his industry knowledge also. Thanks to Softlogic Management & my trainer. Thanks to Mathew sir for arranging this interview. Soft skill training & grooming sessions was very useful. Thanks to entire placement team for taking effort for the students to get placed. Thanks to one and all for giving a career to me.

J.Syed Abuthahir 5 Stars Reviews

USAM Technologies, System Administrator

I have learned & gained more knowledge in MCSA. Trainers are well experienced in Softlogic, particularly Mr. Parthasarathy sir. He trained me very well that is the reason I got placed in USAM Technologies. I really thank the placement co-ordination Mr. Mathew for helping me to improve my attitude & knowledge in my career. So I thank you one and all. Thanks to Softlogic.

N.Saravanan 5 Stars Reviews

Eljay Engineering, Trainee Engineer

Training was very useful & I got knowledge of networking subject, every staff guided me while I was getting training in Softlogic. First of all I have to thank to Softlogic placement for placing me in Eljay Engineering. It was a golden opportunity, since the company is pure networking company and the infrastructure is very good. Thanks to one and all.

M.Barthibun 5 Stars Reviews

SoftLogic, Dotnet Developer

My trainer his teaching level was very good. He taught us good in practical skills. After completion of Internship training, they arranged 2 interviews and I got placed in Softlogic itself and I’m very happy to become a part of Softlogic family.

A. Kumar 5 Stars Reviews

TVS Electronics Pvt Ltd, Trainee Network Engineer

Through Softlogic, I got good and sufficient training in my College. I’m very thankful to the Softlogic Placement team for placing me in TVS Electronics Pvt Ltd.

S.Vijay Mohan 5 Stars Reviews

TVS Electronics Pvt Ltd, Trainee Network Engineer

Through Softlogic, I got perfect training from the trainers and they have taught me many technical aspects for the interviews. I’m very thankful to Softlogic placement team for placing me in TVS Electronics Pvt Ltd.

Annada Prasad Nanda 5 Stars Reviews

L&T Infotech , Dotnet Developer

I was a .Net trainee of Softlogic and I’m very happy to get one Employment training institute because all my trainers (Mr.Paranthaman, Mr. Joseph, Mr.Prem and Ms.Shalini) took care of me and they helped me in every difficult situation. Thank you all of them. I got placed in L&T Infotech and I’m very happy to getting one of my dream companies through Softlogic placement. Placement Officer Mr. Mathew and his team mates supported me a lot. I’m very thankful to Ezhil Sir, Nimmy Madam, MD Sir and Pradeep sir for supporting me. I wish and want Softlogic should be opened all over India to help fresher to get placed. Softlogic – Lightening of my life.

Mr. Dev Prakash5 Stars Reviews

CMS infotech, Technical Support

Training was really good and I thank the management for giving such training. Not only in technical side, but also in communication part. I would thank the Placement cell for giving me such opportunity, which is like a dream comes true for me. And also I thank the Placement Head for helping in taking efforts in placing me.

Mr.Rajasekar 5 Stars Reviews

Plintron Global Services, Technical Support

Softlogic gave me a good grooming sessions on every Saturday in which is very helpful to me at the time of Interviews. Thanks to my trainers and soft skills team. I thank the Placement team for arranging many interviews, I got placed in a product based MNC company through Softlogic. Thanks to Softlogic.

Ms. Mary Josephine Sophia 5 Stars Reviews

Mind Tree Ltd, Field Engineer

Training given by Softlogic was very good and the trainers were very friendly with us. They trained in very informative manner and also we had soft skills session daily. I’m very thankful to all Softlogic trainers for their great effort. About Placement, I’m very thankful to the Placement Team who have made an effort to get me placed in an MNC company. They are taking efforts to make all the students to get placed. They will be in guiding the students until they get placed.

Ms. Uma 5 Stars Reviews

Nuvent Technologies , .Net Developer

I’m very proud to be a part of Softlogic. I came out with flying colors. I become very confident now in .Net and I really learned everything here at Softlogic. Trainers supported me to the extreme and while attending interviews. Trainers trained me very well for the technical preparations. Placement team supported me a lot and now I got placed in an MNC company. Thanks to Softlogic.

Mr. Sabari Rajan 5 Stars Reviews

Intech Systems, Desktop Engineer

It was very nice my skills have been developed by the trainers. They gave lot of tips and practice which was very useful and informative. One of the best placement giving company, I really appreciate the team for their fantastic work, I have asked many of my friends to join Softlogic for their Career.

Mr. Praveen Kumar 5 Stars Reviews

Plintron Global Services, Software Engineer

I don’t know practical programming knowledge before joining .Net training here at Softlogic. But now I’m very confident in programming. Softlogic training was very useful for me. I thank all my trainers. Softlogic Placement team is very very good. I got placed in a product based MNC company through Softlogic. I got placed in my first interview and I got a good career through Softlogic.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar 5 Stars Reviews

Mind Tree Ltd, Network Engineer

Softlogic has dedicated faculties who teach us with all practical knowledge and clearing all our doubts then and there. Thanks to my trainers. A nice team of Soft skills who gave us soft skills to improve our communication, leadership and attitude. Thanks to the Placement team, I got placed in an MNC company. I thank the entire Softlogic team for their great efforts.

V.Gopinath 5 Stars Reviews

Wipro Technologies, Software Engineer

I’m not a student of Softlogic. Placement Assistance given by Softlogic is good. Placement Coordinator helped me a lot in making me to study more in technical aspects. Now I got placed in Wipro Technologies, Hyderabad. Thanks to Softlogic.

V.Rajeswari 5 Stars Reviews

Zen data Services, Programmer

The Softlogic placement activities you followed here help many students to get their job. I also have attended IOP programme conducted by you. After completing the IOP programme, I have been called for campus Interview from Softlogic and I have attended the interview successfully. Now I got placed in Zen data Services. Thanks to Softlogic.

R.Radhika 5 Stars Reviews

Zen data Services, Software Developer

I recently had an opportunity to attend the free campus interview in Softlogic & I got placed in Zen data, let me thank the Placement Coordinator, as your services has been very good, in fact excellent & looking forward to having working relationship with your organization. Thank you once again.