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This is a highly competitive world and the students need to sustain in their jobs. Once they complete their college life, students have big aspirations for IT jobs. The scenario in the potential company would be a new thing for the students and they have to get accustomed to it. There is a question of who will shine in the crowd amidst the tough competition. The corporate world is highly challenging and how can the students handle the challenges in the live scenario? The answer comes in the form of an internship, and the Java Internship in Chennai is a perfect platform for students to know about the industrial scenario.

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  • Technology Training
  • Aptitude Training
  • Learn to Code (Codeathon)
  • Real Time Projects
  • Learn to Crack Interviews
  • Panel Mock Interview
  • Unlimited Interviews
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  • Codeathon Practices
  • Direct Aptitude Training
  • Live Interview Skills Training
  • Direct Panel Mock Interviews
  • Campus Drives
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Want to Master your Skills in JAVA ?

Course Highlights


In order to gain experience in the IT field, you need experience which is one of the major concerns of young students who are ready to carve a niche for themselves in the IT field. Java internship is a great necessity for students because it provides them with new skills and opens the door to challenging opportunities. The highlight of Java internship training in Chennai is that the interns would not only gain knowledge of technical skills but they also gain understanding of what works in the live scenario. The life skills of the candidates are also honed through the Java internship training. There is an organized and a structured approach to Java internship in Chennai. The experience gained in the internship goes a long way in boosting the students’ career as well as personal improvement. The mentors at the Best Java Internship in Chennai give you sufficient guidance to mold you into efficient candidates.

The students should be aware that the real-time work scenario needs are not as same as the knowledge gained from schools and colleges. Therefore there is a pressing need for the students to pursue internship so that they embrace the work-scenario needs.

Java is a prominent, evergreen programming language, reputed for its efficiency and simplicity in using. Being an object-oriented programming language, it has sufficient number of followers. You can build web applications and platforms with the help of Java. It follows the write once read anywhere concept which makes it even more popular. The Java training and internship gives you sufficient knowledge about Java. You will get to know what a career as a Java developer would be like. Besides, demonstrating your experience in the tech industry is very essential, and the paid internship for students is the ideal preliminary for this. You will gain real hands-on experience regarding the industry prior to taking up a full-time position.

While you were in college, you would have been attracted by the term “Java”. You would have heard about the ever-growing demand for it and why it is important to take it up as a career. But for this you should have a good platform wherein you can lay the perfect foundation for a career which may even be life-long. The Java Internship for Freshers in Chennai helps the students to meet the industry standards.

The student would always prefer to earn money while doing internships. This gives them the joy of earning as soon as they complete their schooling and graduation. As an intern in the Java internship training in Chennai you will get an understanding of what goes behind the real-time scenario. Eventually, the student would have a wise mindset to plan the money accordingly, the knowledge of which will be useful in his/her future job. The student can enhance his/her skill sets in a wise manner through paid internship for students. Overall, it is a comprehensive experience for the students wherein the soft skills including time management and problem-solving are also molded.

The Java Training and internship in Chennai acts as a preliminary employment preparation. This helps the potential employer to assess your skills quickly and whether you have all the competencies to add value to them. You would gain a lot of referrals through the Java training and internship in Chennai and thus there would be less stress in looking out for a job. There is also the Java summer internship that will be offered after diligently assessing the previous knowledge of the student.

Every year people like you are stepping out of college and would have great aspirations about the job. While some may have the confidence to take up the job, some may struggle to get the confidence. Traditional internships wherein you have to come to the internship company in Chennai to get trained are no longer a feasible option for ambitious students. In this regard, online internships will be a boon for those students who want to have an idea of the real scenario at work. The structure and syllabus of the Online Java Internship in Chennai is the same as the hands-on internship in Chennai.

In the recent past, the need for online internship by students has only increased mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic. You have the comfort to work on your convenient time and from your own location. The online internships are carried out through a range of platforms including Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc. If you want to get an online Java internship besides pursuing your other interests, then don’t hesitate to contact the best Java internship in Chennai that offers complete practical training with separate machines for students.

  • The internship program at the internship company in Chennai gives you an internship certificate at the end of the internship. This will make you have an edge over other candidates who are just freshers out of college.
  • During the interview too, you can convince the interviewer with your skill sets that you attained through the internship.
  • The internship duration at the Java training and internship program is from 1 month to 6 months, depending on the requirement of the students.
  • The training hours are maintained at 3 hours per day and the candidate will get in-depth knowledge of the industry scenario.
  • There is sufficient guidance for learning about the fundamental concepts that are applied in the live scenario including emails, spreadsheets. software installation, etc.
  • You get the chance to interact with several people in the industry and that will have a good impact on your future.

You can take up the internship from the Java developer internship as soon as you complete your college. You may even be a first year student; it is not a problem. There are several Java internship jobs that you will get after learning from the Java internship in Chennai.

The Java internship syllabus is meticulously prepared by experts so that the student can demonstrate his/her skills effectively in the live scenario. You will ace Java basics and the essential concepts of object-oriented programming and would have developed two real-time projects. You should only have prior knowledge of OOPs concepts, OS and data structures to get into this internship. You will gain knowledge of core Java, its basic syntax, comprehend how Java works and frameworks of Java after completing the Java training and internship in Chennai.

