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Best Perl Scripting  Training in Chennai

Perl is an efficient programming language that is specifically formed for text editing. It covers all the functionalities of C, the Shells, sed, grep and awk. These languages offer powerful text processing facilities without the need of the arbitrary data length limits of several present-day UNIX command line tools, thereby enabling easy handling of text files. Are you wondering what these terms are and want to learn Perl from the Best Perl Training Institute in Chennai? It’s time to enroll in Softlogic and gain practical hands-on practical experience on Perl.

Overview of Perl Training in Chennai

Perl is a powerful high-level programming language developed for the purpose of text handling. However, today it is applied for several activities including web development, Bioinformatics, system administration, GUI development, games and network programming. Perl 5 has got immense popularity in the late 1990s in the form of a CGI scripting language. This can also be attributed to its great regular expression and string parsing abilities.

Softlogic provides Perl Training Course in Chennai that concentrates on the essential concepts of the Perl programming. Perl scripting training is focused for offering individuals who want to comprehend how to completely utilize the features of Perl programming language in the scope of web application development, system administration and database interaction. The web language skills including writing CGI scripts can assist you to develop a career in web development and other technologies.

Softlogic offers the students  hands-on experience on Perl programming language right from the basic to advanced levels, Our practical scenarios assist students to enhance their developing skills Our Perl Certification Training in Chennai facilitates every student to accomplish their objective in software development. Being one of the Best Software Training Centers in Chennai for the past two decades we framed the course in a simple and lucid manner for the students. The training assists the participants to get placement once the training program is completed. We concentrate mainly on theory and practicals and also provide training with a focus on interviews.

Perl Course Fee and Duration

The course fee for Perl Scripting Training in Chennai from Softlogic is reasonable. You have the flexibility to pay it in two installments. Suppose you have questions regarding premises and time, you can discuss with our help desk. You can also talk to our help desk regarding any issues with duration. They will be glad to assist you.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Perl. Please contact our team for current Perl course fee and duration.

Prerequisites for Best Perl Training in Chennai

The aspiring candidate should have fair knowledge of fundamentals of Windows or UNIX. and also networking.

Who can attend Perl training from the leading Perl Training Center in Chennai?

The Perl certification training in Chennai from Softlogic is ideal for freshers who want to learn a new way in programming. It can also be learnt by:

  • Perl developers who want to write tests for their specific applications
  • QA engineers who wish to write automated test applying Perl to any application
  • Application programmers, automation engineer, system administrators, testers, UNIX/NT power users, web-crawlers, Hadoop programmers, Robotic Engineers, Hardware level developers etc,  can also gain from this course.

What is special about Perl?

Perl has various reasons to be popular and in demand. Some of the reasons are given here:

Perl is a high-level programming language. It is similar to other popular programming languages including C, C++. Hence it has a simple learning curve.

Perl has amazing text manipulation abilities. This ability helps it to produce reports from various text files in a simple manner. Moreover, it can convert the files into another form.

Perl consists of the features of various programming languages including C, awk, sed, etc., thus making it more useful and productive.

Perl makes the work of system administration simple because of having various scripting language capabilities. You needn’t rely on several languages; you can simply use Perl to perform the entire task of system administration. Besides, Perl is also applied in web programming, GUI programming, web automation etc.

Perl can be embedded within web servers so as to raise its processing power. It also consists of DBI package, which leads to efficient web-database integration.

The file operations and regular expressions are amazing in Perl. It was built by Larry Wall who was essentially a linguist, so you can expect good support for text operations. PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) are also applied in PHP. Hence it is indeed worthy to study Perl.

  • The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network is a good library of Perl.
  • Perl is supported by Linux as default.
  • Perl can also work on great one-liners.
  • There are some good helping variables that save your time in coding.

Applications of Perl Scripting

Perl has various uses ranging from the simple to the difficult one. Perl can be used to extract data from a text file and later print a report. It is also applied for system administration, security, network prototyping, statistical evaluation and data mining.

Perl Course Syllabus

Our Perl Scripting Course Syllabus is prepared in a careful manner so as to impart thorough knowledge on the concepts of Perl to the aspiring candidate. The syllabus is prepared according to the industry standards and the candidate will gain the confidence to attend the interviews after expert training from trainers.

Unit- 1 Introduction

  • Shells
  • Types of Unix Shells
  • Advantages of Shell Scripts

Unit- 2 Bash Basics

  • Initialization Files
  • Login Shells, Non- Login Shells
  • Aliases, Variables
  • Working with Variables
  • Important Internal Bash Variables
  • Command History
  • Input and Output Channels
  • Redirection to Files
  • The here Operator
  • Feeding Output to Another Process
  • Duplicating the Output with tee
  • Types of Commands
  • Quoting
  • Substitution and Expansion
  • Variable Substitution
  • Filename Expansion(File Globbing)
  • Command & Arithmetic Substitution
  • Command- Line Interpretation
  • Command Separators

Unit- 3 Basic Script Elements 1(Input, Output)

  • Program Flow Charts
  • General Considerations
  • Producing Output From a Script
  • Reading User Input
  • Simple Operation with Variables
  • Basic Strings Operation
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Regular Expressions

Unit- 4 Basic Script Elements 2(Control Structures)

  • Simple Branching With if
  • Short Form of if
  • Multiple Branch with case
  • Iterations and Loops
  • Looping with while and until
  • Processing a List with for
  • Exiting From a Loops
  • Exiting from the Current Loop
  • Iteration with continue
  • Exiting from the Loop with break

Unit- 5 Advanced Scripting Techniques

  • Reading input with read
  • Shell Functions
  • Reading Options with getopts
  • Signal Handling with trap
  • Implementing Simple Menus with select
  • Dialog Boxes with dialog
  • Yes/No Box(yesno)
  • Message Box(msgbox)
  • Input Box(input box)
  • Text Box(text box)
  • Menu Box(menu)
  • Check List Box(checklist)
  • Radio List Box(radio list)
  • progress Meter Box(gauge)

Unit- 6 Useful utilities for Shell Scripts

  • cat
  • cut
  • date
  • grep
  • egrep
  • fgrep
  • sed
  • test
  • tr
  • awk
  • Sort
  • uniq
  • Special Variable Substitution Operators for Bash
  • Debugging Shell ScriptsSample ScriptsBottom of Form