Power BI

Top 80 Power BI Interview Questions You Must Prepare In 2023

Microsoft created the business intelligence tool known as Power BI in 2013. It combines many Excel add-ons to create a brand-new, standalone BI application. The need for experts who know how to use this instrument has risen dramatically in recent years. This article on Power BI Interview Questions intends to help you become ready for [...]

C and C++ Interview Questions and Answers

C Programming Language is a fundamental skill based on a procedural programming approach. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie for writing operating systems. As it has structural-based, machine-dependent, and high-level abstraction, it will the perfect beginning for freshers to learn to code. C++, on the other hand, is a powerful object-oriented based programming language developed [...]
wordpress interview question answer

WordPress Interview Questions and Answers

WordPress is the popular CMS tool developed in PHP with MySQL database. It is widely being used in top companies for developing and hosting websites. WordPress professionals are in-demand and they will be hired regularly by global recruiters. Here is a list of popular and frequently asked WordPress Interview Questions and Answers that help you ace the [...]
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SEO Interview Questions and Answers

SEO Interview Questions and Answers SEO is the most in-demand digital marketing skill to get an entry-level job in popular e-commerce companies. Any freshers or working professionals can learn SEO Courses for better career transition as companies are paying a good salary for certified and skilled SEO professionals. Here are the frequently asked SEO Interview [...]
mobile application developer interview questions answers

Mobile Application Developer Interview Questions and Answers

Mobile app development means the development of applications for both Android and iOS using technologies like React Native, Ionic, PWA, Xamarin, and so on. Mobile app developers are in high demand by companies as well as freelancers and they can earn around $171,500 per year. Here are the most popular and frequently asked "Mobile App [...]

UiPath Interview Questions and Answers

Global businesses are growing exponentially by embracing digital transformations and automating regular operations as they give benefits with speed and accuracy. UiPath is the popular RPA tool that provides a solution to the major problem of industries for discovering the correct tool and knowledge workers. It is the Windows Desktop automation tool that utilizes robotic [...]
angular js interview questions-and-answers

Angular JS Interview Questions and Answers

Angular JS Interview Questions and Answers Angular JS is the widely used, open-source, structural JavaScript-based framework for developing large-scale, single-page, dynamic, and enterprise-level applications along with HTML syntax and MVC architecture. Angular JS is used to create responsive, easily maintainable, and cross-browser web applications. Angular JS is free and provides the option to focus on [...]