iOS Interview Questions and Answers

iOS Interview Questions and Answers  iPhone Operating System is becoming popular and there are many billion active Apple devices around the world. The future of the iPhone is very bright as the learning of iOS app development grows exponentially with the integration of innovative technologies for devices like Apple TV, Apple Smartphones, and Apple Watch. [...]
azure interview questions-answers

Azure Interview Questions and Answers

Azure Interview Questions and Answers Azure is the top cloud service provider offered by Microsoft and there are a lot of companies looking for certified and skilled professionals to perform roles like Azure Solutions Architect, System Admin, and Azure Developer. This is the right career path to learn Azure Course in Chennai as the market share of [...]
android interview questions answers

Android Interview Questions and Answers

Android Interview Questions and Answers Android is a widely popular and open-source operating system that grows day by day with innovative technologies and tremendous job opportunities. It is developed by Andy Robin and it is a Linux-based operating system that enables developers to build and deploy apps that perform basic and advanced functions on smartphones, [...]
linux interview questions answers

Linux Interview Questions and Answers

Linux is a techie’s favorite as it is the fastest and most powerful operating system in the world. Linux is an open-source operating system that directly manages hardware resources of a system as memory, storage, CPU, and manages the communication between software and hardware effectively. Linux was released by Linus Torvalds on 5th October 1991 for [...]
mcse interview questions-answers

MCSE Interview Questions and Answers

MCSE Certification qualifies the candidates for senior-level credentials by Microsoft. It requires an entry-level MCSA credential to appear for the certification exam. There are numerous jobs listed in various job portals for the candidates who have obtained MCSE Certification. The candidates can become professionals such as cloud architects, trainee engineers, computer operations and delivery leads, [...]
mcsa interview questions answers

MCSA Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

MCSA is an important certification-oriented skill for applicants who want to enter jobs related to Microsoft Application and Products Maintenance. Getting MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) certification may seem like a daunting task. But it is worth it as a diamond and it requires deep digging. We are here to help you with popular and [...]
full stack interview questions answer

Full Stack Interview Questions

Full Stack Interview Questions 1. What is the most important characteristic of a full-stack developer? A full-stack developer should possess the mindset to progress. He/she should keep abreast of technology and should be curious to learn new things. Problem-solving skills is also one of the best traits of a full-stack developer because he/she is supposed [...]
machine learning interview-questions-answers

Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers

Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers Machine Learning Process is the new-age technology adopted by companies that are striving hard for making information and services more accessible to people. Machine Learning along with Artificial Intelligence is the cause of growing improvement in the industries like finance, banking, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and businesses. We are equipping [...]
big data interview questions answers

Big Data Interview Questions and Answers

Big Data Analytics empower organizations and they are always looking out for skilled professionals to extract meaningful insights from their data efficiently. There is a sudden and stable surge for big data professionals all around the world and the companies are paying hefty packages for certified and skilled individuals. To help such professionals, we have [...]
web designing interview questions answers

Web Designing Interview Questions and Answers 2023

Web Designing Interview Questions and Answers – 2022 Web Designing becomes an inevitable skill for small to big companies for increasing their customers through appealing and impressive websites. The learning of Web Designing and Development brings a futuristic career for the global learners and they are expected to have proficiency in web designing along with [...]