Unix Shell Course Syllabus

Perl Scripting Course Syllabus

Softlogic Systems has prepared the industry-based Perl Scripting Course Syllabus to equip the interested candidates with the in-depth knowledge of text manipulation used for system administration, network programming, web development, and GUI development. Our Perl Scripting Course Curriculum covers fundamental Perl Scripts, Statements, Loops, Operators, Array Variables, File Handling, Subroutines, Expressions, Pattern Matching, Process Management, Database Manipulations, Perl OOPs, and Report Generation. We have industry expert trainers to provide the best Perl Scripting Training in Chennai.

Unit- 1 Introduction

  • Shells
  • Types of Unix Shells
  • Advantages of Shell Scripts

Unit- 2 Bash Basics

  • Initialization Files
  • Login Shells, Non- Login Shells
  • Aliases, Variables
  • Working with Variables
  • Important Internal Bash Variables
  • Command History
  • Input and Output Channels
  • Redirection to Files
  • The here Operator
  • Feeding Output to Another Process
  • Duplicating the Output with tee
  • Types of Commands
  • Quoting
  • Substitution and Expansion
  • Variable Substitution
  • Filename Expansion(File Globbing)
  • Command & Arithmetic Substitution
  • Command- Line Interpretation
  • Command Separators

Unit- 3 Basic Script Elements 1(Input, Output)

  • Program Flow Charts
  • General Considerations
  • Producing Output From a Script
  • Reading User Input
  • Simple Operation with Variables
  • Basic Strings Operation
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Regular Expressions

Unit- 4 Basic Script Elements 2(Control Structures)

  • Simple Branching With if
  • Short Form of if
  • Multiple Branch with case
  • Iterations and Loops
  • Looping with while and until
  • Processing a List with for
  • Exiting From a Loops
  • Exiting from the Current Loop
  • Iteration with continue
  • Exiting from the Loop with break

Unit- 5 Advanced Scripting Techniques

  • Reading input with read
  • Shell Functions
  • Reading Options with getopts
  • Signal Handling with trap
  • Implementing Simple Menus with select
  • Dialog Boxes with dialog
  • Yes/No Box(yesno)
  • Message Box(msgbox)
  • Input Box(input box)
  • Text Box(text box)
  • Menu Box(menu)
  • Check List Box(checklist)
  • Radio List Box(radio list)
  • progress Meter Box(gauge)

Unit- 6 Useful utilities for Shell Scripts

  • cat
  • cut
  • date
  • grep
  • egrep
  • fgrep
  • sed
  • test
  • tr
  • awk
  • Sort
  • uniq
  • Special Variable Substitution Operators for Bash
  • Debugging Shell ScriptsSample ScriptsBottom of Form


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