Identity and Access Management


About this Course

IAM is a complex process consisting of various policies, procedures, activities, and technologies that require the coordination of many companywide groups such as human resources and IT. Fundamentally, IAM attempts to address three important questions: Who has access to what information? Is the access appropriate for the job being performed? Is the access and activity monitored, logged, and reported appropriately?

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Unit 1: Introduction To IAM
  • Unit 2: LDAP Basic
  • Unit 3: SINGLE SIGN-ON (SSO) Concepts
  • Unit 4: Password Management
  • Unit 5: Introduction To Single Signon Methods
  • Unit 6: Introduction To Federation
  • Unit 7: MFA
  • Unit 8: Introduction To Auditing and Reporting
  • Unit 9: Identity Management And User Provisoning
  • Unit 10:Identity Manager Structure and Components
  • Unit 11:IAM Governance
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