Java Fundamentals


About this Course

This course is for Everybody who are interested to learn about Java Programing Language. This course will introduce to Java fundamentals, object oriented concepts, file handeling and multithreading

  • Learn about Java platform
  • Learn about Multithreading, JDBC, Lambda, Exceptions

Course Syllabus

Main modules and topics covered in this course

Module 1: Object Oriented Concepts

  • Introduction
  • Elements of OOps

Module 2: Overview of JAVA Platform and Java Language Fundamentals

  • Introduction
  • Data types variables array

Module 3: Classes and Objects

  • Introduction
  • Inheritance, Abstract class

Module 4: API and Exceptions

  • Introduction
  • working with string date time

Module 5: File handling and Multithreading

  • Introduction
  • interthread communication

Module 6: Collection JDBC and Lambda

  • Introduction
  • JDBC in detail Batch processing


  • Knowledge in any programing language
  • Knowledge in Internet, Web technologies and Basic Linux Operating system
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