How to Build Watson AI & Swift APIs and Make Money

Expose your cool Swift microservices to the world and build a platform to monetize those APIs. By using server-side Swift and your mobile apps, you’ll also learn to be a better full-stack developer.

This course shows you how to expand your knowledge and skills from mobile development into full-stack development with a server-side component. You’ll also learn how to monetize your APIs. Using server-side logic with your client applications has several benefits: – Decreases the complexity of the mobile client application – Ability to manage multiple devices and share data among them You can also turn that server-side functionality into an API so that other applications and users can access your application. The server-side functionality wrapped in an API becomes the microservice that you can open to others and bill them for using it. You’ll use IBM API Connect to offer your API to others. This course shows you how easy it is to bring your skills in iOS environment and Swift to the server-side by using Swift with the Kitura web server. Editing

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