IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer


Dive deeper into blockchain business networks and their components: ledgers, consensus, and more. Get more experience with Hyperledger Composer and chain code to build networks and applications.

About this Course

This is a fully hands-on course that is designed for developers who want to learn about Hyperledger Fabric development using IBM Blockchain Platform.

It uses built-in tutorials that are part of IBM Blockchain Platform, and requires students to install Visual Studio Code and run the IBM Blockchain Platform development environment on their machines.The tutorials teach the fundamentals of Hyperledger Fabric development: key concepts and components, the capabilities of the developer tools and how to build smart contracts and applications.


  • Installation instructions
  • IBM Blockchain Platform Hands-on tutorials in VS Code:
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating a smart contract
    3. Deploying a smart contract
    4. Invoking a smart contract from VS Code
    5. Invoking a smart contract from an external application
    6. Upgrading a smart contract
    7. Debugging a smart contract
    8. Testing a smart contract
    9. Publishing an event
  • Pre-test
  • Final exam

The course is designed for software engineers who are looking to gain hands-on experience of IBM Blockchain Platform. You should have completed the Blockchain Essentials course before attempting this course. A familiarity with a programming language is desirable, but not essential. The tutorials use the TypeScript language throughout, although if you are a JavaScript or Java programmer you’ll find TypeScript particularly familiar.

Your computer must meet the technical requirements for Visual Studio Code and the IBM Blockchain Platform extension.

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