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How to become an IT Engineer in 2024
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How to become an IT Engineer in 2024 ?

Published On: April 18, 2022

Nowadays, graduates from various streams wanted to start their career in the IT domain as IT services and Engineering is the never-fading and fastest-growing field with lots of technological innovations.

You might be one of the IT aspirants but without an idea how to become an “IT Engineer.

The main thing is to understand that IT engineering brings tremendous jobs from both computer hardware and software infrastructure.

In this blog, we explain the various paths that are available in the IT field to begin your IT career successfully with the required industry skills.

What is IT Engineering?

IT aspirants with adequate skills and hands-on experience will be employed in various industries for developing, debugging, installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining hardware components and software programs.

Hardware professionals are required to maintain the smooth progression and security of data and networks for small, medium, and large-sized companies.

All technologies are getting upgraded frequently for the enhancement of user-friendliness of global users as they are playing a significant role in their life.

IT Engineers are expected to handle different hardware elements, software applications, and networking peripherals for the employed company and they must know about designing and developing various processes for ensuring the smooth IT processing inside the companies.

The nature of the job will be varied according to the skillset and experience of the candidates and they will be predictable or unpredictable due to the current trends.

In general, an IT engineer’s job will be around installing, designing, developing, configuring, enforcing, debugging, securing, and optimizing solutions according to the needs of users around the world.

IT engineers may work as a team under an IT manager or can be specialists in one field for providing a complete IT solution.

Various Roles and Responsibilities of IT Engineer

Following are the various roles and responsibilities of IT Engineers

System Development: It involves the creation of a computer system that is customized to the requirements of companies using the help of programming, scripting, configuring, planning, debugging, and monitoring.

Documentation: This role involves preparing documents for configured systems, updating systems, and adding new policies and procedures that are introduced in the market.

The documentation will be used by other IT employees for understanding the updates and changes that have been made.

Manage Projects: It involves overseeing the IT teams and collaborating with clients and internal users for implementing new systems.

They are also responsible for meeting arrangements, presenting information, and ordering resources and equipment for ongoing projects.

Debugging System Issues: Identifying the computer system for improvements or overhauls is an important responsibility of this role and the professionals should introduce the necessary changes for the required skills and updates.

Industry skills required for becoming an IT Engineer

Following are the important skills expected by companies from an IT Engineer. Equipping yourself with these skills will help you begin your IT career successfully.

  • Fundamental or in-depth knowledge of IT systems, database applications, security protocols, and networking infrastructures
  • Strong knowledge in the management of multiple projects at a time.
  • Working efficiently with interdisciplinary teams for crafting new IT solutions.
  • Excellent communication skills and overall technical and complex information knowledge for conveying to end-users with no basic technical skills.
  • Basic or advanced troubleshooting of technical problems.

Certifications and skills required to become an IT Engineer

Top companies are looking for the skilled candidates who have the following skills along with industry-accredited certifications

Tips to become an IT Engineer

In the current IT market, top companies like Google, Amazon, Zoho, Accenture, or Facebook are not considering degrees but good knowledge with specialization certification related to computer science, mathematics, statistics, and scientific research.

They are expecting employees to have good analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills to complete the tasks easier, faster, and more efficiently.

The main thing is to become an IT Engineer is to have a strong passion for learning new things and all major technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics will require lifetime learning and upgrades as they are constantly evolving with new and innovative features.

Holding a degree could be an added advantage for some companies and they have the following eligibility criteria to begin an IT career with them

  • HSC/+2 in the science stream
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer-related streams
  • Master’s degree in computer-related streams (optional)

How to build a promising career in IT?

Every domain in IT requires a different skillset and experience but having the fundamental skills brings the best job in the IT field with a good salary package. Following are the necessities to build an IT career from an IT or Non-IT background

Computer Science Related Degree

Pursuing a degree in computer science-related degree or mathematics-related degree is helpful for the candidates to take up a journey in the IT field.

The degree must include mathematics, database applications, programming languages, computer network fundamentals, web technologies, data structures, algorithms, and cybersecurity.

It is important to have a practical understanding of every subject along with conceptual knowledge to showcase your skills to the recruiters.

You can learn computer courses as a secondary subject during your college days for starting your career in the IT field as soon as you complete the degree.

Proficiency in Programming Languages

You can’t take up an IT journey without even a basic understanding of programming language as it is a fundamental skill for any job.

You must choose the programming language as per your preferences and the desired goal for obtaining an in-depth understanding of a particular job.

There are many popular programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Ruby, Scala, Python, JavaScript, and so on. As a newbie, you are not expected to know multiple programming languages.

So, it is better to gain proficiency in any one programming language from scratch to the advanced concepts. You must have a fundamental knowledge of the syntax of the language with practical implementations.

Then you can enhance your skills with numerous features of programming languages like libraries, frameworks, tools, integrated technologies, and so on.

Data Structures and Algorithms

The knowledge of data structures and algorithms is important to develop a project with algorithms that brings a step-by-step solution for a particular problem.

The understanding of data structures and algorithms helps professionals to resolve problems with analytical and suitable solutions.

Enhancement with Internships

The continuous learning of the desired technology brings a fantastic career enhancement and it requires up-to-date knowledge of the new software, tools, and technologies for integrating our solutions and products with innovative features.

Signing up to relevant communities, attending webinars, frequent meetups, and building a network with like-minded people are helping professionals to keep abreast with updated features of technologies

Moreover, attending internship programs offered by Software Training Institutes brings good exposure to practical implementations of real-time industry projects.

It brings worldwide opportunities and it is the best way to adapt to the company culture even before you have been employed in companies.

Scope of an IT Engineer

IT field brings a rewarding career for the professionals who are interested and passionate to learn things continuously and they will have tremendous job opportunities around the world for various technologies and solutions.

Following are the popular and frequently required profiles and it is easy to start your career with these roles

In the USA following job vacancies are listed on job portals like Naukri.com, Indeed.Com, LinkedIn, etc

  • 36,700+ IT Engineering Jobs
  • 81,590 programming-related job vacancies
  • 49,000 database administrator job vacancies
  • 1,45,000 software engineering jobs
  • 32,000+ web developer jobs
  • 1,28,000 data analyst jobs
  • 11,000+ job vacancies for Information Security Analysts

In India following job vacancies are listed on job portals like Naukri.com, Indeed.Com, LinkedIn, etc

The average salary of the IT Engineer is around US$78,362 PA in the USA and INR5,98,000 in India according to the survey of Glassdoor.com.


The IT jobs are rising by 17% in the past decade as per the report of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics and enhancing your skills in any desired field helps you begin your successful journey in the IT field.

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