You will learn numerous concepts from Softlogic, the best Java Internship in Chennai. Intern Java jobs in Chennai is a unique concept of the Java internship training in Chennai wherein you will get through placement support.

It is no exaggeration to tell that Java is omnipresent in the context of IT. It is a simple, beginner-friendly, secure and fast programming language. Once you complete the Java internship in Chennai you will be confident enough to take up the Java internship jobs including junior developer, Java architect, Java web developer, Java Android developer etc.

JAVA Syllabus


Our Java Training in Chennai provides an intensive and expertly designed syllabus, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience in Java programming. With a well-structured curriculum, our Java Course in Chennai cover an extensive range of topics to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel as proficient Java developers.

  • What is Java?
  • Why Java?
  • Features of Java
  • Pre-defined Functions
  • User-defined functions
  • One Dimensional Array
  • Multi-Deminsional Array
  • Class and Objects
  • Constructor
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction & Encapsulation
  • Packages
  • Inheritance
  • Static, Final, This, Super keywords
  • Wrapper Class
  • Inner Class
  • String Handling Methods
  • StringBuffer
  • StringTokenizer
  • Thread Lifecycle
  • Thread Class
  • Runnable Interface
  • Synchronization
  • Definition
  • Types Build in Exception
  • User Defined Exception
  • File Class
  • I/O Stream Hierarchy
  • File Input Stream
  • File Output Stream
  • HashSet
  • LinkedHashSet
  • ArrayList
  • Stack
  • LinkedList
  • Vector
  • HashMap
  • Date
  • Calender
  • Creating database and Tables
  • JDBC architecture
  • Insert, Update, Delete, Select
  • MySQL Connector
  • Event Handling
  • Working with Windows, Graphics, and Text
  • AWT Controls, Images
  • Layout Managers
  • Menus
  • JFrame
  • JLabel
  • JText Field
  • JButton
  • JCheckBox
  • JRadioButton
  • JTable
  • Adding Image to JFrame
  • With JDBC
  • Java Beans
  • Servlet terminology
  • Servlet API
  • Generic Servlet, Http Servlet
  • Servlet Life Cycle
  • JDBC in servlet
  • JSP introduction & HTML Basics
  • JSP with Life cycle
  • Scripting elements - Scriptlet, Expression & Declaration tag
  • Implicit Objects – Request, Response, Exception, Session
  • Spring Boot Introduction
  • Spring Boot Basics
  • Why Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot Features
  • Main Goal of Spring Boot
  • Configuration of spring application
  • Creating Project- Spring Initializer
  • Spring Boot Hello World Application



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Project Practices

Building 3D Games
Movie Ticket Booking System
Build a system that allows users to browse movies, select showtimes, and purchase tickets online using Java.
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Online Marketplace
Build an online marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to create accounts, browse products, make purchases, and leave reviews.
Building 3D Games
Restaurant Management System
Create a system that allows restaurants to manage orders, menus, and inventory, and track sales and expenses.
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Image Processing Application
Try building an application that can read, modify, and save image files in various formats using Java.
Building 3D Games
Health tracking application
Build a Java app to track daily activity, diet, and health metrics like weight and blood pressure.
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Build a game of Tic-Tac-Toe that can be played against the computer or against another player using Java.
Online Chat Application
Develop a real-time text messaging app using Java for seamless user communication.
Create Unbeatable Bots Using Ml For Board Games
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Expense tracker
Build an application that allows users to track their expenses, create budgets, and generate reports on their spending.
Weather Forecasting Application
Create a Java app to display weather information from an API source for user access and analysis.
Create Unbeatable Bots Using Ml For Board Games

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Being an object-oriented programming language, Java is very easy to learn. It is also platform independent and has good memory allocation. The multithreaded feature of Java helps it to carry out various activities simultaneously. Its stability and secure nature also adds to its advantages.

The full form of WORA is called Write Once Run Everywhere. It refers to the ability of the Java code to run on any other Java-supported system without making any changes. Java Virtual Machine is the driving force of WORA. The cross-platform advantage of Java is highlighted through WORA.

The Java Virtual Machine provides the computer with the capability to run the Java program. It gives the needed run-time environment to trigger the Java code.

A class is a prototype defined by a user, and through the class only the object is created.

Object-oriented paradigm is a prominent technique for the building of any software. It includes the concepts of objects, classes, etc.

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Individuals from various backgrounds, including those without prior experience in IT, who possess an interest in programming and a desire to learn Java as a programming language, are eligible and encouraged to pursue Java training.

As per AmbitionBox, Java Developer salary for freshers in Chennai with less than 1 year of experience to 4 years of experience range from 1.6 lakhs to 8.4 lakhs, with an average yearly income of 3.9 lakhs. And the salary for Senior Java Developers in India falls within the range of ₹4.2 Lakhs to ₹24.0 Lakhs per annum, with an average annual salary of ₹10.0 Lakhs.